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  1. Thanks a lot for the collection of links, seems kind of hard to find current mod versions for non-russian speakers. Well, at least this is something my version does better I spent some time looking at these mods and I found a few extractors to include in future versions. As for the naming and installer tips, I'll keep it in mind and think about when it's out of beta; still thank you, I really appreciate your help.
  2. Sure, I've seen the posts. (This topic's title even is a reference to the first link you posted ) Well, my version isn't really about bugfixes, but about new features I found useful to have. All of the third-party executables are freely redistributable with most of them being GPL licensed, so there shouldn't be any copyright issues. Thanks for the feedback, I'll take a look at Gora's version. Still, feel free to try out my version and notify me about features you are missing
  3. Hello, I am proud to announce (an unofficial) version 2.0 of Universal Extractor. About It all started about 3 years ago, when I took a look into Universal Extractor's source code to improve some parts of its behaviour for personal usage. Over time more and more features were added, including batch and scan only modes as well as support for password lists for protected archives. After lots of positive feedback from a private group of testers I decided to release my work to the public. As a short overview, here are some key features, which are new in this release: Batch modeSilent mode, not showing any promptsScan only mode to determine file types without extractingIntegrated updater100+ new supported file typesAudio and video extraction for multimedia filesCascading context menuSupport for password list for common archivesImproved optional status box with progress indicatorNew detection methods + more detailed output and error messagesSupport for some extractors not shipping with UniExtract as pluginsResource usage/speed improvements, lots of fixesFirst start assistant instead of installerFull functionality available in no-install versionAuto-using 64 bit versions of extractors if supported by OSA full list of changes can be found here. There are already several inofficial versions scattered around the internet, but this one is by far the most advanced I know of - hence the version jump to 2. As the only modified UniExtract version centrally hosted on GitHub it is easy to file bug reports as well as feature requests, find new releases or get the source code. Alternatively, an auto-updater and a built-in feedback GUI have been implemented. If you want to try out the new version and help to fix bugs, feel free to download it using the links below. Notes If you use an older version of Universal Extractor, do not replace it with version 2.0 as there are some changes, which can probably result in incompatibilities. You do not have to uninstall any previous version, it works along with this. The context menu entries of the new version may not work if an older version's context menu entries already exist, depending on your system. The beta version does not come with an installer, the official release version will do. Just unpack all files, start UniExtract.exe and a first start GUI will help you on your next steps. Some features are experimental, which means that they probably do not work like intended. If there is a problem, feel free to contact me. See the changelog for more information about experimental features. The translations have to be updated. At the moment, there is only a full translation for English and German. If you are able to translate to any other language and if you want to support Universal Extractor, feel free to send me any translations you can do or check existing ones for mistakes. And most important: It is a beta release. There can be some errors, bugs, etc. Use it at your own risk. No warranty for any demages resulting of the use of this software. If you want to share Universal Extractor 2 with someone, always warn about the beta state (or include this text). Download Beta 1 here. Source code can be found at GitHub. More information about UniExtract 2

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