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  1. R.I.P.

    Thanks for your mods all these years.

  2. Fixed. I do not understand. Give a link to this file and what you want to get?
  3. Config: ;!@Install@!UTF-8!GUIMode="2"SetEnvironment="Var=%%S"RunProgram="run.cmd %%S";!@InstallEnd@!run.cmd: @Echo OffEcho %*Echo %Var%PauseNo problems
  4. magsood1 7zsfx.info 2 do not understand
  5. kostiamololkin1991 Ответ быт пару страниц назад.
  6. http://svn.7zsfx.info/filedetails.php?repname=7zSfxMod&path=%2Ftags%2F1.6.0.2797%2Fbin%2F7zsd_160_2797.7z
  7. config: SetEnvironment="SfxString25=Button OK"SetEnvironment="SfxString26=Button Cancel"SetEnvironment="SfxString27=Button Yes"SetEnvironment="SfxString28=Button No"module version - 1.6 develop (build 2797) 25.03.13
  8. In this line you want to remove unnecessary: cmd /C and %%T\\ RunProgram="\"some path\\test.bat\""
  9. This is ERROR, correct as follows: RunProgram="cmd /C \"%%T\\test.bat\""
  10. config: ;!@Install@!UTF-8!RunProgram="test.bat";!@InstallEnd@!test.bat: @Echo OffEcho %1Echo %2Pausestart line: test.exe -! firstParam "C:\\some path with space\\test"out console: firstParam"C:\\some path with space\\test"Для продолжения нажмите любую клавишу . . .
  11. Your config has an error and switches -ai and -ai1 will not work. But it is not important now. Write a batch file with a single command xCopy, put it in the unpacked archive and have for command xCopy. This is not a module, then you need to know the batch file.
  12. Change and see that writes to the console RunProgram="cmd /k xcopy \"%Var3%\" \"%ProgramFiles%\\Oracle\\VirtualBox\" /i /e /y & sleep 5"
  13. @ nova-s Here are some interesting solutions and answers to many questions.
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