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  1. but how do you find Windows Vista SP2 updates with WUMT ? I've tried everything ... downloaded the updates that immediately started Windows Update (KB3205638, KB4012583, KB4015195, KB4015380) updates for the Windows 2008 SP2 SHA2 (KB4474419, KB4493730) finds nothing!
  2. I repeat, I have installed absolutely nothing! Windows XP SP3 clean added the folder with WUMT and starting in offline mode as you can see from the image. surely in your Windows XP you have corrupted something ... try a clean install and you will see that it works. P.S.= your error (0x800b0100) should be an antivirus problem
  3. Only installed en_windows_xp_professional_with_service_pack_3_x86_cd_x14-80428.iso 1C735B38931BF57FB14EBD9A9BA253CEB443D459 launched: WUMT_X86.EXE (v20.12.2016) 65F09C897453D997F952B5A79DBEC872789ABEAF in the same folder: WSUSSCN2.CAB 5FCDBED0E904F233CCC6DE6FE3ABAC713DAC706F This is the result: If that doesn't work for you, you need to use a fresh clean install of Windows XP
  4. for windows 2000 and XP just use Windows Update MiniTool (Offline) and download all updates ... The problem remains with Windows Vista ... I tried them all but found nothing.
  5. also this version will not work with Windows 95A OSR1 you have to make the modification I wrote above
  6. Windows 95A does not work simply because this version also has the file "FILEXFER.EXE" This is the solution I tested: Modify "FIX95CPU.BAT" Replace the following command line: IF EXIST %WINDIR%\FILEXFER.EXE GOTO OSR2 with this: IF EXIST %WINDIR%\WABMIG.EXE GOTO OSR2
  7. NoteBook Compaq EVO n1020v https://www.cnet.com/products/compaq-evo-notebook-n1020v-14-1-p4-win-xp-home-256-mb-ram-30-gb-hdd-series/ 3Com OfficeConnect XJACK PC Card | 3CRXJK10075 https://www.cnet.com/products/3com-officeconnect-xjack-pc-card-network-adapter/ Software: Atheros Driver and Client Applications (for W98/ME) https://anonfile.com/Nfe0hcmco8/Atheros_Driver_App_3.1.1.54_7z Odyssey Client Manager 4.56 https://anonfile.com/3ac7hcm1o2/Odyssey_Client_4.56_7z Perfectly working with WPA2 Wireless connection Windows 98 SE http://imgbox.com/S9oN2dT5 Windows ME http://imgbox.com/QUdE6HFv
  8. I try to integrate a language pack to boot.wim, I get the message that the wim is already "/prep" so changes are not allowed. Is this normal? Is their another way of integrating the language packs?
  9. I would like to highlight that this guide on changing the "setupldr.bin" file also works perfectly with the version of Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 (also x64) I personally tested the difference lies in the change of the "amd64" and "i386" Edit all AMD64 (only those with large characters) and only 2 "i386" (only those with small fonts), where it says after "\SETUPLDR" and "\ntdetect.com"

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