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  1. If you have AeroGlassGUI you can change level of blur, glass reflection and other things.
  2. You can prevent update via this method: Search : gpedit > Administrative Tamplates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Configure Automatik Update > Enable > 2-Notify
  3. I agree. Without OldNewExplorere, StartIsBack and Winaero Tweaker Windows 10 is so ugly.
  4. Between update and AG I chosen FREEDOM BIGMUSCLE will win
  5. I did that and different is huge! win8 has very glassly effact. But win10 has very noisy effact. I hope Mr @bigmuscle keep this ability in the future. win10 win8
  6. I read your post and follow the quote. Thanks to UCyborg and you. (My problem solved by help from one user that upload his symbols and put them in AG folder. Now I find how I can download symbols myself)
  7. It's not working. I did that and the problem is exist. So where I can download symbols and where I must put? I read many post and get nothing. Thanks Man! My problem was solved. For anu body that have my problem: 1.Download files from link. 2.extracr file and put folder in the AeroGlass directory. (C:\AeroGlass) 3.Restart system. This is my Dektop after that:
  8. How do you download the symbols? This is my AG folder , There isn't any symbol folder! nor download any thing. https://imgur.com/756tJng Also I uninstalled AG and rebooted and Installed again but problem is here.
  9. The blur affect is gone. It is all empty. That is my rainmeter skin not titlebar
  10. With new windows update app is down. https://imgur.com/LgO8zfU
  11. Hi does aeroglass make blur on rainmeter in windows 10 (or 8) ? because i see taskbar blur is back. Thanks
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