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  1. Is anyone's aeroglass actually working for the build mentioned in the title? Mine is completely dead and hasn't worked for months now. I don't get any errors, but just so many dump files and I don't know what to do.
  2. Does anyone have pictures of the differences between the w8 and w10 settings (shown on install)? I don't understand the difference. Thanks
  3. How do you get rid of the watermark? My donation key works, debug file shows all is well, but the watermark is still there
  4. First, my watermark does not get removed even with donation key (debug log shows nothing of an error) Secondly, on metro apps, this weird button is present in the top left hand corner like so (goes blue on hover, clicking does nothing whatsoever)
  5. I found my machine code, and downloaded donation.key I put this file into the C:/Aeroglass folder, rebooted, and the watermark is still there. Am I missing something?
  6. Woo! It works, thankyou!! Now, how do I find my machine code? I forgot to copy it from that little dialogue thing, I need the code to generate my donation key
  7. I see, guess I'll have to live with that terminal window always open. No news about when a fully released version for 1703 will release?
  8. Ok so let me get this cleared up Install aero glass, place the donation key file or whatever in installation file. Run windows sdk and install the debug tools (I did that yesterday anyway) Copy that "symbols.cmd" file, run as admin, wait for the download thing to complete. Is that it? What is this experimental debug thing? How do I use it?
  9. I haven't made a donation, that shouldn't affect the basic operation of the software though
  10. Sorry, I'm on the latest version of w10, 15063 [1703], creators update.
  11. Mine still says "cannot hook dwm" after following that guide. What do I do? Edit: after trying to close the batch file, it reopens and just gives dwm error again... is there a better guide that actually works?
  12. So I just installed aeroglass, and every time I boot this error shows. How do I fix it? Additionally, how do I change settings? I'm a bit of a noob at this, so don't be surprised if I don't understand something.

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