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  1. I set the bios to boot from CD. Instead of getting the "boot from cd by pressing any key" I get an error to reboot the computer or to insert the boot media and try again. I am thinking it is just the Windows 2000 disc, although it has worked in the past. Is it possible to do a multi boot, and install Win 2K to a separate partition (only have one drive), then boot to the 2K, and Format the Win XP??
  2. Well, I tried to just format the drive. The option was greyed out every time i tried to do it. And I also tried to boot from the windows 2k disc, that didnt work either.
  3. When I am in safe mode, it lists an additioanl user account, named Administrator. I am also an administrator, but cannot access this account because it is password protected. I never put a password on my user account...any ideas?
  4. hey, i am trying to uninstall Windows XP and install 2000 onto my hard drive. Since I cannot format the drive, and cannot open the 2000 disc (gets an error saying the OS is older than the current versiona dn will disable the setup) whats the ebst way to do this? I have already backed up everything i needed.
  5. Thanks! I was able to delete the key and install a new Microsoft Office I recently purchased. I have a different question though. Is there any reason why the same error would still show up on different user accounts on the PC? I got the same error on a different user account, but the PRORET.MSI was no longer listed in the registry Any ideas?
  6. Anytime I use a Windows based program, MSIEXEC.exe starts running and it asks me to insert Microsoft Office XP Disc for installation. I have Office XP on the computer, and I have found that I do not have the PRORET.MSI file any longer. I cannot uninstall Microsoft Office without this file, and I cannot install any downloads from Microsoft (SP3, etc) for Office without the file. Is there a workaround? or somewhere where I can get this file????? I no longer have the Office disc, and unless I delete the MSIEXEC.exe file (which then deletes the windows installer) I am constantly plagued with this. Any help would be immensely appreciated! Thanks in advance

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