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  1. yes i am using a crossover cable and yes it shows as connected but it is recieving nothing... here are some snapshots edit: um sec cannot upload them... ok here they are http://tinypic.com/amdwjo.jpg http://tinypic.com/amdwnm.jpg
  2. firefox has more bugs the internet explorer you might want to check it out m8, if you can keep up to date with internet explorer everything should be fine.
  3. hmmm yea I know what you saying, but there is no boxes that popup, they don't show that they recieved or sent anything either except for the pc that i would like to share my connection with, it does send out packets but gets nothing back.. it couldn't be the cable too cause i tried different ones.... and I have my lan ips setup the exact way you discribed above.
  4. yea i know what i am doing, the are connected with a cable and i have used the setup and tried it manauly configuring the ips and gateways but still nothing i know the nics are not bad because i have tested all of them with a direct connection to the intenet.
  5. Ok I am trying to network a Windows XP machine and a Windows 2000 machine so that they can share an internet connection. I plan on useing the Windows XP machine as the host pc but what my problem is, is that they are not connecting. I have no hub or router but I have 2 ethernet cards in both pcs. I have tried the "Set up a home or small office network" and I have had friends help me on msn to set it up manualy and nothing is working. Please help me out as I am totaly lost here. Thanks John

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