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  1. You're very right. I haven't been on much. And I guess I've sold out since I have installed Windows 7. I still have a dual boot partition with Vista so I can do testing and development on Vista. It is relatively easy to figure out the missing function and create a wrapper for usermode code. Things get trickier with kernel mode code (including the .sys) that is loaded in device manager. Unfortunately, my experience with driver development is a little limited and the meaning of the errors isn't clear to me. A patch is probably possible but will require research
  2. This should do it. It wasn't that hard once I re-learned how to do it. You need to hex edit AGM.dll and AdobeLinguistic.dll and replace all references of kernel32.dll to kernel33.dll kernel33.dll
  3. Clarify: Does the screensaver activate at the normal time or does it happen instantly?
  4. W8 and W10 are garbage to me. I am just going to keep using hacks to keep Vista and 7 usable as long as possible Agreed. Windows 7 probably won't see many compatibility issues for a few more years, due to it being the most popular operating system and all, as long as Windows 10 doesn't take it over, with the way MS seems to be shoving it down our throats. Out of curiosity, do you prefer Windows Vista or Windows 7? I tried to use Windows 7 for a little while, and I even heavily modified it to look and act like Vista, but it just wasn't for me. Vista tends to run snappier, and I vastly prefer the UI and shell compared to Windows 7. I also don't like how 7 removed many features from Vista, like Movie Maker, Calendar, dreamscene, etc. I know not many people used them, but I guess I'm one of the few that does. And the live versions suck, they just don't have the elegance of the built in Vista programs. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate 7, but it just felt like a watered down, feature-less version of Vista to me. Windows 7 is very popular. Although it is already 6.5 years old -- well within the realm where OSes usually start getting phased out. I have machines that run Vista and 7. I like them both. They are very similar in UI but each has it's own nuances and features that the other doesn't. Windows 7 does have a few features that Windows Vista doesn't and visc-versa. Microsoft has a bad habit of taking features out for no reason. For that reason, I don't really have a strong preference. I use both on a regular basis. Currently my fastest machine runs Vista but I'll probably install 7 when the installation finally breaks down (it's starting to show signs of "bit rot" after being installed and hacked for years) I do have Windows 8.1 on a laptop and I definitely don't like it nearly as much as Vista or 7. For one thing, I miss aeroglass and hate the flat colored title bars. I also hate that they took away the start menu. I know they sorta brought it back on 10 but it is still chocked full of advertisements and doesn't feel like a desktop OS.
  5. W8 and W10 are garbage to me. I am just going to keep using hacks to keep Vista and 7 usable as long as possible
  6. So far, it does not work. It times out when trying to install the driver
  7. Which driver did you try and what did you do specifically?
  8. Desktop Radeon graphics are mod-able to a point. I don't know about mobile or Intel graphics
  9. taskeng.exe is a normal process and not malware. You may have a misbehaving process or service on startup causing it to choke. I would go to msconfig and look for anything unusual. Uncheck anythng you don't need (and is not part of the OS of course)
  10. 8/15/2012 - any reason you are using such old drivers? Anyway, it appears to be installed correctly. Code 10 is very difficult to troubleshoot because it tells almost nothing about the problem. What was the original OS? Did it work immediately before installing XP?
  11. What do the device properties show for the AMD chip?
  12. Thanks.I didn't notice this. I don't generally worry about occasional error boxes if it still works
  13. Not that new. 13.12 easily covers it. CCC doesn't actually matter but the AMD display drivers are not listed which does matter. I suggest extracting the package with the universal extractor and installing manually
  14. Add this file to your Acrobat Reader DC installation folder. Hex edit AcroRd32.dll and replace "user32.dll" with "user33.dll" Since it says acroRd32, I don't know if this works on 64 bits. Be aware that the auto updater replaces the DLL so you need to keep up with it user33.zip
  15. I would try Opera 9.6. That's what I use on my old machines
  16. Do you know if there is a way to get the "date modified" column on every folder? I don't really care much about any of the other columns but that one is important to me and I am tired of having to keep enabling it.
  17. here are the 32 bit patch files for Cat 15.4. It seems to be a bit less stable than 14.12 (I have had a few crashes and quirks that I didn't have with 14.12) but it may support Freesync (I don't have a FS monitor so I don't know)
  18. Beta 15.4 seems to work. I will release the mod files for it later. I wonder if Beta 14.6 would work? I also wonder what they broke in 14.7 I don't have a Freesync monitor so I can't test that feature
  19. I am willing to bet that it could be. The size that Acrobat reader has grown to is absolutely ridiculous. 75 MB download :\
  20. Bad news. I have tested 15.7 and the drivers themselves do not work on Vista. I am afraid that 14.12 might be the last workable release on Vista -- unless someone knows how to hack drivers.

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