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  1. I already did, but anyways, thanks for your recommendation. And af course is an idea. | You don't like Windows 10? - there's only one *simple* fix - downgrade.
  2. I will think about it. I'll probably downgrade to Windows XP, as the main programs that I have to run are completely compatible with it and i were always using that Windows before I got this laptop. - or should i ?
  3. I upgraded. I didn't do clean install, however i reinstalled most of the programs after i was done with the upgrade. Specifications shouldn't matter, because they are good enough to run Windows 10 and every program that I run. Anything else that you can recommend, different than format?
  4. Back in 2013, I've bought a PC and a copy of Windows 8 from the only Computer store in Nuuk (Greenland). The computer came with MS-DOS. I installed Windows 8 on it and everything seemed to work fine. Before few weeks, I upgraded to Windows 10 and since then, some programs and games are randomly crashing, freezing and all kinds of terrible stuff, which haven't been happening in Windows 8. Even worse is the fact that when they crash, the whole PC should be restarted as it doesn't respond. If you know anything about it, feel free to drop a reply. Should I get back to Windows 8 or directly downgrade to something like Windows 7 or even XP ?
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