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  1. So far it's running very well on Win10 16353 even though it was not designed for it. So, thanks again. -DW
  2. To not have symbols load just rename or delete 'symsrv.dll' located in the AeroGlass folder.
  3. Maybe if bigmuscle had something to go by he might make a new build. http://www.glass8.eu/beta -DW
  4. Then, why do you need AeroGlass at all? Try that theme w/out it and it will probably look the same. -DW
  5. It's normal along with the command windows. When the final version is released they'll go away. -DW
  6. http://winaero.com/blog/aero-glass-windows-10-creators-update/ -DW
  7. Yes, everyone using this build will have this until the final build is issued. -DW
  8. Check this out! http://www.glass8.eu/beta Thanks, BM I never doubted you...
  9. I say 1/2 full... http://www.glass8.eu/beta Thanks BM, So far it's working very well
  10. I request that BigMuscle fix the links on his page here Then maybe we won't get so many first timers that don't read your home page. Thanks, -DW Edit... I see it's all been fixed and working well. We shall see if it helps. Thanks for fixing them so quickly. -DW
  11. I'd like to request for BM to fix his Download Page (See image) Thanks, -DW
  12. Title offset to the left running off window. This happens with sagorpirbd theme and without any theme at all. I too had to put UxTSB.dll in the AeroGlass folder in order to get the sagorpirbd theme to work. This is using AG1.52
  13. As far as I can tell this experimental build works no better than the last one. Can you give me a clue as to what's different or improved? Thanks
  14. Wow! Everything you're saying is true for me. Way to go BM. Thanks
  15. Because there is no build of aero glass made to work past win10 14393.
  16. For me they work at least as good as the old ones. What should I be looking for? (pros cons)
  17. Sorry, that was was my best guess. It's working fine for me.

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