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  1. Thanks bigmuscle, I was about to give up on Win10. Working great on build 10147.
  2. Thank you very much. Looks great, as usual.
  3. Thank you hockninc!!! Excellent work, as always. I missed having that red "X" DW
  4. It looks good but it be better if you offered rounded corners http://rghost.ru/6txy746Xr @kyn1907, Thank you very much
  5. This is good but I like the other one better. I have always liked the Win7/Vista raised buttons look more than the flat ones. Now, if you could make it have round corners it would be even better. I know some people like square corners better, so offer them both. Thanks, DW
  6. Hi hockninc, Would it be possible for you to make your theme atlas have round corners? And, thanks again for making this one.
  7. hockninc's Theme Atlas png has glow on the buttons when you hover them Have you tried it? Truly remarkable
  8. What do you mean "glow" on the buttons of a Theme Atlas png file? Cause hockninc's Theme Atlas png has glow on the buttons. If you make your heading type white, you can see sort of a light glow background. Of course, this doesn't include windows exploer headings. That's when you would need 3rd party visual style theme. Maybe I'm missing something.
  9. endbase uploaded the dead link, I just told everyone it was there and how good the atlas was.
  10. Thanks Dream, I may just like this Atlas file better than 7's ~DP Atlas above with 7 below.. You're welcome, it makes Win10 a little easier to take. But, the real credit goes to hockninc who created it.
  11. You got to check out this theme atlas. It uses Win7 buttons. It works on build 9926. Use bottom link on the forwarded page. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170233-aero-glass-themeatlas/?p=1093955
  12. Maybe I can help downloaded the atlas file when the link was working here you go !! http://i.imgur.com/sy2BVss.png Greetz base Thanks for posting the new link
  13. I like the new affect. I left the setting at 0 and used Noel's ThemeAtlas from here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173407-theme-resources-in-win-10-build-9926/?p=1093593 I actually like the frame on the modern apps.
  14. Perhaps you have symbols. How did you get them to self load? I'm pretty sure I read how on an MDL Forum posted by ACE2.
  15. So, since I had the symbols I wanted to try Aero Glass 1.3.1 with build 9926. A word of warning, don't even try, it froze up. I was able to recover by signing out and holding the ctrl key and log back in. I know BM warned about doing this but I'm hard headed.
  16. We have symbols now. Self loaded just a few minutes ago. Build 9926.
  17. Thanks for the new version. Will there ever be a version that could load without turning off secure boot?
  18. Thanks BigMuscle, that's very good news
  19. Thanks, for explaination. I thought as much. I was just checking since the previous build didn't have it.
  20. I noticed the status is no longer reliably updated in the Task Scheduler Libraries window. You need to hit F5, at which point you'll see it's gone back to Ready status. Yet another thing Microsoft has messed up lately. -Noel Thanks, Noel. There's a new download which seems to work fine now.
  21. I redownloaded and it's working fine now in Win8.1 Update 1. It now shows your watermark and I have the correct donation.key. I will try it in Win10 TP when I have more time. Thanks Edit: I finally installed in Win10 (x64) TP Build 9879 and all seems well. The only difference was I had to use my own CustomThemeReflection.png in order to get the reflection (stripes). I didn't need to do that in Win8.1. Thanks again for all your great work.
  22. I just tested in Win10 TP (x64) Build 9879. It says it's ready in Task Secedular but never shows up in Task Manager. If I right click to run in AeroGlass while in Task Secedular it says it's running but still not showing up in Task Manager. Your old version for 9860 works fine.
  23. Unfortunately, the x64 build doesn't seem to work on the same VM the last one was running fine on. Aero Glass runs to completion at startup (it normally keeps running, of course). No DWM.exe window comes up at all, and nothing is written to the debug.log. No errors are logged in the Windows error logs. To install it I just replaced the 4 files on my test system on which the prior version had been working fine. When I restore the 4 files from the prior 1.2.6 preview that you built in October Aero Glass starts okay again. I'm not sure whether mixing and matching components is reasonable at all, but I tried replacing just DWMGlass.dll from today's build, without changing anything else, and got the same symptom. No DWM startup and nothing written to the debug.log. Sorry I don't have better news for you. Let me know what other info I can provide. -Noel Yes, I see the same thing. Only my install was on my hard drive. The AeroGlas for Build 9860 also works fine for me too.
  24. Yes, that's correct, but nothing's perfect. With BigMuscle's method, you have to turn off secure boot which could also be harmful. But it's still a better option than a patcher, imo.

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