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  1. Yes confirmed with Build 9860 it does nothing. I spent several hours on finding the problem and the only difference is that CRYPTSP.DLL (used for theme signature verification) is now delay-loaded library. My code does not handle this correctly - or better, it is able to hook delayed imports but hooked IAT is restored by delayLoadHelper when the library is called for the first time. I will try to find some proper solution but it may take some time. Thanks, BigMuscle for looking into this. I'm sorry you didn't find a solution, but if there is one, I'm sure you'll find it.
  2. BigMuscle: I just used your DLL tool to bypass UXTheme signature verification and it's not working in Win10 build 9860 with AeroGlass (Win10 9600_9860pre-1414186123) and a third party theme.
  3. I see what you mean. I changed my taskbar settings to use the startup screen and all my startup items get loaded. I used UXTheme Multi-Patcher 13.1, AeroGlass and a third party theme not designed for Win10. Only problem is I don't like going to the startup screen first. But good find anyway.
  4. For those in the Aero Glass Preview Program: Symbols for Win10 TP Build 9860 are downloading and Aero Glass is working as good as ever.
  5. Symbols for Win10 TP Build 9860 are downloading and Aero Glass is working as good as ever.
  6. I noticed that you don't have to be exactly on the bar in order to change the volume with your mouse. Also, if you use Alt/F4 to sign out or shut down you don't have to be exactly on the bar.
  7. Not sure if/whether it will affect Aero Glass, but I believe I see an update to the Window closing/opening animation. -Noel You're not alone, I see the same thing.
  8. For me it's not Muscle's Aero Glass software that's causing the problem, it's using UxStyle, or something like it, with a 3rd party theme designed for Win8.1.1. Maybe you could try the same?
  9. I used UXTheme Multi-Patcher 13.1.exe and it seems to work okay. But it still does not load startup items with 3rd party themes. Themes designed to run on Win10 seem to run fine and all items startup like they're supposed to.
  10. If I use UxStyle with a 3rd party theme and NO AeroGlass the same thing happens.
  11. It works fine for me with a built in theme or with BMs theme atlas.
  12. I have the same issue when I use AeroGlass for Win10 with a 3rd party theme.
  13. It seems symbols have been updated for Win8.1 Update and Aero Glass 1.2.1 is working.
  14. That's because you're using an incompatible theme. Switch back to the default one and you'll get a context menu. Nope, I don't. It is clean Win8.1 32bit installation just with all updates installed.If you're using Start is Back or Classic Shell there's a setting to get the context menu back.
  15. See Big Muscles post here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170850-aero-glass-for-win81-11/page-14#entry1067122
  16. Alpha version is working fine. Maybe BM can repost it for download, for people like us, who can't do without AeroGlass. Changing sizes of tiles, etc on Metro screen not working with AeroGlass, turn it off and then it works.
  17. Thank you very much for all you've done and have a very good Xmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Thanks for the additional keys, also.
  18. I would like to know how to get back my original colors in the control panel. All I have is the slider. Can someone please make a regedit to fix it. Thanks Nevermind, I just had to read the swatches reg and use regedit to delete the control panel.

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