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  1. The free final version has donation pop ups, not demo message boxes.this is from the website that pretty clear - it shows popup box several minutes after execution - it did that for me last night after a restart - it then showed the box again some 18 hours later - the machine had not been turned off or reset in that time - so is it once after execution or an ongoing nag for a donation
  2. donation request - my understanding is/was that it popped up on first run - once - not a popup that repeated over time - my computer is never switched off - only time is for a reset if something requests it - so whilst working this morning the donation popup has flagged up - last power up was yesterday when i saw popup which was expected ok i can contribute to get rid of it and will when i sort out paypal - but why did i see the popup - it was an over install from .95 - am i doing something wrong??
  3. thanks - using it as is at the moment without donating - that will come later - one question - the memory usage on my system is much higher than your screen grab above - mine shows 20,000K approx - is that dependant on the machine spec etc or because i am using the non paid for version
  4. It seems you were using UltraUxThemePatcher or similar program to have custom themes on your Windows 8. Instead use UxStyle or the BypassThemeSignature Feature in BM's "Aero Glass for Windows 8". UxStyle is only for x64. How do I enable the BypassThemeSignature thing this worked for me - not tried it on 32bit http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/163498-bigmuscles-aero-glass-aio-installer-by-mr-grim/
  5. It's weird that you were missing the MSVC redistributable though. Win8 should ship with VC redist 2012 had the same problem - maybe its about how win 8 was installed - mine was an upgrade from 7
  6. with much respect and i fully take your point it will not be that - once its out in the wild the world and its dog - or all those that want AG will try it and use it if they can - i only know of your dll and the SD method - they are worlds apart - one gives the right effect and feel [yours] - the other is just SD's usual half ars*** solution - so imo your dll will be the preferred method - with the addition of a loader - yours or 3rd party it will work for many - be they advanced users or just Mr Average once its released in a final version the computer press will pick it up [again] and the us
  7. is there a licence? - thought it was just a dll or does it have to be activated in some way
  8. thats good to know - maybe it could be released to us lesser mortals - or is BM still deciding a price point
  9. i [sort of] understand the arguments about how the installer works or does not and can see both sides of the argument - surely it depends on what BM wants from it - if the program is commercial then it must be complete [surely] - or i would think so - so an installer should be there - but following the argument that it may not work in some cases then what use is it as stated by BM he is a developer of a library that works but may never work in the true sense of a released program due to the way Microsoft have left the glass in windows 8 - he has done what many want and what there is may be it
  10. for those of us that dont understand these things can you explain what the advantages are - have followed the discussion about updates breaking things - for me that has not happened but who knows what M$ will do in the future - does this mean Glass is then approved and cannot be broken
  11. how can i argue with the author - however the latest version still gives me the message box - not as often so not as annoying but its still there - once on startup or sometime shortly after and then - depending on what i am doing it may not show for days - but it does popup - usually at the most annoying time - my problem i know and the answer said loud and long is if i dont like it dont use the software - if we all took that view we would not use a computer as there are many things i dont like glass add what i want to windows 8 - with the silent reloader it now works well - i realise it may s
  12. now works for me - i had problems with the earlier version - so thanks
  13. +2 i am one of those that moaned about the popup but its gone away - or has in my mind - the plusses of aero far outweigh the popup which seems less and less intrusive i might even miss it when we get the final version
  14. had realised that after the event - but am still getting black startup screen i uninstalled DWM using tweaker - changed to a standard theme and rebooted - black screen - what am i missing - sure its me but cannot see it
  15. just had a black screen on a reboot - all i had done is install the update - not saying it was that but seems odd - will update again and see if its ok
  16. installed it - it works - popup confirms its .95 do you want any info?
  17. thanks - great when you are right or think you are - CPU - Intel Core i5 - M560 - pretty standard - but then maybe Intel have done something that makes them non compatable with your program so as you say Tough Luck - but i guess others with equally odd Intel CPUs will also be having problems as it cannot be your code
  18. yes i am on 64 - stupid i may be but not that stupid it crashes Total commander - a program i use all the time - parts of it work but use key presses to do things and it crashes it - delete a file [for example] is shift and delete - try and delete a file and the program crashes i went no further thats a show stopper for me
  19. do whatever feels right - for me i would be happy with a final as i have had no problem from about 0.3 - it will never be finished i guess as things change or ideas are added but they can always be in updates apart from the popup its been great for a long time
  20. Thanks, however I will not care about the preview version now. I need to finish final release for Win8 first. amen to that - looking forward to it
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