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  1. hmmmm - just tried a scanner and it found everything on the network - so will dig into settings as i guess i have something wrong
  2. not yet - that was on my list of todo things - this is my first look at 10 apart from a very early build so my initial thoughts were to ask others who have tried it will try a scanner i also have an access point as well as the netgear wifi router - i now realise the laptop i use with win8.1 connects via the access point whilst the 10 laptop connects via netgear wifi - my thoughts are that cannot matter but has to be tested and eliminated to be sure
  3. thanks for the reply - there are no Dlink drivers that i know of - they are identical NAS boxes running the same firmware - the differences - if it matters is the ip address [obviously] and the way they connect on the network the one that can be seen is connected directly to the router - the one that cannot be seen is connected to a switch which is then connected to the router as stated windows 8.1 sees both of them
  4. just installed the latest build on a spare laptop - went on ok and am wandering round it but have come up against something i dont understand or can find any way forward On my home network i have 2 Dlink NAS boxes plus a share drive on the USB port of a Netgear router on the laptop i am typing this [win8.1] all those devices are seen in networks and in my computer - they can go away sometimes when using wifi but are always there if i use a lan cable on windows 10 for reasons i cannot understand it sees one of the Dlink NAS devices in networks - matters not if wired via a lan cable or wifi
  5. i would have been more surprised if you had not said that - saying it does not make it true - just your version of the truth - maybe
  6. If you were to go to this link and read the comments, you would know that he has asked for beta tested for help! And yes, it does cause problems if you see some of the feedback on using it. i think you need to go there - there are now 2 cracks - both interesting - 1st one was asking for beta testers and an update was issued based on that which people say worked - there is now a link to a different one that is simply BM's program cracked as far as i know - the one there seems a little unofficial but it does not take much to trace back to the original - as to problems have you tried it or just
  7. thats a great post - the mods and others do their best to stop any joining and posting links and someone who has been around a while does it - you note i delete the link in the quote above as it seems anybody who posts cracks gets banned - why i dont know but maybe thats the rule unless BM can come up with something wonderful i guess the money flow has stopped - he will tell us it was never done for money so it wont matter the donation model was always flawed imo and just set AeroGlass up for cracking - people have never known where they stood with the obtaining of keys sure BM will rub
  8. its all about the money flow now - hence the speed in getting the new website up - it has always puzzled me that BM shouts hard and long that its done in his spare time and that donations are to help development - i dont expect to be paid for what i do in my spare time - had he said this was his job/only income that would be different - the software and what it does is excellent but it is now a cash cow
  9. all true but there is a lot of kit out there that is still 32bit that works fine - i have 8 on 4 laptops and one desktop - only one of those is 64bit - the others for what they are used for are fine - but there is no reason to keep them on XP, vista or 7 especially as 8 could be had officially for very little money in the early days i fully agree a 64bit system is better but only if you need it
  10. Why would anyone Still want to use a 32-bit OS?, Especially when all the processors are 64-bit now.. what about all the old machines out there that can run 8 - not everyone has a 64bit system
  11. its for a drive on the network - slightly different to a normal nas drive in that it needs software on each pc that wants access - bit old technology now - made by XIMETA - and that was and is the problem stop the service and all is back to normal - will have to put up with it - but at least i know the problem how you saw that i have no idea but we all have our own knowledge thanks for your time and the solution tony
  12. thanks - will have a play and had to came back to say thanks - worked a treat - but you knew that
  13. hi - have followed instructions in post 1 - hope i got it right - my system has recently started to take an age to restart - the bootup part is fine - it just seems to hang for ages with the rotating icon waiting to shut down - log is here - again hope i have done it right link deleted its double dutch to me - but would appreciate any help thanks
  14. i use a custom theme based on Snowy 3 - i have altered a few colours that are called from the local theme dir - if i restart the computer or bring it back from sleep the theme displays perfectly - if i hibernate the computer and then start it does not display the theme colours correctly if i then go to personalise and click on the saved theme the colours return am i missing something
  15. dont use either of the theme patcher's - i did but whichever one was removed when it was added to Aero Glass - thats set in the registry - my point was that your tool said it was not there - or thats how i read it - the box was not ticked but the custom theme was working - when i ticked the box the theme was still working
  16. thanks - just ran it and it reported i did not have - bypass theme sig enabled - which i do as i am using a custom theme - i ticked it and saved - next run was fine - no idea why it did that if its a bug? and you need info just ask
  17. is there a new link - link in first posts does not download latest version
  18. does nor seem to work after hibernate - only time i see box and have to click - maybe something i have wrong
  19. button says - No - its worked a couple of times tonight - its not instant but its not left the popup open - maybe i had something wrong - i had 2 instances in startup - no idea why or how so deleted one - maybe it was confused?
  20. thanks - thats what i altered it to - more a guess than anything - i then compiled it with that program i was pointed to and put the compiled program in startup - it shows in startup when viewing startup programs but as said i have seen the popup an odd time and had to click it - on other occasions it has shown and closed on its own just reporting as i have no idea how it works but if it stops it most of the time i am happy having said all that i am wondering if the compiled program should be in Aeroglass dir and a shortcut in startup - although it does seem to work as i have it
  21. thanks - got it working - sort of - it told me there was an error - something about 2 statements not being allowed in line 3 and whilst i have it in startup - still see the message sometime - other times it shows and is closed - by the code i guess
  22. interesting but how do you compile that - way beyond my understanding i think
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