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  1. @BM - is there any way you would look at the key so it is not locked to the hard drive but only the motherboard - i have a couple of laptops that i would like to put aeroglass on but the drives can and do change as i move things round - so locking aeroglass to that part of the laptop is a pain - unlike a desktop the motherboard is unlikely to change on a laptop
  2. it works - i think - made a mess of my colours which are grays - dark and light - one was pretty much bleached out so not to my liking - did not play much after that
  3. You are correct. That why I have few keys for. they should not be needed - fine have a key but [imo] they should not be locked to changeable hardware such as a hard drive or anything else - all it does is alienate people - for a piece of software thats unlocked by donation its ridiculous - if the model is donation then fine - make it that but dont wrap it up with keys that stop working
  4. the wonders of the 'donation' system - i think you need to go to his site and de activate that key and get a new one - no idea how long that takes - has always seemed a poor system to me but it seems others are happy with it [or maybe not!]
  5. if thats with an update then you have a problem - if the update is via the insider program then maybe using search would have saved a post
  6. For me: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows] "AppInit_DLLs"="C:\\AeroGlass\\UxThemeSignatureBypass64.dll C:\\AeroGlass\\ModernFrame.dll" "LoadAppInit_DLLs"=dword:00000001 "RequireSignedAppInit_DLLs"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows] "AppInit_DLLs"="C:\\AeroGlass\\UxThemeSignatureBypass32.dll" "LoadAppInit_DLLs"=dword:00000001 "RequireSignedAppInit_DLLs"=dword:00000000 -Noel is all of that needed - i have the first line of the first block only and even then adding it as a reg edit is no good [i think] as i already have an entry in Appinit for my video card so would that not get deleted if it was done as a script file
  7. @NoelC error was in Appinit - i had changed it to correct string or thought i had but whatever i did it was still at the install string which would seem to be wrong - changed it to C:\AeroGlass\UxThemeSignatureBypass64.dll C:\AeroGlass\ModernFrame.dll and white text
  8. thanks - will do some checking - just run the debug version and thats also black text so it looks as though its me - first look says settings are correct but i have been messing with other things in the registry plus building my own theme and theme atlas so guess i got something wrong i backup every couple of days so will go back to earlier installs and see if that solves it
  9. the dark modern frame title started overnight or within the last 24 hours - before that with the modernframe.dll included in the installer am pretty sure titles were white - so something has broken it - its no big deal - white is better for my theme - i was more interested in checking if others had seen the same as to the rest of Noel's post above - i had used the installer so got the updated modern frame and the wrong App_Init string interested to check the debug version of modernframe - if that gives white text then will run that
  10. has an update broken or at least changed modernframe - up to a day or so ago the title text was white - its now black - may well be something i have done as i have been messing but before i go looking can anyone confirm
  11. i have had no problems with any of the builds for 10240 - so a release would suit me - nothing is ever 100% but this looks pretty near
  12. hmmmm - surely that would depend how easy the fix is and if that fix did not break Aeroglass for 10240 - if the build is solid then dont you think Microsoft will push it out as an update fairly quickly
  13. build 149 looks fine to me - but then so did the earlier ones - the extra bits to play with work - am learning about system metrics - seems to give many possibilities without having to build a new theme
  14. @My1 - that works perfectly thanks - plus as i am sure you know once the key is added the toggle in AeroglassGUI works - again as you said earlier it does not affect the taskbar but the windows headers - thats fine for me - i use it as a warning that the power lead has come loose @BM - yes it does add a dozen lines of text in the debug window when i unplug the power lead but as said before the reg edit it did nothing
  15. and for further reference i know that and do not want it for that - its a useful feature to tell me if the power lead has come out or is not fully in
  16. nothing changes on the screen when i unplug the power lead
  17. battery mode still does not work for me - no difference to taskbar with power cable removed - can someone confirm either way - may well be something i am running - would like to know and i can investigate
  18. ahhh i see - well i think i do - will await further info as and when
  19. part of a .png.layout file which i understand is to modify other things on the UI - can someone explain or point me to a read me
  20. for my knowledge what does - RequireSignedAppInit_DLLs do - seems to work the same with or without it in registry
  21. is the back arrow part of modernframe.dll - i notice that when i open a frame the arrow initially is white and then goes black - could it be forced or set to white
  22. I Found it works better like this: C:\AeroGlass\UxThemeSignatureBypass64.dll C:\AeroGlass\ModernFrame.dll that is reversed from what you have. have done that - yours seems more logical - has still not given me a different coloured header as NoelC's screen grab above EDIT so simple when you know how and i have just worked it out - my colur choice for borders etc is/was the same as my header colours - so looked the same change the border colour and its sorted - i always ask what have i done wrong as the problem is mostly me
  23. It is global, and you can set with AeroglassGUI. caption colour is set to white which works on all window - my pc - networks etc but in modern frame caption colour and arrow are black - i use dark colours as headers so black is no good if its global what am i missing Maybe you haven't downloaded the DLL tool to bypass UXTheme signature verification. not sure - have been away from playing with Aeroglass for a while so am happy to say the problem is me i have C:\\AeroGlass\\ModernFrame.dll, C:\AeroGlass\UxThemeSignatureBypass64.dll in the registry - modern frame works in that i get glass effect at the top - but looking at NoelC pic above i have something wrong - the glass on mine is the same colour as the windows glass - cannot see how he has got his blue - and as said title text is black whilst all other window title text is blue sure the problem is me but cannot see it at the moment EDIT solved part of it i was using an old version of UxThemeSignatureBypass64 - updated and the text is white - arrow is black but i think thats as it is but how do i get a different colour to the 'normal' windows headers
  24. It is global, and you can set with AeroglassGUI. caption colour is set to white which works on all window - my pc - networks etc but in modern frame caption colour and arrow are black - i use dark colours as headers so black is no good if its global what am i missing
  25. is it possible to change text colour of title in modern frame - not sure if its a theme thing or set in registry - maybe neither

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