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  1. It's weird that you were missing the MSVC redistributable though. Win8 should ship with VC redist 2012
  2. I know right. I just a freaking message box. I'll admit popups are a pet peeve of mine, but in no way should it warrant all these walls of text. I'm curious though, if I set it to it's notification area behaviour to "Hide icon and notifications" how come it doesn't hide it? Weird. It's my first time coding something that uses tray icons so I'll look into why that happens.
  3. Oooh thats neat-o. Shame there is no Hide tray icon though, but much better implementation and I have UAC disabled so Is it normal that the messagebox is still visible for a sec? Yeah, I didn't want to spam ShowWindow too much so it displays briefly for a sec then disappears until you reboot or get an UAC message.
  4. All those those walls of text for a message box suppressor Anyways, recoded this from scratch with a ghetto method to hide the MessageBox window permanently as long as the app is running in the background (it will still briefly pop up in UAC message but whatever). Now comes with an auto-installer ^^
  5. It's not like we don't check for bugs if we don't have to click that messagebox... Anyways if everything else fails I can always make the messagebox's window invisible and never close it.
  6. Okay, I'm looking for a solution. Will let you guys know.
  7. Hmm after testing for a while it seems to shut down aero glass after some time, does this happen to you guys as well? Working on a solution atm. There might be checks on the returns address of the API to check for hooks or something.
  8. RC3 stopped working for me since the last Win8 update, so I decided to finally update this to RC4. Updated and tested on RC4, this should also fix crashing issues with some programs. https://bitbucket.org/francesco149/silent-ag/downloads NOTE: this is only compatible with RC4+! See this post for an insight on how I updated it
  9. Games that are windowed full-screen such as the quake and the source engine will still cause the messagebox to popup. And I'm too lazy to toggle off aero glass every time I start up a game. Anyways, this is merely a proof of concept for semi-advanced users who want to disable that messagebox and was originally made just for myself. So yeah, it's not like I'll keep it up to date every time bigmusicle fixes it, and the average user is not going to be able to use it easily. It's up to the community what to do with this, and that's why I made it opensource.
  10. Not when you're playing quake 3 arena and it pops up when you're trying to get some frags done
  11. It shouldn't be hard to pull off. I took a look at MessageBoxTimeoutW and these are the opcodes: 7FF15190638 - FF F3 - push ebx7FF1519063A - 55 - push rbp7FF1519063B - 56 - push rsi7FF1519063C - 57 - push rdiWarning: code ahead
  12. Looks like bigmuscle renamed MessageBoxW to MessageBoxTimeoutW. Seriously? I'll try to compile my own version. Testing it now! It's an undocumented winapi, you gotta check the memory and see if the hook still fits and modify the trampoline http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/32736
  13. The "new" RC3 is the one with the automatic installer. The "old" one is the one where you have to manually open the .reg file Oh yeah sorry didn't notice it was by a diff person
  14. The "new" RC3 is the one with the automatic installer. The "old" one is the one where you have to manually open the .reg file
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