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  1. downloaded that - you dont say which version the 2 files should be added to - so initally installed 0.4 and added the new files - nothing - no aero then reinstalled 0.3 and overwrote the files in that - again nothing - no aero debug logs from both pack.zip
  2. most odd - i have no programming knowledge but logic says there must be some other file or dll that you have on your system that non of us have - or a setting in the registry - should all old values from 3 be deleted from the registry before 4 is installed
  3. if it works for you have you checked that the upload which is what everyone is working from is correct - maybe a file got missed or has corrupted
  4. fine - as said i was only mentioning as i saw differences - all that said the latest version does not work for me exactly as others have reported - i have version 3 to auto run so to run 4 i rename the orig DWM dir to DWM1 - create a new dir and copy 4 into it - i then close the cmd window/icon in the task bar and run 4 - screen goes black and then returns - command window is open but no aero assuming you see no issue with that then on my system as others there is a problem
  5. done that and slill it does not work - cmd window opens but gets no furher than close this window to exit aero glass effect i do not see the line aero glass successfully loaded! i note the flash screen refers to version 3 and the DWMLoader.exe file is the same size as in version 3 - that may all be correct - just mentioning it - no more
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