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  1. Great, much needed! win2kreviver
  2. Summary of tests: Installed non sse version on a MSI 6378 mobo with 512 mb of ram, winxp sp3 (really ancient hardware). Ran well, much better than firefox 48.02. Also using process lasso from bitsum.com version 8.9 (free for xp and win2k users). Application really helps with browsing and services like svchost.exe, info on request. Soyo mobo, via chipset vt8363 768 mb ram, windows 2000 athlon xp palamino 1600+ running at 1.4 ghz. Using extended kernel and blackwingcat's updates. Have not installed process lasso yet. Using only 15 services at the moment. Win2kreviver
  3. @roytam1 Thanks for the fascinating and educational article. Win2kreviver
  4. @cc333 I have been able to run xp on a pentium II with 256 mb of ram. It will run, but I never tried the Internet on it. It was part of a contest between me and one of my friends to see what was the absolute lowest values that would run xp. He won with 70 mb of ram. Mine ran adequately, but his was really slow! The mobo was a P2XLX slot I. Win2kreviver
  5. MSVC++ 2012 requirements are for Windows XP and above. Visual C++, will it work in Windows 2k or below? Thanks for the info. Win2kreviver
  6. That is fantastic! What version do I need? BlackwingCat's? Extended Kernel version? Do I need Tomasz86's updates? @dencorso: Thanks for the info, I will try to look into that. The SSE2 set was not introduced until the Pentium 4 in 2001 and the AMD AthlonX64 in 2003. Pentium III and the Athlon series did not have SSE2. If this is the case, then non SSE2 processors have the possibility of running New Moon. Win2kreviver
  7. Roytam1, Thanks for the excellent work, great job. Your ia-32 version has allowed me to install an up-to-date browser on a Pentium III using 512 MB of ram to actually surf the Internet. I have run into no problems at all either installing it or using it. The non sse2 versions has opened up countless possibilities of reviving old hardware on windows. Even newer Linux requires the sse2 instruction set. Has anyone tried using windows 2k with your browser with good results? I will try to do that as soon as possible. This version of pale moon even runs faster that non-sse2 browsers, (chrome, firefox) that I have been using on this 17 year old Micron Millenia which has I have been using since 2000. win2kreviver
  8. Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    sdfox, Thanks for the updates, fantastic! However the chrome URL should be: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Keep up the great work.
  9. Any Regular NT4 or W2K Users Here, Still?

    I have an older PC that runs Windows 2000 without a hitch: AMD Athlon XP 1900 processor 768 MB RAM Soundblaster AWE32 soundcard NVidia 4200 128 MB Video Card. 40GB IDE HDD Plays DVD Movies with no stutter, with VLC, amazing! Soyo Mobo built about 2002 Been doing so since 2009.
  10. Anyone still using Windows XP as main OS?

    I still use it on several PC's, runs great. Also run Windows 2000 with unofficial updates, and LXLE X64. Windows XP runs fewer services and has a memory overhead almost as low as Windows 2000. I am currently investigating full OS's with low memory requirement for older hardware, and Windows XP seems to have the edge for now. More to follow.
  11. Introducing - Unofficial Windows XP SP4

    @harkaz, Thanks again for all your hard work, it is truly appreciated to keep alive one of the best OS ever made!
  12. Unofficial SP 5.2 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (WIP)

    Thank you so much for providing these updates for an excellent operating system. Your outstanding work to keep it going after sixteen years is fantastic. Compared to XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, it runs on half the processes and services as the others do. Great Job and all of us that still use the OS find that it is still relevant in today's computing environments with outdated and otherwise useless machines that will be thrown away. What you have done should be the envy of any Linux programmer, even though they have come a long way.with open source. win2kreviver
  13. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    Very interesting...... I believe that MS is: 1. As Noel C. said "crazy like a fox", not only force-feeding updates (to have an experience across all platforms), but to start charging what they do in Europe if you have a television what is "annual license fees" for use of their software to increase revenue, e.g. Windows as a Service. 2. As the "Store" has no realistic way of raising real revenue, it will use "optional updates", to add user features that used to be part of Windows. Such as the Windows 8.1 update. 3. Another way to raise revenue is to block third party software from being on Windows without paying a fee to allow it to be installed. This will be another way for the "same user experience". Just look at the Nvidia update issues. 4. As it is now, I will hang on to my other licenses and not lose them, come 29 July and for a while until this all shakes out. I thought Windows 10 had some promise, I was looking towards it. Now I am not so sure......
  14. Pros and Cons - Tonight Show Style

    Pro: Boots faster than Win 7, 8.1. Cons: Cortana Edge IE Ad Supported User Tracking by MSFT Loss of 7, 8.1 license when upgrading Wireless Connectivity issues Slow, been proven by real world tests. Having to use third party tool for basic tasks and usage when they could be supplied with OS No Windows Media Center No real Start Menu Metro Apps The most important: Inability to refuse any update except Enterprise. We know the track record on this! Much More..... You will have to convince me to switch, I will wait for a year and see what happens. I have at least have Win 7.......
  15. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    I have been using Edge and found it is very lacking in supporting websites such as msfn.org. It freezes, hiccups and is almost impossible to use. On some sites it gives acceptable performance such as msn. I have really tested it against Chrome and IE and on speed it is as slow as molasses in January compared overall to them. For page rendering it is not good. I really cannot say any positives about it, but I may be influenced by my former use of IE. I have not used it since 2005 as a primary browser, the only use I gave it is to get updates and even then I was using IE tab in FF. I think as it stands 10240 is not ready for distribution without third party help as Noel and others state and prove categorically. I think Edge as it is now is a total fail. Harsh words, but I will stand by them.