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  1. @cyberluke Yeah I read it, they select the MPS HAL in this case which means this threads ACPI driver irrelevant as it's not used by that HAL.
  2. @Dietmar @geeb21 IIRC This acpi.sys 7E BSOD happened because an ISA GPIO device was being treated as PCI by mistake, unless I'm mistaken.
  3. @Brickedandroid Unfortunately I don't think ntoskrnl extender will help for something like this - ntoskrnl extender just resolves missing exports. Maybe try the XP driver on Vista, see if that works.
  4. @cyberluke Not quite, to disable ACPI you'll also need a type of HAL that specifically ignores ACPI. Multiprocessor ACPI HAL is the best HAL for modern hardware, the other HALs might not even work.
  5. @geeb21 I think you lost USB Input in this case, so you'll need to use the optional patch integrator to integrate USB 3.0 drivers before you can continue with setup.
  6. @MrMateczko you could try this - https://github.com/JHRobotics/patcher9x
  7. @Dietmar Thanks, So this message means But I'm unsure which AddDevice routine failed in USBXHCI there seems to be more than one - can you see if loading PDB symbols gives more info?
  8. @Dietmar Whoops! OK new version. https://ufile.io/mkr85nmw
  9. @Dietmar Thanks, Can you do a debug with these files too? No BSOD with these but it will fail in device manager. https://ufile.io/lqmpvf6h
  10. @DrunkenTanker @Dietmar I think the files on the Windows 8.1 RTM ISO are checked builds. So I switched to Windows 10 RTM (1507) no more 7E BSOD, but I even though I no longer get a BSOD I get code 31 in device manager for the USB 3.0 controller, so it's not yet functional. here's a patch integrator you can try https://ufile.io/gb0fevux
  11. @pappyN4 I've never had this problem. but then I don't try to have more than 1 OS on each drive, so maybe try just having XP on the drive without any other windows installed.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't know where in the file this occurred, so I'll have to wait for you to debug to get more information.
  13. @Dietmar I'm not sure why this BSOD is happening, I'm not using checked builds.
  14. @Dietmar Here is my 1st attempt at getting USBXHCI of 8.1 in XP. Currently it gives a 7E BSOD in usbxhci.sys - please debug when you have time. https://ufile.io/mzsc3dq9 patch integrator with 8.1 usbxhci
  15. @Dietmar OK, I'll focus on porting 8.1 USB 3.0 driver instead.
  16. @Dietmar Ah, so no crashdump or live debug is possible for this storport then? I chose windows 8.1 storport simply because it was newer than 8.0 - From my testing storport 8.0 will also have this 9F BSOD problem.
  17. @Dietmar You could maybe debug with a crashdump? i.e https://www.sysnative.com/forums/threads/how-to-debug-a-driver-power-state-failure-bugcheck-0x9f-when-1st-param-0x3.27871/ Has XP given a crashdump for this BSOD?
  18. @Dietmar From this page - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/bug-check-0x9f--driver-power-state-failure Try kd>!analyze -v
  19. @Dietmar 332New_stornvme81 has free build of storport 8.1 not checked, but if checked is not working then use that. Here is the PDB symbols for that storport.sys https://ufile.io/pt4kq3fc
  20. @Dietmar OK, Can you debug with just 8.1 storport & storahci please? It should give a 9F BSOD when the system tries to restart.
  21. @Dietmar This 8.1 storport.sys is from checked 8.1 debug ISO, so I think checked XP ntoskrnl/hal is needed?
  22. @Dietmar You're welcome! If you have the time, can you debug the 9F BSOD I encountered trying to port windows 8 storport.sys and post in the thread I made?
  23. @Dietmar First lets try just adding the Processors onto the end of your DSDT table and leave the other ACPI tables untouched. This seems to work fine on my B550 steel legend, although it also leaves the duplicate ACPI0007 Devices in place doing nothing. https://ufile.io/l72v8ae3
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