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  1. Thanks for the responses. I don't see how my CPU would be an issue, when I was playing a game I did notice it was using about 30% of the host processor, which seems a bit high for an eight core CPU (AMD FX-8350 :/) but it wasn't capping it at 100. Even PCem itself reported about 70-80% CPU and I was still having choppy audio. Maybe I'm not understanding something correctly. The reason modern hypervisors don't work is because of the experiences UCyborg mentioned. Sometimes, menus wouldn't display, my mouse wouldn't interact with the game properly, etc. I'm still interested in looking around further, but I'd like to stay away from bloating my computer with extra utilities to get things to run. I may try it sometime, but first I'd like to exhaust all possibilities. Windows 95 should be good enough. AKAIK it's not much different than 98. I was referring to Starsiege: Tribes as being playful albeit a bit slow and choppy. I will report further as I discover more feasible options. Ultimately, it doesn't look like PC Emulation is anywhere near where WinUAE is with Amiga emulation.
  2. PCem is what I was looking for! I followed this guide to get it set up: https://olistutorials.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/setting-up-pcem-for-windows-95-games/ It's not as straightforward as setting up Virtual PC, the sound is pretty choppy and there's no network support but it does play most Win9x games pretty well, albeit with some framerate drops on later 9x games. In addition to installing the Voodoo2 driver, I also had to install this driver to replace the standard VGA driver: http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?fileid=589&menustate=0 That way, the visuals look more appealing in the OS. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll continue to tweak it as time permits to see what works best for later 9x games. This is awesome!
  3. Has anyone had any luck finding a modern hypervisor that can run Windows 98 applications and games pretty well? I used to run Virtual PC 2007 back in the day and it ran great but it doesn't appear to work with Windows 10. I've tried VirtualBox, Hyper-V, and VMWare Player but none of those come with Windows 98 drivers. Additionally, they don't seem to capture my mouse too well in full screen applications. Any solutions that wouldn't require me to drag an old Pentium III box out of storage would be greatly appreciated.
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