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  1. I am completely noob at BIOS related things. When I extract DSDT table, it gives an Error while converting from .aml to .dsl with SSDTs. A newbie can do BIOS related things but I failed it. When I install Mojave or Windows XP, newbie's patch applies to OS but my patch does not apply to OS. I mod the bios because I'm extremely bored at noon and I'm modding the bios just for fun.
  2. I have got an Intel optane memory on my HP laptop. These laptops found rarely at stores (in my country, only HP Pavilion PCs come with intel optane memory). Has anyone got intel optane memory (not ssd) at forum? I'm really glad with my pc because it has got intel optane memory. NOTE: Sorry for my bad english
  3. GTX 690 for high-ultra graphics games. 680 for catching the GTX1050. 670, 660, 650 for playing older games.
  4. OK, I'll buy GTX 6xx series. These GPUs are the last released GPUs before Windows 8 release date.
  5. OK, which CPU Series (architecture) is the first compatible with UEFI?
  6. Here is the best PC build for Windows Vista. XEON processor up to Ivy Bridge or Extreme Series processor. You can also buy K series processor. (I don't recommend K series processor can kill the Kaby Lake PCs. NOTE: Kaby lake U series Laptops can't beat the K series Ivy Bridge and Sandy bridge Processors.) GTX 690 (Killer of the current GTX 1660Ti). Socket 2011 (needed for the killer of Kaby lake PCs.) DDR3 ram with maximum MHZ (helps to kill the kaby lake PCs with ddr4.) Also I reccomend you have 16 or 32 gb ram. SSD must be in the list and you have to buy 7200rpm hdd. Just pay $500 and beat the $1000+ PCs. The extra advantage is the PC's drivers are officially supported in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and windows 10. You can boot six operating systems at once without any driver issues. NOTE: You have install Windows 8 and 8.1 as different operating systems. You must download the 2012 version of windows 8. If you have got the Current Windows Logo at start menu in Both operating systems, You must download 2012 version of Windows 8. For Universal compatiblity from Windows 95 to 10, you must buy Pentium 4 with at least 2gb of ram.
  7. Hello, I'm planning to buy XEON E5450 for Dual-Booting windows vista for basic processes, older high-end software and windows 10 for gaming, video editing and newer high-end software. Which gpu is the best for XEON E5450.
  8. The devids gathered from drp.su I haven't got rtx but rtx users will test them . I'll test them when available. I'll complain you to techspot forums. Why do you force me to test? Why do you say wrong section of forum. You aren't kind. You are very rude.
  9. I installed nvidia driver for windows vista but I can't enable nvidia so I'm backporting intel hd 5500 for windows vista now.
  10. Step 1: Download and Extract 368.81 NVIDIA Graphics Adapter Driver Step 2: It automatically opens the NVIDIA Installer. Click Cancel. Step 3: Copy ListDevices text file to "C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\368.81\Win8_WinVista_Win7_64\International" Step 4: Copy nv_dispi text file to "C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\368.81\Win8_WinVista_Win7_64\International\Display.Driver" Step 5: Method 1: Install NVIDIA GeForce RTX Drivers for Windows Vista and enjoy it. When it gives it cannot verify driver software click install anyway. Method 2: If Installer gives an error you should install from Device Manager. When it gives it cannot verify driver software click install anyway. nv_dispi.inf ListDevices.txt
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