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  1. Thanx guys i tried removing <servicing> and <Credentials /> but i get the same error..?
  2. Thanks for your reply.. i too have started to re do my xml... oh well it's weired cause i can't even load the one's i have on DVD.. this is my 5th megavista, i created a multiboot with XP and WPI.. hehe it's just under 8 gig and has to go on a duel layer...
  3. I can't open my script anymore... I don't think it can be my script as i can't open any of my last 5 backup scipts... I can open the script off the autounattend guide web site....? If anyone can see anything please let me know.. Here's the Error LOG... Here's my Autounattend.xml
  4. I tried the CMD /C BCDEDIT /SET QUICKBOOT ON from another post in autounattend xml file using WSIM i put it in audit user and also in firstlogon.cmd in %oem% then mounted install.wim and replaced the win load mui with my new mui, but i still get the normal boot up, so i manually changed it with msconfig and i get the aurora background and my new mui isn't there..? This is all tetsed on VMWARE. I know the mui works as i tried it on my real pc.
  5. Thanks that helps alot.. i figured some stuf out but was putting the gadgets in the wrong folder... I mounted install.wim then placed them in Administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\ and they didn't show up, they never installed, but i will try program files\windows sidebar\shared gadgets\ Thanks... I found this ... i may point it to the shared gadgets folder... thanks BTW. if anyone wants to know you can extract the gadgets with Winrar...
  6. Is there anyway to add Sidebar Gadgets to Vista, maybe intergrated or through AutoUnattended XML, i know in WSIM you can add sidebar stuff, i chose this but don't know where to place the gadgets i want to have running when Vista is installed..
  7. I have Unattended then on first logon WPI loads and i select this from WPI, there are no other codecs installed. This is all tested on VMWARE. Here what it says exactly. Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel.
  8. Yeh that maybe a possibility as you can record your key presses...?
  9. Is it possible to have everything unchecked when WPI starts..?
  10. Ok it is now saying another version is installed and to remove that before installing... but there is no other installed...?
  11. No your right it is a driver... oh well thanks for the info..
  12. Ok thanks... I'm wondering if there's a reg entry somewhere because you can select always trust this software..? i may look through the reg to see..
  13. I am using vsoConvertXtoDVD2.v2.1.8.193-AnyFile.exe /VERYSILENT /SP- which installs great from a sync command but when it installs the PCOUFFIN Drivers a window pops up asking to Install or Don't Install this window opens behind the command promt screen so i then have to move the windows around and select Install.. Is there anyway to turn off Windows Security in the setup using a sync command then turn it back on...?

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