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  1. Hi,

    I noticed people here and there have started using Fedit. I even got mails asking "am I allowed to use it?". Well the answer is YES! I'm glad this utility helps some people. So I'm now posting it in public.

    The latest version of Fedit is 2.0. The size is 122KB, but you can bring that down a lot by using UPX compression and removing the icon (First remove the icon, then UPX). The syntax for using Fedit is:

         Tells Fedit to add LINE.
         Tells Fedit to remove LINE.
      -f "some file"
         The file to be edited
      -l "some text"
         The text to be added or removed

    When adding, these are additional (optional) parameters:
      -a[:co] "some text"
         The text will be added after this line
      -b[:co] "some text"
         The text will be added before this line
      -s[:c] "some text"
         The text will be added in the section [some text]
         The text to be added, will only be added once in the whole file
         If the section isn't found, it will be created

    When removing, -l supports the parameter [:co], and these additional
    (optional) parameters:
      -a[:co] "some text"
         All instances of the text after this line will be removed.
      -b[:co] "some text"
         All instances of the text before this line will be removed.
      -s[:c] "some text"
         All instances of the text in section [some text] will be removed.
         The text to be removed, will only be removed once.

    The option [:co] means the following:
    If you have a parameter -a "some text", Fedit will automatically search for
    strings that match it (without being case sensitive). If you want it to be
    case sensitive, change it to this:
      -a:c "some text"
    If you think that 'some text' is contained in a bigger string like 'this is
    some text written somewhere', then change it to this:
      -a:o "some text"
    You can combine both to this:
      -a:co "some text"

    IMPORTANT: none of the parameters are case sensitive, so for example -rem is
      the same as -Rem or -REM. Same thing for -a:co or -A:CO
    IMPORTANT: the order of the parameters is unimportant, so:
      Fedit -rem -f file -l:co text
    Is the same as:
      Fedit -f file -l:oc text -rem

    If you have any problems or requests, post here please. There are two attachments: the normal Fedit, and the Fedit without icon and UPX-ed.

    Updated 3 August 2005: Totally rewritten fedit, adding many features like before, casesensitive, contained, and less disk access so speed should have increased...



  2. prices are way to high for cd's, dvd's, software, blablabla

    come on, I as a student don't have the mony to pay for games that cost 60 bucks :no:

    And most of the software I have that is genuine, I got it free through university thing (check out ma3d.com)

  3. partition magic with an autoit script?


    commandline? dunno, can't get it installed anymore... :blink: Says setup was interrupted blabla, and can't find a fix nowhere (except rollback of SP2). I'm also getting this error with many other installers (can't remember wich). But that's offtopic :P

  4. Huh?

    I really don't get the people that asked those questions about the eula :P First time I tried Xplode that eula appeared, read it and whopa, no problems at all... So all those people that ask those questions can't read? :D

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