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  1. hello,

    I've been trying to find a program that fits my needs. BWC seems to, except for one thing: I don't want a server pc, I want the following setup:

    Main PC -------|

    PC 1 -----------|--- Router ----- Internet

    PC 2 -----------|

    Router has a wireless connection to PC 2. I have no problem with a client application, as long as it is password protected (so that the normal user can't change settings). That client application keeps the stats of the pc it is on. I want to be able that when I turn on the Main PC, it updates it's stats, and the other PC's stats, so that I can see what they downloaded/uploaded. If possible, the users get a warning when they are getting near to some limit of bandwith (for example 5 GB). The client apps also limit the download/upload speeds when the Main PC is on :whistle: (guess who has the main pc) or at least give the priority to the Main PC to use the total speeds.

    Does anyone know of such an application?


    anyone knows if track4win could do this? (atleast the bandwith part, not the speed part)

  2. I was thinking about this the other day as I wouldn't mind doing this myself.  An idea that came to mind would be to set up a GUI window with some sort of full-screen image and make the GUI "always on top".  Then any active windows will be hidden behind your GUI.  I haven't researched or tried this, so I've no idea how it would work.

    I dunno what the possibilities are of AutoIt but can you take some kind of screenshot of the desktop (or just search for the background image), take the part you need and as you said and put it above the installation window (not full screen). BUT MHz's solution of moving the window seems A LOT easier :D


    it seems you can use negative positions with winmove, so here ya go:

    WinWaitActive("title of window", "some text in window")
    $pos = WinGetPos("title of window", "some text in window")
    WinMove("title of window", "some text in window", -$pos[2], -$pos[3])

    I tested it, and no traces of installation anymore!

  3. Hmm... Of course I don't have that much experience and knowledge with JS, so...

    1 - Just forget the icons. :P

    (...) add an image/icon to the description window (...)

    Image OR icon means that the coder can choose whatever is easier and of course I had in mind that we're dealing with HTML, that's why I suggested something as simple as <img src="...">

    2 - Sorry kelsenellenelvian, I don't understand the "kinda modular" thing... are you trying to tell me that Part A from "thisone.js" can't easily communicate with Part B from "thatone.js" inside WPI? Or do you mean that the easiest way is creating a full toolbar above each application config? :wacko:

    3 - I think this image idea would be useful most for screenshots... check this out plz


    Good luck!

    Ok, I get the idea. but wouldn't it be handier if you had the following:

    - in the yellow box you have the description like now + an icon of the program

    - next to the program's name there is a small button, and when you click on it, a box like the yellow one, with no text but just a screenshot appears (of course this button isn't there if no ss is found)

    Just giving my opinion... :P

  4. oh well, I give up, can't use an external js file :blink:

    well so here are the instructions on how to have music during wpi, and that it continues playing after wpi has closed.

    Before you start, remove the old code and files I provided a month or so ago (if you used it, wich I doubt many did :P).

    1 - Download Music.rar

    2 - Extract the contents of Music.rar into your WPI directory, if asked to overwrite, say yes. You now should have a Music map in your common directory.

    3 - place all your music files in the files subdir of Music.rar, and don't forget to update settings.ini with your new files (You can remove the sample wma provided). There are some things you mustn't change in settings.ini:



    You can skip this last step if you use the attached wpi.htm

    4 - Now open WPI-directory\themes\default\wpi.htm (or some other theme) in any text editor. Copy - Paste the contents of music.txt (see attachement) between the HEAD-tags. Next scroll down to the place where you want the music controls to appear, and copy - paste the following code:

     <script language="Javascript">
     write_controls(100, 10, true);

    Where the first number is the width of the slider in pixels, 10 is the startvolume ( volume in settings.ini, but between 1 and 10, try to approximate it, 0 becomes 10, -600 becomes 5, ...), and the last value is true or false, means if the player automatically starts playing (this is for people who want to modify the script for other players).

    I've also included wpi.htm wich is meant to be used for the default theme, but watch out, the volume in settings.ini must be 0 if you use it.




  5. @ZileXa

    Yes, this program by hp38guser is indeed an amazing peace of art. It has proven to be very usefull (I believe Bashrat already uses this method in his pack (method1)). Altough I like the program, it will not help here.

    Do you mean that part when it compresses all drivers (cabbing them all)? nope, that's being done through a quite simple batch program (I wrote it :whistle: ) :P.

  6. sure.

    everywhere where you want it to go to a new line (to make the box less wide) put a vbCRLF like this:

    Msgbox("At times during the install proccess some of the programs will use the cursor" + vbCRLF + "and answer the boxes automatically. So it is suggested that you start WPI and then" + vbCRLF + "leave your PC alone untill the installation process is complete. The system will reboot to" + vbCRLF + "complete the installation. Do you wish to continue?",VBYesNo,"Windows Post Install Wizard")

    for that resolution changer, add this line before the wshshell.run command that starts wpi:

    echo oExec = WshShell.Run("common\VideoChanger.exe 1280x1024x32@85 -q", 1, true)>>%tmp%\bla.vbs

  7. okay, I tested this a lot, and it works from cd. I also improved it a bit :D:

    echo Dim WshShell, oExec>%tmp%\bla.vbs
    echo Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")>>%tmp%\bla.vbs
    echo answer = Msgbox("Do you want to run wpi?", VBYesNo)>>%tmp%\bla.vbs
    echo if answer = 6 then>>%tmp%\bla.vbs
    echo oExec = WshShell.Run("wpi.hta", 1, true)>>%tmp%\bla.vbs
    echo end if>>%tmp%\bla.vbs
    echo set WshShell = nothing>>%tmp%\bla.vbs
    del /q %tmp%\bla.vbs

    Ow, yeah. An advantage of this code above that autoIt based thing: you don't need autoIt installed, or need to have to be dependand of some extra exe stored somewhere.


    for those wondering, there is no need for 'start /wait' because the 'true' in the wshshell.run command makes it wait till the app has finished.

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