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  1. I'm sorry I couldn't help earlier, I can't check the forums much anymore because of a vacation job. Glad you solved your problem. You may want to check the new fedit, wich works better, and has extra features :D

    Also, don't forget quotes around the filename (for if ever the file to be edited is in a dir with spaces in it's name):

    EDIT -ADD -ONCE -F "%BTS%\BTS_DPs_auto.example.cmd" -A "%%CD%%\FILES\ROBOCOPY \"%%FOLDER%%\" \"%%UWXPCD%%\" *.* /E %%RS%%" -L "%%RUNFROM%%\FILES\ROBOCOPY \"%%FOLDER%%\" \"%%UWXPCD%%\" *.* /E %%RS%%"

  2. ugh, topic subscription not workin again... (I think it should be enabled by default...)

    setup.exe /silentmode /reboot /cfg=pathToConfig\config.xml

    you can find a lot of information about this here.


    never mind, finally found a setting in control panel called "Enable 'Email Notification' by default?" in "email settings"

  3. Uuuuuuuuuuhm

    you really really should want to try something like this:

    put the following text in some file, call it keys.txt (for this example):


    PLEASE pay attention to the newlines, it's '1' and then ONE newline.

    then put keys.txt in the same dir as BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5081.cmd, open a cmd prompt, go to the dir, and type this:

    BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5081.cmd < keys.txt

    TADAA, you got past the question wich asks for the method. Now implement that in your scripts, or yeah, since you are using autoIt, why not just use sendkeys to get past those questions instead of having people editing huge files?

    just a suggestion ;)

    edit: and why did you post the whole cmd?

  4. Hello everyone,

    I've updated Fedit to v2.0. With this update I've totally rewritten Fedit, now there is almost no disk access, wich should result in a great speed increase, and new features such as case sensitive/unsensitive, substring searching and a "before" line.

  5. Well, you chose for 939 socket, but still want agp??? That's kinda contradicting, because in a year you'll barely find any agp cards anymore. And about ocing, I've got a 3500+, and I can run it easily @ 2.7Ghz (but I don't have a stock cooler, and havn't pushed it much yet). Since I have a winchester, and you're getting a Venice, you'll probably be able to get the same speeds. Only problem would be your lower multiplier.

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