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  1. @coolcliff

    yes it is

    But before you begin to add apps to your cd/dvd, do you already have an unattended cd? Do you even know what "unattended" is? Begin with that ;)

    Oh, and to add something to what Zxian said, you can install apps during the installation of windows: remember the words "cmdlines.txt" and "svcpack.inf". For more advanced installations, use something like WPI

  2. Another possibility that I didn't think of before is that a multi-boot DVD as we currently know them just will not work with x64.  Think about it.  When it boots initially it's running in 16-bit mode if I'm not mistaken.  It then launches whatever setup files are needed to run the other setup disc on the DVD.  However, x64 is not compatible with 16-bit mode.  We may have to resort to a WinPE/BartPE method for preinstalls from here on out.  Frankly, it's probably a better idea anyway.  What do you think?

    Well, if windows XP x64 is 64bit, then the installation is 64bit too (or else you wouldn't be having any trouble, would you?). So at some point, the installation switches from 16-bit mode to 64-bit mode. (Maybe with 32-bit mode between those) That moment should normally be the same point where a normal windows XP installation (32 bit) switches from 16 bit to 32 bit mode. That last one (16 -> 32) works on multi-boot, so why wouldn't 16->(32)->64 work?

  3. Woooooops :P

    my bad, I understood the guide incorrectly:

    CMDLINES.TXT is a VERY limited commandline interface. This means that MOST traditional DOS commands are not available, however external commands (REGEDIT32.EXE , REG.EXE, etc. ) are available.

    :P srry! :blushing:

  4. Best compression for storing data, depends on your data, but generally, 7zip with correct settings offers the best compression. But it's also slooooooow :P

    There are some topics about how creating a cd/dvd with just wpi and apps on it. Search a bit.

    And about versions, the current version has been kinda final for a while, with no much development. You shouldn't expect any major release soon (or am I missing something here? :P). Just a few updates over time.

  5. Hmmm,

    There is no nLite for an already installed windows XP. And removing files here and there is really dangerous, because you could end up with an unbootable installation. Plus, removing files isn't that easy, because A LOT of them are in use by the system/programs. And there is also WFP making it difficult.

  6. Have you tried nLite? You can remove lot's of things with it.

    (dunno if it's possible) You could remove all codecs, and well, maybe all built-in drivers... But then you'll have to add them again, and probably they will be the same drivers :P

    Also, you could try windows xp 'N', it comes without WMP10 and maybe some other files.

  7. Uhm,

    begin with a clean config.js

    add a program (with the wizard). You don't need to fill all the options at the beginning, just a name and a path (and maybe a description), nothing more.

    test that. Does it work? if yes, add another, if not, post again.

  8. Well, to get the os language (not the keyboard settings, that can be bogus), you can find it here:

    go to %systemroot%\system32, search for the file winver.exe, check it's properties, in the tab "version", click on "language". There it is. If now somehow you could get that in your batch file... (I want to know that too :P)

  9. Uhm, check this out:


    msn can be installed silently with switches. If you still want to do it in another way, or for example have a reg file that you want to add, and so on, you could create a self-extracting archive that runs some cmd file (search a bit, you'll find it). Another option is an AutoIt script. Last one is actually repackaging the software, but that's only needed if the other options don't work.

  10. Ok, here's an update:

    still no time :P

    I'm really sorry, but my exams are very late, and they are requesting all kind of extra work from university that I really didn't have time for javascript :P I mean, I just finished 2 projects, presented 1 today, have to present the other one friday, still have to go to class, and next week the exams begin :S Let's hope that'll end well... :D


    And no I have no time for WoW either ;) You might have noticed that my lvl hasn't changed (or barely) in the last month...

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