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  1. Except for it will not run n a windows enviroment...  says not valid image... must me minimum 2MB in size with a 2K variable size.

    To fix that, use some kind of virtual drive like Imagedrive from Nero, load the iso with it, and then in virtualpc, select 'use physical drive H:'. (replace H: with the name of your virtual drive)

  2. What doesn't work of ryanmv's pack? I tried it in and it seems to work:

    I have all updates installed (checked with qfecheck)

    pskill is there...

    I even have the 'copy to... move to...' hack

    (oh yeah, before confusing anyone, it's on a multiboot dvd with an unattended winXP english installation... Still have to test dutch version)


    windows update complains about KB885836, but I think that's a bug that's mentioned on ryan's site for pack 1.05, isn't it?

  3. I'm making a dvd... so lot's of room :D But if I integrate the drivers with method 1, will I be able to remove them? (let's say Bashrat suddenly changes the way drivers are integrated due to some major bug...) And if I make a BartPE, how does it work then to integrate the drivers? before or after? (And if after, how do I integrate the drivers into a BartPE)...

    you need to copy or move the files from the i386 to the professional folder and up one folder in all the other multiboot cd folders..

    What do you mean by that? In for example pro1 and pro2, I already have similar files to the ones in setup\xp\proffessional\i386... (115 files and a 'system32' folder).

    One last question: If I integrate some updates and/or RyanMV's update pack, do I need to re-create those pro1 and pro2 folders?

  4. Like Chander said, i think it's because of the value of chars when sorting...

    In many programming languages, you can get an integer value for a character:

    A = 63

    a = 97

    (Values might be wrong, but should be close :P ) It's just the ASCII value of the characters. Now when sorting, you check if the integer value is smaller than the other one:

    if (value1 < value2) then ...

    Maybe this could be fixed by simply converting each string to lower/uppercase before checking:

    temp1 = toLower(name1)

    temp2 = toLower(name2)

    ... (get first char of each temp string)

    ... (compare strings)

    But well, maybe this has already been implemented and the problem is something else... :P


    After diggin a LITTLE into the script files of the WPI:

    in program.js, the ordering is done correctly (tolowercase and then check):

    function SortByProg(a, b)
    position = "program.js";
    var x = a.prog[0].toLowerCase();
    var y = b.prog[0].toLowerCase();
    return ((x < y) ? -1 : ((x > y) ? 1 : 0));

    but in the configwizard.js (in the function wich writes to config.js):

    var sortedList = new Array();
    for (i=1;  document.forms("frmcfg"+i) != null; i++)

    it seems that here, there is no converting to lower/uppercase... and the built-in sort function of javascript puts 'A' before 'a'. I could write a function wich sorts it correctly without converting to lowercase, but I think Hasi would prefer to do that...

  5. It is javaSCRIPT, not Java!!!!

    Java uses a virtual machine to translate COMPILED code so that the os understands it.

    Javascript is just a scripting language, that is not compiled, and has nothing to do with Java.

    It's like saying batch files are exe files :P

    What I do to debug javascript code is copy all the code of all script files into one html file (be sure to put the code in correct places) and then try to run it. Then you'll normally get the correct line.

  6. Hello,

    sorry if some questions have already been askes, couldn't find them with 'search'.

    - If I want to build a BartPE, can I slipstream the driverpacks before building it?

    - (this is more a multi-boot question) When I have a Pro1 and Pro2 folder, should those be based on a clean winXP, or can it also have the driverpacks already slipstreamed?

    - Wich is the better way to go? Different Windows XP versions and optimized ISO, or Windows XP with MUI packs?

    Thanks in advance

  7. :wacko: I don't know what it is then.... I have XP dutch, as many of my friends and one has xp english. And it works on all of their computers... Could you try the new archive?

    I changed from a link to a batch file, cause the link refered to a file on my pc :P How could I make such an error :blushing:

  8. Are you sure??? I did a little search on that error numer, and I find many sites about people also opening an app and getting that error. It always get fixed when they install .net framework. If you want to check, see if you have this dir:


    in that dir should at least be a folder named 'v1.blabla' (replace blabla with some numbers)

  9. ****... first error already... Weird, runs fine on my pc. Do you have .net framework 1.1?


    I think you might wanna check if you have .net framework, cause I send it to some friends, and some of them had the same error. Turned out that these persons hadn't .net framework installed. After that, everything went fine.

  10. Updated 2005/01/08

    I've finished the creator too now.

    Download the zip-file here

    It contains the creator and the autorun itself + an example.

    If you want to test the autorun, just open the TestAutorun.cmd


    The programs now should be able to run on .net 1.0 and 1.1

    Optimized code of autorun

    Added fade-in and fade-out (not changeable in settings)

    Added onExitSound

    Fixed some bugs

    Small update:

    Fixed a bug that the creator wouldn't save a 'run' parameter

  11. Hello,

    first, i created an unattended dvd (no multi) of xp pro SP2. Then i decided to create a multi-boot dvd... using the dvd I already had (not burnt yet)

    I added xp pro normal and unattended, UBCD and BartPE (based on the dvd I had). I used this guide. When I try to test it in virtual pc, I can start cdshell, but when I try to run bartpe or windows xp installation, I get an error: can't find aec6280.sys

    For UBCD, it gets better: "can't boot from cd/dvd drive"

    I did a search for aec6280 in my directories and it is in:


    I then tried to copy the file to pro1 and pro2, and extract it in BPE1, but that didn't change anything... :(

    edit: Is this because I based BartPE and the windows install on an already unattended dvd? I did do the cleanup part in the guide, and the unattended part also (actually, I read the whole guide :P

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