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  1. Digitally Imported - Vocal Trance Whatever that might be playing - I'm probably listening to it if I'm at a computer.
  2. Michael Jackson - Thriller (still sounds sooo awesome with a good audio setup) Toto - Africa (none of that Karl Wolf crap...) Men at Work - Land Down Under (Love the music video) Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive Rush - Tom Sawyer
  3. Wait... what? You're honestly making an argument about the search speed for a system file? Unless your work involves constantly manually accessing these files, how is this an advantage in any way? Think about the amount of time (from the real start to finish) of finding a commonly used file (document you're working on, picture that you've taken, that song you want to hear). XP: Think about where file is located. Browse to said file (depending on where in the directory tree this is, it can take a while). Then open it. Vista/Win7: Hit start, type something related to that file. Click. I deal with Matlab code for my thesis work right now. I've got quite a few pieces of code here and there from other people I've worked with, and finding that one function through all the different folders can be kind of tough if I had to do it manually. Thankfully, I've setup my indexing to include .m files (the extension for Matlab code files) to search file names and contents. Now I hit start, type the function name, and then the file that contains it appears. This is far faster than any alternative XP could ever have provided.
  4. "...describe the behavior of..." is probably the best thing instead of "govern" there... good catch.
  5. Hooray!!! Another birthday for our country!!! I'm going to be spending the day with friends, hanging out and having good times.
  6. How about we be precise about this, shall we? Radio waves and "light" are both forms of electromagnetic radiation. They simply have different wavelengths. What we perceive as "light" is a very very narrow band of this EM radiation. Maxwell's Equations, which govern all EM radiation, use two constants to determine the behavior of the EM waves. There are two constants used in these equations, the permittivity of free space and the permeability of free space. When dealing with EM radiation traveling through matter, the constants are changed (specifically, they increase). With a bit of derivation from Maxwell's Equations, you can determine the speed of and electromagnetic wave based on the permittivity and permeability of the material. As far as we know, there is no way of reducing those constants below their free space values, but that would basically be the only way of increasing the "speed of light". And -X-, if the value of c were to change, all of Special Relativity would go along with it. Einstein himself was quoted to say that Statistical Mechanics was likely the only modern area of physics that would never be disproved.
  7. Fair enough - the Vista/Win7 explorer layouts show a lot more information by default than WinXP's did. However... As you can see, I can remove the extra panes very easily. It's a simple matter of going into Organize->Layout and selecting/unselecting the elements you don't want.
  8. I've already got the Win7 RC on my netbook and it's fantastic. One of these days, when I find the time, I'll be upgrading my desktop system to Win7 as well. Yes, I will be purchasing Win7 licenses for all my systems when it hits RTM. As for all the talk about Vista/Win7 being slow and bringing nothing to the table - I'll give you my anectodal experience with my Netbook. This is an ASUS EEE 1000HA - 1.6Ghz Atom, 2GB DDR2-533, 320GB 7200RPM drive (upgraded from the stock drive - 160GB 5400RPM). By no means is this a top-performing set of hardware compared to what's readily available for a desktop or full-sized laptop, and in terms of actual crunching power, it's probably about 2 years behind the times (at least). I haven't noticed any slowdowns compared to running XP on this system, and the layout of the OS makes things far easier than they ever were with XP. The condensed buttons in the superbar, Libraries, instant search (that's still surprisingly responsive for a comparably sluggish machine). Applications load up faster here than they did in XP, likely due to the aggressive pre-caching done by superfetch. Anyone who says that this "wastes memory" - memory is meant to be used. Empty memory is wasted memory. Vista/Win7 network transfers are most definitely faster than XP and earlier. Vista/2008 has brought back the disk caching of file transfers (as cluberti mentioned), and it's not uncommon for me to see "file copy" speeds of 115-120MB/s when transferring large files from one system to the other. Pre-SP2 installation, the transfers would be topping out at whatever the write speed of the disks was (~60MB/s on my media center, ~90MB/s on my desktop, etc). Not to sound overly rude, but many of the problems with Vista are a case of PEBKAC. I was in this boat as well when I first made the switch from XP to Vista, and again from Vista to Win7, but if you sit down and use the OS before running back to the familiar world of the old, you'll see that the grass is definitely greener on this side.
  9. LogMeIn works great, but an alternative for slightly more flexibility would be to use Hamachi (by the same people) to create a virtual network. From there you can use the built-in Remote Desktop functionality, and/or connect by whatever means you wish. Hamachi isn't required for the plain LogMeIn to work, but I prefer it.
  10. I'm looking to buy a universal remote (I've been looking at the Logitech Harmony series) at some point in the future, but I'm having a little trouble deciding which model, and what are the benefits of the higher model numbers over the lower ones. I've currently got my TV, HTPC, and PS3 to deal with. I know that I'll likely need to get the PS3 adaptor if I want to use a Harmony remote, but I don't think there's any other way to deal with the PS3. All suggestions and comments are welcome.
  11. I've got Server 2008 Standard running on my server at home, and I've got to say that Hyper-V is one of the cleanest, simplest VM interfaces I've ever used. I've tried VMware Server/Workstation and VirtualBox, and none of them have been as easy to use as Hyper-V. Soon enough I'll start playing with all the fancy features.
  12. The difference in CPU speed isn't really much to write home about (1.6GHz vs 1.66GHz). I've been able to make do without bluetooth or Wireless-N for the time being. The improved battery life actually comes from software that's available with the HE model - not any actual hardware changes. The software simply disables any devices that aren't in use in order to save power. As for the noise, it's a very, very slight hum. If there's anything else going on around, you won't notice the system.
  13. I've got the 1000HA as my mobile computer, and it does just about everything you're looking for. I'm running Win7 RC on it right now, and it works like a charm. I managed to get mine for $450 CAD a few months ago, and I can't really find anything wrong with it. It's not a silent computer, but I've never found the fan noise to be obtrusive either. If you can get one within your price range, do it. Just make sure you upgrade the RAM to 2GB after you buy it.
  14. I had a friend in a situation a couple of years ago that ended both good and bad. He's the same age as I am (24 now - 21 then), and through impressive skills in yoyoing (yes... yoyoing) at the Calgary Stampede he managed to save up enough money by the end of high school to buy himself a 2001 Audi A4 - in bright Tropicana Green. Vancouver is fairly well known for it's street racing, so the cops are always on the lookout for "young hooligans" in their "sports cars". I personally wouldn't call a stock A4 a "sports car" or a "racer", but whatever. A cop ends up pulling him over for doing 53 km/h in a 50 zone. Yes... 3 km/h over the limit. Sadly, in BC, radar gun speeds are taken as perfectly accurate (which they never are), and my friend ended up contesting the ticket. The judge at the ruling was very fair. He asked my friend if he had any evidence to show that he was not over the speed limit, which there was none. The judge said that he didn't like doing so, but he had to rule in favor of the ticket, but he also warned the cop not to waste the time of the state or the courts for such a simple matter. It's the only driving violation that my friend has ever recieved, and I can attest that he's an excellent driver, unlike some of the others in this city... I'd suggest you go to the courts to plead not guilty. I'm not entirely sure about the laws in Ontario (Quebec?), but in BC if the cop doesn't show up to the hearing, the ticket is rendered void and you go home scott free.
  15. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great one!!!
  16. I think your board might be incorrectly determining your RAM speeds if you have the settings at "Auto". Go into your BIOS. Under Advanced -> Jumperfree Configuration, you'll see a setting for DRAM configuration. Set this to DDR2-800. Hopefully that fixes the trick.
  17. I think the performance on a netbook depends highly on the type of system used. I have an ASUS EEE 1000HA with 2GB of RAM and a 320GB 7200RPM hard drive. Yes, the hard drive is a lot faster than most netbooks see, but for most tasks the CPU is still the bottleneck. Installing Win7 build 7070 only took about 30 minutes on this system, and since then performance has been great. Battery life is roughly on par with XP. If you're trying to install Win7 on a system with one of those built-in 4/8GB SSD drives, I wish you luck.
  18. In reading over the AnandTech thread quickly, it's clear that Taltamir really doesn't understand the mechanics of defragmentation, or general drive operations for that matter. To quote, he states that defragmenting is a "read-erase-write" procedure, which is incorrect. No data is actually "erased" in modern file systems (NFTS, HFS+, etc). When you delete several hundred gigabytes of data from your recycle bin, the process happens almost instantaneously. All that's being erased is the file's metadata in a file table, not the data itself. Writing is no more strenuous to a drive than reading is. The only thing that changes is that the heads are feeding current to change the magnetization on the disk (to write), rather than having a current induced by the existing magnetization (to read). Also, leaving a file system to be extremely fragmented can impact system performance (more than most people realize) as well as increase the long-term stress on the drive. In order for a drive to access highly fragmented data, the read/write heads need to travel back and forth over the surface of the drive to retrive the bits and pieces. This back and forth action puts more regular wear and tear on a drive than occasionally defragmenting (note: occasionally). Defragging your drives nightly is likely excessive, since the gains are minimal and you're putting unnecessary I/O operations on the drive. However, running a defrag once a week or every two weeks is not going to severely impact the lifespan of your hard drives. It will improve your system performance, and if anything, increase the lifespan compared to never defragmenting it at all. To answer the original question, if the drive is connected via USB and has never been defragged before, you're looking at a period of several hours.
  19. What CPU are you running? It sounds to me like it's one that uses a 333MHz FSB (or advertised as 1333), and your BIOS doesn't quite know what to do with it and your RAM. Update the BIOS from ASUS's support website and check the settings again. I would highly recommend using the AWDFlash option from the computer BIOS to update, as opposed to a Windows based program. Get the BIOS image, put it on a USB flash drive, and boot the computer. You'll have an option to press Alt+F2 (or something of the sort). Press this. Assuming you left the flash drive plugged in, you'll be able to find the BIOS image file there.
  20. And with those two replies.... Topic Closed
  21. Man your computer must be loud. The CNPS9900LED is a terrible cooler, and at full speed sounds like a tornado. Zalman heatsinks have dropped in performance and quality over the past couple of years (I remember when the CNPS7000 was the greatest thing since sliced bread), not to mention that they're expensive. If you can return it, get yourself a ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme, or ThermalRight HR-01+. Far better cooling performance for less cost and less noise. Zalman CNPS9900 LED Review @ SilentPCReview.com The difference in idle temperatures between the two operating systems likely comes from CPU power management settings in the operating system, allowing the CPU to throttle back to a lower multiplier when not in use. However, like crahak said, this means absolutely nothing when you're overclocking, since the only thing that matters is whether or not your system is stable at 100% load.
  22. At what cost? For the same price, I could have two 300GB VelociRaptor drives in my system or an "ok" performing 128GB SSD. The Raptors will provide faster read/write operations than the SSDs, who will (obviously) take the random access time crown.SSDs are nice in that they're quiet, have good performance, and draw very little power, but they're still terrible from a value perspective.
  23. I'm using IE8 on a day-to-day basis without any major troubles. Some sites require "compatibility view" in order to render properly, but they're the exception rather than the norm.
  24. Like others have said, you'll have to extract the files from the split archive and re-archive them into a single file. You can either get the 40-day trial of WinRAR, or you can use something free like 7-zip. Simply double-click on the .rar file itself (the others should be .r01, .r02, etc) and extract the contents to a temporary directory. The extracting program will know how to deal with the multiple files. After that's done, use the program you've downloaded to create a new archive.
  25. My research group's site is based of Drupal, but there were some pieces of functionality that I simply wasn't able to create or find. I personally found the content structure more confusing than Joomla's as well (you've already mentioned Joomla doesn't do what you want/need, but I figured I'd mention it anyways). Just my two cents.

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