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    I got some next brand man.
  2. ~400, I burned them all on to 3 cd FULL. 700mb.
  3. The poll is currently Yes: 21 and No: 21. I wonder if I didn't put "I hate it!" as the topic description, how the results would have been then. I might be influencing people's results.
  4. Nice site, the Google logo doesn't look that realistic but the Yahoo one sure does. Thanks.
  5. Well I'm gona have to say that java is still better than .NET, anyone agree?
  6. Anyone else got Pro Evolution Soccer 5? Edit: Need for Speed: Most Wanted Black Edition out!
  7. Thats good then. But I removed v2. LOL I email a person about his program not working with v2 but it works with v1.1. Could anyone tell me if the following is correct? Thanks. The program is http://www.mirality.co.nz/maxcode.php MAX Manager.
  8. There are quite a few programs that don't work with this, only v1.1. I hope nLite isn't one. If it is please change it to the new version.
  9. Yeah Neowin v5 looks sikkkkkkkkkk. Neowin has more users much more posts and topics. But hard to use and design sucked. Now it looks like maybe the design is better than msfn.
  10. Not bad. MSFN.org should seriously change their 88x31 button and even their logo. Please give it a thought [xper].
  11. I'm starting to like Zen Micro now. computerMan how many topics have you made! Spam!
  12. I broke the dead-lock. All hell would break...
  13. Nicely said, but not everyone would take it that way.
  14. Well Intel has gone for the save power approach rather than speed. I don't really care because I will be buying an Intel laptop in the near future. More like save battery for me.
  15. I feel sory for the Nintendo Revolution so small and cute.
  16. Works now too. Don't know if it was my version of FFox. Please Read this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=58535
  17. The RSS software is not working. Fix Please. The Frontpage one works you might want to check others. Thanks.
  18. Thanks not the only thing but there are also other things that need updating, one of which is Vista beta. Direct X. And others. Some of which can be found here: http://sonusingh27.tripod.com/downloads.html
  19. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Out! (PS2 & XBOX) Sorry can't write more I'm still playing the game. Got mine in the morning.
  20. Look for a word in a topic, then search that topic for that word. And that comes up. FIXED NOW! Thanks.
  21. Its good, what I dont get it why don't you just build in another format that does not require java, then no-one will have to download it.
  22. Yep all dat, I'm waiting for the next version.

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