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  1. Do you mean to continue to get updates be it software or virus defs? You need your username/password to download virus defs and to get commercial version updates so at the end of your 1 year license you're dead in the water w/o renewing. rotjong
  2. I'd recommend NOD32 for a real-time scanner. Kaspersky is also nice. I think NOD32 is better though. rotjong
  3. I guess I'll be the first to say Eudora [Pro]. I'ved used it for years and I still find it to be the best overall. rotjong
  4. My first year of college [numerous years ago now] I didn't sleep for the first week. So, for me the record is 7 days. By day 3 or 4 I was already having issues with cognitive function. Unfortunately once you hit the wall and you get your second wind you can't fall asleep even if you wanted. rotjong
  5. I loved Deus Ex when it came out. I played it right through to the end. It's one of the games that actually managed to hook me. I grabbed Deus Ex: Invisible War about 2-3 months ago and although the graphics are better I just couldn't get into it as much as I did the first game. rotjong
  6. I always liked Kaspersky and I still do but I, too, have a few issues with it. They made it a bit more friendly with the 5.x releases, at least. I've used Kaspersky since around the tim v3.x was released. For the heck of it I tried out Eset NOD32 and I'm quite happy with how it behaves. I also have F-Prot, Kaspersky, eTrust, and The Cleaner. I'm of the paranoid type and I always like to confirm and cross-check results. Besides, each AV tends to have its strong points and weak points. Multiple programs allow you to overlap your protection and reduce overall weaknesses. I generally only run AVs on-demand but I've switched to using NOD32 when I want to run a real-time scanner. Check out the trial version of it rotjong
  7. I've been experimenting with Eset NOD32 lately. I'm extremely impressed. The GUI could use a little work but functionally it's looking very very good. rotjong
  8. I'm in the US and sick of the whole low carb fad, already. Blah blah. All you see is low carb this and low carb that. Hey, did you know water is low in carbs? *rolls his eyes* Just wait til you start seeing that printed on the water bottles. Kinda like when the whole low sodium fad hit about 15 yrs ago. All the foods that never had sodium in them anyway started advertising themselves as low salt. No s**t!! LOL. Carbs are important, anyway, you just have to eat everything in moderation and exercise. rotjong
  9. Bleh @ soda let alone low carb soda. Just gimme a Red Bull or a Sobe rotjong
  10. It may or may not be purely an individual software incompatibility. One video/voice program I found that worked well when it comes to restrictions (ie firewalls) was Eyeball Chat. It's been awhile since it was updated but it still functions quite nicely and has a lot of flexibility as far as video quality vs bandwidth. I haven't updated to SP2 yet [so I cannot confirm if Eyeball works with it] and won't be doing so until I've seen the reactions of other people and I've had a chance to test it on my slush system.
  11. WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe MD5: 59a98f181fe383907e520a391d75b5a7 The same as the others
  12. I've been using the **** Hash Calculator for awhile. It does more than just CRC-32 and MD5 which isn't always necessary but it's a nice little program and gets the job done CRC-32 HAVAL: 128, 160, 192, 224 and 256 with 3, 4, and 5 passes MD5 RIPEMD-160 SHA: 160, 256, 384 and 512
  13. There are shareware ones like SnagIt and HyperSnap-DX but there are also freeware ones out there. I still use MWSnap which is freeware among others.
  14. I used to use Maxtor drives exclusively. Suddenly I had repeated corruptions until one drive died altogether and through further testing another drive died. In total I had 3 Maxtor drives in the span of 2 months and they weren't more than 3 years old. The local stores stopped carrying Maxtor and now tend to exclusively carry WD and I figured I'd grab a WD with the 8 meg buffer and I've had flawless use with it. Since then the only drives I buy are WD with the 8 meg buffer with no problems. Of course every person will experience things differently depending on their setup, the enivornment of the computer and it's location, etc. I, personally, will never own another Maxtor drive as I consider them to be less than garbage.
  15. Agreed that I was surprised to not see KAV. It's always been great but the 4.x version left a lot to be desired. The 5.x version has been simplified and dumbed down so even Norton users can understand it. [i'm joking sorta!! No offense intended]. Good to see eTrust EZ AV and F-Prot listed, though. Both decent programs. AVG refuses to work for me anymore for some unknown problem so I refuse to use it. Panda... just ewwww. Norton has a new security flaw even freakin' day now, it seems. Hopefully they fix all those issues soon cuz there are a whole lot of people using the software.
  16. In reply to The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant... definitely a great series. Unfortunately I found the second Chronicles to be not nearly as good as the first. In reply to this thread as a whole... we're talking about Compaq here. I would expect nothing less from them than a method to make a restore anything but easy or quick. The last I knew they still charged you money to tell you the key to unlock a recovery disc to fix a problem yourself and God forbid they tell you what kind of generic hardware they put into their systems (ie a modem) so that you can download the correct drivers yourself.
  17. Actually, the power outage did have to do with Ohio even though it was initially detected in Michigan. From Michigan the problem then spread along the main grid into Ohio. The station in Ohio, under the undervoltage conditions, should have disconnected itself from the rest of the grid thereby containing the loss to Michigan and portions of Ohio. Because the Ohio station failed to disconnect itself, like it was supposed to, the cascading failure spread into NY and elsewhere along the grid. I haven't seen information to contradict this series of events yet. We'll see.
  18. My bad. I haven't spent much time looking at 2k and never actually owned a system with it. Now I'll go remove the egg from my face.
  19. Not to step on your toes but it's "shutdown -a" not "shutdown /a". I had this patch installed when it first was released but sadly it seems 99% of people did not and I've spent the last 3 days helping friends out with it.
  20. Agreed. I got a Canon digital cam and this is what I do. It's WAY easier. Just make sure you unplug the reader when you don't need it. It raises hell with Apple Quicktime saying there is no disk in drive X. Blah.
  21. Umm... but does this MP2 work for MSN 6.0 ????? Yes. All the 2.20.xx builds were based upon working with MSN Messenger 6 as far as I am aware. MP2 2.20.xx has now gone gold with version 2.20.52. Note: The version numbers show up differently from within MP2 itself and on the website. MP2 2.20.52 is the same as MP2 2.20.0052. This is somewhat silly IMO but oh well. Messenger Plus! Extension 2.20.52 news release. Messenger Plus! Extension 2.20.52 release notes: "MSN Messenger 6 full compatibility. It demanded an enormous amount of work, due to the fact that Microsoft did several things that prevented Messenger Plus! to work with this new version of Messenger (I have no idea if this was intentional or not)..." Messenger Plus! Extension download page.
  22. I had problems finding any links to the new MSN6 compatible beta on the website. Other sites have listed the newer releases along with download links, thankfully. Btw, 2.20.48 is out even though the software section on MSFN says 2.20.46 is the latest. The download link should still be the same, though. Disregard the 2045 in the filename.

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