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  1. I used to let my brother use my computer and somehow he always locked the thing up solid. I was never able to reproduce what he did and he didn't know how he did it. Needless to say, when it comes to my computer no one touches it anymore except for me. The fact that I paid all the money [for all my systems] gives me the right to restrict the access, anyway. As I now say when someone asks me to use one of my computers... There is being smart and mean and there is being stupid and nice. I'll be smart... No. I learned the hard way.
  2. That it does, i will appreciate every second of my life from now on . It really freaks ya out when stuff like that happens It also has an amazing way of making you realize that all those trivial things we, as people, get so wrapped in are really exactly what they are... trivial.
  3. Yep, you did. In my case the way my brain was working... well, it wasn't.
  4. Thanks for bringing this point up, Sunil. I feel like a git not having thought of this when I knew the new account was created and sitting there which explains it all. Being the [overly] cautious person that I am, rather than going to the extreme of deleting the account I disabled it via Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management | Computer Management (Local) | Local Users and Groups | Users | ASPNET user account | right-click and go down to Properties | General tab | check the "Account is Disabled" box | Apply. Voila! PS: Yeah, yeah, just deleting the account is much quicker but I wanted safer.
  5. My girlfriend called me a "rotjong" enough times that it stuck. Besides, I am, so why not just call myself it. In Dutch it essentially means "brat".
  6. I had my system set up where I never needed to login either. This recently changed when I installed one of the latest critical updates and I finally got around to installing the latest .NET framework update from Windows Update. Now I have to go through this process. I never had it before with .NET framework, though. As for how to remove it w/o possibly removing the .NET framework or whether that will even fix it... I don't know. Blah.
  7. To each their own but I can't agree from my own experiences.
  8. To each their own. I grew up on Tolkien. I'm not putting down Rowlings, mind you
  9. Rowling has her own purpose with her books but also read up on what lies behind the Tolkien books. Their meaning goes far beyond a fantasy story. Writers like Tolkien are the reason writers like Rowling exist.
  10. Rowling's stories are good without question but many others span the period between Tolkien and her. Check out The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever by Stephen R. Donaldson.
  11. Could be a coincidence but the same day you guys had problems Telia had a router crash that impacted at least 1 million of their own customers. It may have impacted other net traffic as well.
  12. I've gotta say you always seem to have the coolest avatars, Crispy.
  13. A decent avatar? We don't need no stinkin' avatars!! Erm, oh yeah, I have one. Nevermind me...
  14. I turned off that feature... then again it got annoying because I my system is up for 30+ days between reboots and at one point it wouldn't shut up! Anyway, to address your forgetting. If you read this forum,which you obviously do, you'll see the news articles on new updates! Problem solved, no?
  15. Voice: Christina Body: Christina Sexual Vibe: Christina I should note that although I think Christina wins in these 3 categories I consider her a total freak and she makes my skin crawl. I'm also not saying Britney doesn't have her own good pts. But I think right now Christina has more pluses. I hated both their releases until Christina's Stripped album. I don't like all of it but I am pretty **** impressed with some of the songs. No shock that Alicia Keys was involved with the album and it having some great material on it
  16. I have to agree with what Patricia said. I did something similar... years ago. Somehow no matter how well you clean up Murphy's Law always steps in and there's something you missed that will be discovered. So it's usually better to have the party and then say you had a couple friends over, IMO.
  17. Steve Irwin is The Crocodile Hunter.
  18. I've noticed sluggishness as well.

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