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  1. Actually it doesn't I can check everything on the left side with nothing marked on the right. I thought it works in completely different way - check something on the right side and it's unremovable on the left, because logically it would be used. Yep, I got that part bassackwards. The whole right side thing is counter intuitive, for sure. I had a hell of a time the first time I used the program.
  2. On the right-hand side of the picture are programs that are installed by default. When you initially start the program, what is check marked on the right-hand side is what Windows will install by default. Un-checking any of those items will cause them to not be installed. Likewise, check marking features beyond what it already checked will install them. Now, when you load a lastsession.ini file, whatever you chose to install or uninstall on the right hand side should echo what you removed during your last session. The left-hand side, meanwhile, gives you finer control over what is removed. However, if you have Internet Explorer unchecked on the right-hand side, for example, (not to be installed) the option to remove it will be grayed out on the left hand side. You can't remove something from the left hand side without first having it marked for installation on the right-hand side. Does that make sense?
  3. That was an issue in prior builds, but loading last session files is now working perfectly in that regard. At least for me. That is, what was selected or deselected for installation in the right hand panel should be exactly the same as the last time you used the program. Likewise, anything you chose to remove in the left hand column is still selected for removal. I'm beta testing, and I'm sure the old issue has been resolved for at least the last few builds. If you are so inclined you might see if Ben needs an additional beta tester...IMHO, a wider cross section of potential users would certainly help root out issues.
  4. Wow, good thing you didn't actually pay MONEY for it, or you would have really been disappointed, huh? Maybe, just maybe, there are more pressing bugs to sort out than your own minor quibbles.
  5. That's odd; I've done it myself. Not on the desktop, But in the Windows root folder.
  6. Start RT7 lite. Once you've pointed the program to your windows image, and it finishes loading, you should be able to navigate to C:\Users\current user\AppData\Local\Temp\RT7_Mount\ and paste your folders right in the desktop folder. Of course, you'll want to do this before RT7 lite does it's thing and rebuilds the image.
  7. Are the drivers signed? no idea lol they're ATI graphic drivers...k yea they are signed by "Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher" I don't know about ATI, but Nvidia drivers haven't been directly integrateable for about a year now...signed or not. However, you can try a driver pack from http://driverpacks.net/driverpacks The only downside is that the drivers aren't always the latest...their last Nvidia update was in July. Something else you can try is to get drivers from Windows Update. In order to do this, I uninstalled and deleted all of my current Nvidia drivers, rebooted, and then had Windows Update download and install the drivers. Afterwards, you can navigate to C:/Windows/System32/DriverStore/Drivers and arrange the folders by date, then copy the folder to integrate into your image. Worked like a charm with Nvidia drivers.
  8. Believe me, I was very skeptical. Nobody could have been more surprised than I was when I had fully functional drivers and control panel upon first boot. I guess I knew that they were going to work, because after the first reboot during my image install, during the hardware detection phase, the screen went blank temporarily, then came back with the correct 1680x1050 resolution.
  9. (SNIP)....Otherwise get it from Microsoft catalog updates. It will work... Tomorrow: I can confirm that if you get the driver from Windows Update, it can be integrated. I just picked up an Nvidia GT 430, and the driver pack I had used in the past didn't support the new card. I deleted all of the current Nvidia drivers installed, rebooted, then WU found the driver and downloaded it. I went to \\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\, found the nv_disp.inf.xxxx folder, and copied it for use. I integrated the folder to my latest RT7 Lite image, and it worked like a charm. Although the drivers do not appear in the in the installed programs listing, I can confirm that the 260.98 build of video driver, control panel driver, and PhsyX drivers were installed.
  10. Wow...that's just bizarre. I don't understand that! If you look on Google, you'll see that the setting should be 0 by default...at least it has been until now. It's weird, because if you set Windows Backup to image the root drive everyday, it'll only have one image - the latest. But if you set it to zero, it'll keep daily, incremental backups. Edit: Well, I just read that it is set to "1" by default in Windows 7. I can't imagine why they'd break functionality in backup for the sake of a minor speed tweak.
  11. I would like to conduct an informal survey. I find that I am having to set the registry setting "NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate" to zero. It should be "0" by default, but somehow after using RT7 Lite, it has been set to "1". Windows Backup needs this to be set to "0" so that it can see when files have been changed in order to make incremental backups. I would like you to check this registry setting yourself, and if you haven't already changed it, please report in this thread what you have it set to. You'll find the setting here: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem] "NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate"= Some people toggle it to "1" to save some disk activity and thus improve performance; the default setting should be "0". Thank you.
  12. Did the image work normally when you tested it? Yes...I'm using it now. I went away from my desktop to watch television while the integration portion took place, but there were no errors, and the GUI was prompting me to proceed to RT7 Lite to continue. The system applet shows Service Pack 1, v.721. Edit: Well, it appears that maybe I don't have Wave1 after all. My x64 service pack is about 650mb, while the Microsoft download is 865mb. The sp I have is as follows: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 RC x64 BUILD: 7601.17105.100929-1730 FILE: Windows6.1-KB976932-X64-INTL.exe SIZE: 644,616,752 byte SHA-1: B8E8935D782599B977D3D0FF15D8B3B539CA39C8 MD5: 59BA49FE307B89C20EBBE8D4C95622B0 CRC: 5329BB53
  13. I received no such error, nor had any problem whatsoever integrating wave SP1 RC Wave1 (windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe
  14. It can only be as fast as your hard drive. It has to be written to disk before it can be opened for modification.
  15. I hadn't seen that before...thanks. You and me both. I still have not been able to narrow down dependencies for a scanner and winSAT, but as it happens, both will soon be important to me. My last build was basically to eliminate extra languages & drivers, with customization and tweaks. Not as svelte as I am accustomed to, but what I need to work, works.
  16. Thank you, that's good to know. I think an "absolutely do not remove" thread would be helpful. For example, removing telephony results in not being able to activate Windows 7. Removing Windows Media Manager will render most media devices inoperative. The Viper service tweak for Software Protection, (delayed start, instead of automatic), will make Windows "think" it's not activated. Let's have everyone weigh in with their respective caveats and perhaps we can make a sticky with a list.
  17. If you had created an .iso, you'd know where it is because the program prompts you *where* to save it. I'd say you've missed a step. I have found the program to be fairly intuitive.
  18. I got both my WinSAT and scanner working with the attached profile. It only occupies an additional 500mb on the Windows install, so it was a good compromise. Lastsession.txt
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