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  1. here ^^ also in Patches tab in nLite, it is set to Disable X_LAST.ini
  2. sucsess you were indeed right, the path messed it up the only annoyance now i experienced, is when upon first OS GUI boot when those commands for registry (to enable sfc), rename patched and copy original unpatched to sys32 are done i get that dialog of SFC reporting something was changed and calls upon SP3 cd to restore "original file" could be because maybe i added reg enable before rename/copy... ill try to reverse order and report back
  3. sorry to be annoying but i didn't understand about you mean DOS prompt reckognises it as CD:\\ or CD:\$OEM$\SFC\\file.ext ?
  4. hi and thanks for quickness this is my main structure (disregard other folders) the reg, dll and called cmd are in SFC folders (pic up) the SFC.cmd, that contain those commands is called like this RUNONCE |-------------> XP-new\BATCH.CMD |----------------> \$OEM$\SFC\SFC.cmd so regarding commands they are called from same folder where .cmd is executed, so they should have worked but im gonna try regarding COPY command, copy %source%\$OEM$\SFC\sfc_os.dll %systemroot%\system32\sfc_os.dll /y but regarding regedit /s, this should have worked and it didnt
  5. well i tried for me the easiest way, and that was from $OEM$ folder to execute .cmd file that would 1. apply regedit /s to enable it in registry - FAILS 2. rename patched file to .old extension - PASSES 3. copy the untouched .dll - FAILS - 4. execute shutdown -r to "update" changes so i get this nice screenie have in mind i prefer easier way to do things than to meddle with additional things like WPI (no offence to nobody) location of dll is in: \$OEM$\SFC\sfc_os.dll location of reg key is in same folder the CMD file that is being invoked via runonce has this in it: (and is in same location as dll and reg key) regedit /s enableSFC.reg ren %systemroot%\system32\sfc_os.dll sfc_os.dll.old copy sfc_os.dll %systemroot%\system32\sfc_os.dll /y exit maybe i am missing something here... ?
  6. yes i test many times my modified isos in vmware and will try this then, thank you very much.
  7. yeah i also search a bit on net on this issue im just curious when if i wish to restore original .dll files and .reg automatic way (so just to speed up installation and then auto restore it) do i put them in $OEM$ folder so they are copied on first Window GUI boot and .reg to be executed THEN or it must be later later ?
  8. so obviously the template for classic theme is built in Windows core the .theme file only contains measures so my question is: where to find the true skin template (which files if any) ?
  9. users would be me and my friend which still is personal no?
  10. heh, i was searcing more like automated way-switch so users who would use my "fast install" would not need to hassle or need knowledge of all that
  11. funny you can disable it with nlite with single click but to enable it, it requires special permitions on kernel level
  12. ah that is what i was confused i thought it was part only for installation but now i understand it is also in OS itself can someone tell how to enable it later ? i only like to disable it for fast install, no other reason
  13. regarding this if disabled it realy does cuts down installation to speed of ~20 min but there it says it "turns off during and after installation" so is this recommended to be turned off, and does it have negative impact on OS if its turned off ?
  14. on your list, the obsolete ones are replaced by new or discarded as buggy ?
  15. Security Update for Windows XP (KB944338) A security issue has been identified in VBScript and Jscript that could allow an attacker to compromise your Microsoft Windows-based system and gain control over it. Security Update for Windows XP (KB958470) A security issue has been identified that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to compromise your system and gain control over it. if user dont need them, why would they be released
  16. so i slipstream SP3 over SP2 installation with nLite i put all post SP3 hotfixes i downloaded but only these 2 report error: KB944338 KB958470 anyone would know why ?
  17. nice i thank you again very much for patience and great help
  18. what if i by any chance want to leave "user account" screen on and just delete the movie file, do oyu might know its location and name ? and would it break something if it would be deleted and not loaded then by setup ?
  19. ah beautifull it worked nicely ! here is my last question hehe is there a way to disable loading of that movie when XP installed the one with white background showing tansition from blue XP flag to colored one ?
  20. thank you for your previous responses btw i encountered few problems with new "iso" my reg tweaks did not get applied at all i used as in this tutorial from cmdlines.txt the REGEDIT32.EXE /S way i first tested with their default keys (some are HCU some are HKLM), and thought as you said it will be applied to DEFAULT user, it didnt then i renamed in reg files all keys to [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\... but it also didnt get written in/applied (tested on both SP2 and SP3) any idea why ? - also if i may ask, is there a way to silently install visual c++ 2008 redistributable ? it looks like hotfix file but it extracts MSI GUI installer
  21. ah nice i got 2 more questions 1. regarding commands for executing or copying from $OEM$ folder (listed up up), is it %Source%$OEM$ or %Source%\$OEM$ ? 2. same regarding copying or executing from $OEM$ folder, i read in tutorials here that microsoft has this limitation of 8 characters so all hotfixes or whatever has to be max long 8 chars, does this also apply for any folder in $OEM$ folder ? for example i wish to copy Opera, Firefox and Iron portables to Disk with runonce via bat file, but dont know can i have long folder names as Opera_Portable, or it must be 8 chars long only ?
  22. sorry for being annoying :/ but by can i use regedit /s or must be reg add (in t13 stage) again thanks for info and patience ^^
  23. That is partly correct. HKCU only applies to the current user, BUT, when you import them during setup with the batch (at t13 or svcpack stage), the SYSTEM account is running. All tweaks are applied to [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT], so every new user that logs on, will get these settings as well. [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT] is the "template" for HKCU. so if i use the method with runonce from nlite that user "Sp0iLedBrAt" described with $oem$ folder is that the phaze t13 ? or simpler... will that method add the reg tweak to as you say [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT] ? thanks you again
  24. http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/windo...dates-2008.html http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/windo...dates-2009.html
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