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  1. Can someone tell me what are supported SLE chips for use with WS 2008R2 Active Dieectory SC login?
  2. Here's my problem. I have 2 servers. First server has FTP server Role and Console installed and it's only FTP server, but it's physical directory for FTP root dir must be on second server. So, because I don't have Active Directory installed, in the New FTP Site wizard, I must go on Connect as when I type UNC on directory for FTP root. I type credentials for other server's account to access the directory, but it cannot access. I tried to search for solution but i didn't find the right one. How can I solve the problem?
  3. I really don't understand why microfoft made WHS 2011 installation so stupid, it formats whole disk you want to install. I want to install it only on one already made partition of 58 GB. Can I make installation to give me a disk partitioning program like on every other Windows NT 6.x installer, without reforrmatting and buying a new HDD?
  4. You don't understand... I don't want to remove watermark, my Windows is Activated, i just want to change it because of customization.
  5. This first link... If it's writed Windows 7 Build 7600 , maybe change it to Windows 7 Light Edition Build 7600 Something like that...
  6. I am using 64-bit version, and there is a problem. I want to change watermark text on desktop (right, down corner of screen). It is possible by changing user32.dll.mui in resource editor. I edited 32 and 64-bit file in WOW64 and System32 folder, but text on screen is same. Nothing changed... I replaced backups in C:\Windows\winsxs because it may use system file from backup, but nothing. How can I successfully apply modified system files on 64-bit Windows OS?
  7. When I go to HKCU\ControlPanel\Desktop and change PaintDesktopVersion to 1 it shows build number only to one user. But I want to it show that to all users and when I create new user. How to do that think?
  8. I tried to log in to a PC on my network as user that doesn't have a password, but i alwaus get error. How can i make Windows to log me as user without typing password?
  9. How can I make google to show me only sites that can harm my computer? I tried advanced search, but I didn't find anything.
  10. I don't know how did accessed all this URLs.
  11. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I am experimenting with viruses on VMware virtual machine. I need some viruses to do that so I was searching on internet how to get trojan and I've found a video on youtube: There are a lots of malwares and he showed a malicious websites on this video. It's working on his computer, but on my these sites are broken. I thought that they are broken by security updates on Windows so I tried it on Linux, but it's not working. That means that they are removed. Does anybody know working links of trojans like this or malicious sites?
  12. I tried to change information: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 I've changed value in registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVresion ProductName = Windows XP Professional to ProductName = Linux Ubuntu But nothing happens, information is same. other software like TuneUP System information that shows you information about OS that is installed in XP must read that information from system file, registry or kernel. Is there a possible way to change information about OS in XP?
  13. I am using PE Explorer for editing system files. I wanted to change image that appears in chkdsk command or when system is checking something else. I've explored a lot of system files, but I couldn't find that system file because there are thousands of system files in system32 folder. Does anybody know the name of system file?

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