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  1. ok guys...i got it all to work! (found msiexec in sys32) all i need to know is how to hide that extraction window. (do i put the -y in svcpack ? like this: netfx.exe -y) also what is the difference between /qb , /qb!- , /qn . will any of them work in svcpack? ( i would probably use the /qn if it works in svcpack.)
  2. ok i tried vmware again: WMP10 worked perfectly in svcpack. I used 7zip and the sfx to do it. My config is this: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! Title="Windows Media Player 10" RunProgram="setup_wm.exe /DisallowSystemRestore /Q:A /R:N" ;!@InstallEnd@! Now, for .net framework, the screen popped up to extract and when it was done it said something about the specified file can't be found. and .net didnt install. ;!@Install@!UTF-8! Title=".NET Framework 1.1 SP1" RunProgram="msiexec.exe /i netfx.msi /qb" ;!@InstallEnd@! i didnt fully understand the msiexec.exe part. am i supposed to put that file in the arcive too?
  3. ok...i got it to work. only think left that i dont know about is that -y command. where do i put it?
  4. hmmmm 7zip is a yucky program! i have some problems still: on a post in this thread it says that i must include msiexec.exe. where do i get it? also you say that i need 7zS.sfx? where/how do i get that!
  5. i created teh 7zip archive of the .net framework. and i created the config.txt. i don't know how to merge them with the a command line! i hate 7zip's ugly UI. **** I wish winrar could work.
  6. i have a DOTNETFX folder in my dvd so that the button will work. but thats all that it does...enable the button. im gonna wait for RyanVM to release a version that will work with svcpack.
  7. maybe you don't understand what it is that i am doing. i don't care about the menu button working or not. i am trying to get .net framework 1.1 sp1 to install DURING windows setup. that means that it must be in svcpack.inf! if you read this thread you will understand what I am talking about. The thread that you linked me to is absolutly of no help at all.
  8. installing .net from svcpack doesnt work for me. it starts installing it towards the very end of the installation (the lil box pops up and shows the progress) but it doesn't get to finish because the installation restarts b4 it can finish. also wmp10 doesnt get installed at all from svcpack! coolsights2000 ----have u tested ur method yet on vmware? i really need to get .net installed during xp setup so that ati catalyst control center works from runonceex. could u lead me step by step through your process? is their anyway to halt installation of xp so that it can have enough time to install .net framework. i see the progress box pop up but it doesnt have time to complete (gets about 75% complete b4 restart).
  9. Adobe: Photoshop CS Acrobat Pro 6 Premier Pro 1.5 Anydvd Bitcomet 0.54 Cute FTP Pro 6 DivX Pro 5.2 ESPN Motion 2.0 FlashGet 1.65 Java Runtime LClock Limewire Pro 4.0.8 Flash/Shockwave Office 2003 Pro/OneNote/Frontpage/Visio/Project Microsoft Money 2005 mIRC 6.16 Nero 6 Ultra Enterprise Edition Trend Micro PC-Cillin 11.3 Quicktime Pro 6.5 RealPlayer Gold 10.5 System Mechanic 4 Trillian Pro 2.013 UltraISO ME SR 7.2 VMWare Workstation 4.5 WinRAR
  10. my system is an AX7 with: AMD64 3700+ 17" WSXGA Glossy Screen 1x1GB PC3200 DDR400 60gb 7200rpm hdd 128mb ATI MR9700 Turbo Wireless B/G 108mbps Bluetooth Integrated Color CCD Video Camera 4-1 cardreader 4x +/- DVDRW integrated 56k 10/100/1000 Integrated Lan
  11. i used the pretty much the same way for .net tho i havent tried it yet...: ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=C:\Temp\dotnetfx SavePath Setup=netfx.msi /qb!- Silent=1 Overwrite=1 make sure you also follow the directions on unattended.msfn.org. u need to have qchain in the update directory. u need to add some lines to dosnet.inf and u need to delete svcpack.in_ and create a new svcpack.inf. if u did this with the same settings as me, please let me know how it worked!
  12. I have just about completed mine. My Hypersonic AX7 will ship Friday so I will burn a DVD. Here is what I have so far @least from RunOnceEx and svcpack...i integrated most of my drivers using nlite: 1. .Net Framework 1.1 SP1 2. WMP10 3. mIRC 6.16 4. ATI Control Panel 5. ATI Control Center 6. Realtek Audio 7. Nero 6 Enterprise Edition Suite -nero63120 -vison express 21218 -InCD 4303 -Media Player 14022b -Mix 14022b -photoshow elite -mp3pro -ogg -dvdencoder 8. Integrated Camera Software 9. Java Runtime 10. AnyDVD 11. LClock 12. UltraISO 13. Shockwave (flash integrated in 1386) 14. Flashget 1.65 15. WinRAR 3.3 corp 16. BitComet 17. ESPN Motion 2.0 18. System Mechanic 4 I'll prolly at some more tommorrow....gtg today to Projekt Revolution 2004!!!!! yay!!!KORN!!!!
  13. ok....i get it. ive been doing my searches from that google bar on top. i havent been clicking on the search link!
  14. what did u type in for that search? i searched and find nothing useful!
  15. Is their a way to silently install the adaptec aspi? or a way to integrate them into the cd?
  16. Is there a way to silently install shockwave without the yahoo toolbar?
  17. that guide says to rename flash.ocx to swflash.ocx and then compress it. in sp2, it should not be renamed. there is a file in the i386 folder called flash.oc_. if u expand it and check properties it is macromedia flash 6.
  18. I made this poll, because I have both of the programs, but I am debating on if I should install windvd 6 platinum because a dvd player is included with nero. How is nero's showtime quality vs. windvd6? I just want to see if I should install windvd6 to watch dvds and not use nero.
  19. this thread is very confusing! what does privatehash control? i just want xp not to prompt me about unsigned drivers and i want it to install my modded ati drivers in my unattended cd.
  20. in my winnt.sif the driversigningpolicy doesnt work. my modded ati driver have problems and it prompts. how do i set it to not promt for unsigned drivers. i did a search and read this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=80&t=23579 but i dont know if it works in sp2. and im not sure about the privatehash thing. somebody please help me with this!
  21. when is the t-39? what kind of bat? where do i put it? etc. is it guirunonce? runonceex? what is it?
  22. so could i choose a path like Windows\Temp\netfx SavePath ?????will that work from svcpack?
  23. would this work? ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=C:\WINDOWS\Temp\ATI SavePath Setup=ACE.msi /QN /REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS Silent=1 Overwrite=1

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