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  1. how do i connect to a LEAP network in Vista with an intel proset card. I used to b able to do it in XP with intel's proset utility, but it doesnt install in vista. anybody get it working?
  2. on my dual boot i am using symantec antivirus 10 for both. i gotta say that i hated norton to death and wanted nothing to do with symantec. i was using trend micro pccillin before and loved it. didnt like officescan though. tried avast and i hated it. also tried mcafee 8.0i and still didint like it. said to hell with it ill try symantec corporate 10 and its excellent. catches everything. it is just a plain antivirus scanner that is lowprofile yet very well built. i am using it with microsoft antispyware and its definitly the way to go.
  3. i got it working. this is what happened. i also had a backup hdd installed on my computer when i installed xp32. for some reason it copied the ntdetect etc and boot.ini to that. so when id disconnect the backup drive it would boot to x64 but when it was plugged in it would boot to x32. well i got it fixed now cause i deleted the files that it put on my backup drive and then went on my x32 installation and copied the line from the backup drives boot.ini into my x64 boot.ini. i just had to change the setting rdisk(2) to rdisk(0). all works perfectly now!
  4. can you post your boot ini for me?
  5. i just started using symantec av 10 corp. works great.
  6. i have 2 80gb SATA hdds in RAID 0 conig on my laptop. = 1 160gb hdd. i installed x64 onto a partition that i made on it of 140gb. I got it all set up, and then i went to install XP32 on the remaining 20gb, which became the F drive. After setup formated and copied the files, it rebooted. It had a boot menu now for XP pro and XP64. only problem is that when it went to continue the install by going through xp pro, it said something about not being able to find the disk or the bootstrap or something. how do i get xp32 installed on my system?
  7. i also noticed in your presetup.cmd that you are missing the lines that change setup.exe to setupold.exe and setuporg.exe to setup.exe. are these lines needed?
  8. for your presetup.cmd isnt it supposed to be $OEM$ instead of just OEM folder also for creating my own driverpacks with 7zip do i just take the files from for example: take files from the 001_Chipset folder & create a 7zip archive of them and name them driverpacks_*??? that way i would end up have like 7 or 8 driverpacks?
  9. hey viking great work. sitll a bit confusing. anychance u can make a step by step guide? that way the mods can then post it on the main site.
  10. i know they have to be 64bit. anyway, now that i have OEMPreinstall=No, how do I get it to run my regtweaks.reg. since it doesnt look for the cmdlines.txt in the $OEM$ folder, how do i get my regtweaks.reg done during setup?
  11. SONOFA!!! does the drivers from cd method still work with xp64? u know that whole setdevicepath and stuff? or do they need to be 64 bit files to work? also, does my winnt.sif go in the AMD64 folder or I386?
  12. does this work in XP64? it didnt work in 32 and thats the reason for having to do so many workarounds. if i set OEMPreinstall=Yes, will installing Raid drivers from a floppy work?
  13. i dont like to integrate wmp10 to i386 because you lose some features that way. anyways i dont care anymore because next time i reformat it will be to install xp x64.
  14. or just make a silent installer using 7zip and then throw it in svcpack. thats whar it did for .net and wmp10.
  15. is the registry the same? can we still do an $OEM$ witha regtweaks.reg file with all r registry settings or is it all different now?
  16. so will 1.2.1 not be released this week afterall?
  17. ryanvm - what are the 4 hotfixes that break wmp10 integration? also there are some files in your pack that i need to delete so that i can integrate wmp10 via svcpack, but i forgot which ones. i remember wmvcore.dl_, wmp.dl_, and thats it.
  18. hey ryanvm, i have to burn my disc by monday night, so if you rn't gonna have 1.2.1 ready by then, can you post 1.20 full somewhere for us to download. i think if it is compressed with 7zip it should be under 30mb and able to be on rapidshare.
  19. hmmmm RyanVM's site is down....does this mean that there will be a new update pack up shortly?
  20. just downloaded it on windows update. anybody got a link to it so i can integrate it into my xpcd?
  21. can anybody confirm wether or not cmdlines.txt works with Oempreinstall=No. I have my cmdlines.txt in the $OEM$ directory along with my regtweaks.reg. Oempreinstall=no must be set in order for Raid to install. Also, does cmdlines.txt have to be in $OEM$ to work?
  22. I used the integrate command to add it to my svcpack.inf and these are the lines it generated: KB888111WXPSP2.exe /q /n /z KB888111WXPSP2.cat
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