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  1. well.. extract the file and obtain these : install.exe netfx1.cab netfx.msi and use : netfx.msi /qb
  2. Hello, everything in topic. When I try to search trough star menu nothing happens... I use XP SP2 Unattended; here's my Reg tweak :
  3. jcarle's Utilities

    OMG!!! VERRY NICE utilite for lazy people like me I LOVE it!!!! Thank you dude!!!!
  4. Hi, I've just integrated SP2 on win XP but without the uxtheme and sfc_os.dll file. I'm wondering if it's possible to replace the old file with theses hacked files; i've tried to repleace them in safe mode but when I do so, the Os doesn't allow me. any suggestion ?
  5. hi, I have 2 modified files : logonui.exe ntoskrnl.exe When I copy them in my c:\windows\system32 , windows ask to me to overwrite the existing files.. well, I accept; but some seconds later, the modified files are replaced by the old one... any clue? here's my bootlogo.cmd file : REM bootcfg /RAW /A /Kernel=ntoskrnl.exe /ID 1 REM bootcfg /Timeout 0
  6. Hi I'm wondering, if i use ; OemPnPDriversPath = path\to\drivers with winnt.sif, and let's say that I put a nvidia driver; will it anyway be installed on a computer that has an ATI driver card ? If so, it is possible to let the nvidia driver being installed only if there's a nvidia card on the PC ?
  7. Well, this tweak would be usefull during automatic installation for drivers; you can choose if you want to ignore Driver Signing or not. I personally looked for this because under win xp Sp2 installation, I had some driver asking me to continue with the installation or not. well this is it. I Guess the Intersting one would be the first one hehe
  8. Running these app from CMD files would be a great idea.... But It would be great to know what causes the Windows to ignore SVCPACK.INF. here's mine
  9. oops, Im really sorry !! Next time i'll pay attention to what and where I write... Well.. i meant WinDVD6 and not Power DVD6... sorry again
  10. Everything in topic.. I'm wondering if it is possible to proceed anyhow to WinDVD6 installation plus the registration integrated - thanx
  11. sorry to be annoy, but I really need to know how to undo this tweak.. I searched and didnt found anything =/
  12. ; F-LOck ENABLED [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout] "Scancode Map"=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,19,00,00,00,3b,00,3b,e0,3c,00,08,e0,\ 3d,00,07,e0,3e,00,3e,e0,3f,00,3f,e0,40,00,40,e0,41,00,41,e0,42,00,42,e0,43,\ 00,43,e0,44,00,23,e0,57,00,57,e0,58,00,58,e0,3b,e0,3b,00,08,e0,3c,00,07,e0,\ 3d,00,3e,e0,3e,00,3f,e0,3f,00,40,e0,40,00,41,e0,41,00,42,e0,42,00,43,e0,43,\ 00,23,e0,44,00,57,e0,57,00,58,e0,58,00,00,00,00,00 Rello I would like to know if it's possible to undo this tweak.. thanx
  13. During the installation screen, when you press any key to boot, files are copied to HD first... well , when installing longhorn, at the same step, the gui is different. It would be cool if it could be possible to change it to longhorn gui. or maybe it's a bad idea
  14. Hi, I would like to know if it could be possible to replace the Startup windows XP's install gui to the longhorn One. Just to make it look better what You guys think ?