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  1. I don't like it at all... sorry if you worked really hard on it and don't like my opinion haha you should have done a better job then. Lol just joking of couse, keep doing stuff, you might do one I like too.
  2. although people are refering to this topic nobody thanked you for it... so hereby... thanks... wont be using it though ...
  3. Very true, although the games that I tried a year or so ago ran fine I ended up going back to XP anyway, its fun to install windows 2003 everyonce in a while, messing around with OS's never gets boring. A very big reason to use 2003 is the stability if you ask me, I am already running loads of programs at the same time including a very overloaded DC++ and I will be installing 2 extra harddrives pretty soon too, untop of my 4 current ones. I hope 2003 will give me the extra juice I will need to keep everything running smoothly for days in a row. And btw, those windows games, especially solitaire, rule when you are waiting for something to install, don't underestimate the power of small non-resource-absorbing games like that .
  4. That is not true, I was able to run Norton Antivirus 2002 on it... Long time ago even, first alpha if I am not wrong.
  5. Install the k-lite codecpack on a fresh system (vmware might be useful for that) and record the installation with a program like wininstall... It worked fine for me... Wininstall makes a .msi install file of another installation. I think its /qb (with progress bar) and /qn (very very silent ) for the .msi files ( you can find the exact switches on the site)... The useful thing about this is is that you can choose which components to install, although I DO recommend to NOT install BS-player like this because it gave me some probs afterwards when I DID do so....
  6. Firewall: I use McAfee Anti-Virus: Symantec NAV Corp Advanced Windows Tuning (software like tweakXP): System Mechanic Download Utilities: Firefox mostly, and Opera integrated... E-Mail: Mozzila Thunderbird Webdesign: Dreamweaver 2004 MX... and somethings in notepad Graphics Development: Paint Shop Pro Hard-Drive optimization tools (defraggers for example): I installed O&O now.. Havent tried it yet, takes too much time for me to defrag (400GB), more time anyway than i can spare without my comp right now.. Windows error Checking (Like Norton Utilities): Norton Utilities, System Mechanic Aware/Spy removers: AdAware Pro, S&Destroy, and System mechanic integrated adware killer FTP: WS FTP Pro Browser: IE and MyIE2 (predecesor of Maxthon).. I use Firefox whenever I feel like I need to use a better browser than IE... IE is usually more compatible so I tend to use that more.. Benchmarking: 3dMark 03 and 2001 SE pro and Fresh Diagnose. Bandwith managing: NetLimiter (handy if you are on a network with shared internet connection, so that you dont get put back by other people downloading .. Remote computing: Remote Admin Diagnose: PC Alert 4 for CPU and System temperature, Speedfan for HDD temp, Norton utilites for system specs... CD-Image Software: Daemon Tools ofcourse P2P: DC++ and Kazaalite mostly, whenever I can spare the upload I use bittorent aswell... Multimedia center: Media Portal (free and very good for controlling with a remote control) (which I do ) Remote Control (the hardware type): Girder Media Players: Winamp for music and Windows Media Player classic (for .mov files and real media) and Windows Media Player (newest version) for all other movie types... I use BS player when I have subs which arent in sync with the image... Chatting and stuff: Skype (voice chat) and MSN Let me think what more... CD-Burning: Nero ofcourse, and sometimes alcohol... Other system stuff: CPU idle
  7. hahahaha I wasnt even being Anti anything.... I just stated that Americans didnt think about the use of download managers concidering it actually were American people who stated that download managers were uselss I was right. I just stated the obvious... Dont flatter yourself by putting yourself in a box.
  8. -needed? Because 2 Americans stated that using a download manager was outdated or of no use at all, thought they didnt look past the process of getting something in one go thus forgetting to see that download managers are very usefull still even if you have broadband. Was just a joke .
  9. What kind of error does it give you, or what does it do/not do
  10. What the f*ck is this black/silver packed with buttons and something that looks like a 3cd drawer and some blinking lights... O my God... It isnt what I think it is is it? YES it IS... It's a HiFi-Installation.... Maybe I could use my cd's in that... And what is this? A room outside my own room where my computer is located... Hey I DO have something to do while I let windows install itself, oh look maybe I'll sit on that couch and watch tv, or hey its Saturday night, maybe ill go out to town... I created my unattended cd's to be able to go do something else while windows installs, thats actually the biggest pro of unattended setups.
  11. Not true if you get a interupted download or want to pause it... Haha I guess its an American thing then to not think further then your nose is long... Pausing downloads can be very usefull... Also having all your downloads managed by a more stable and reliable program than the standard IE downloader is very usefull... Firefox has a great downloader built in just like Opera but IE still has the same crappy instable one... Download managers arent for downloading faster these days but they are for fast managing of downloads and other usefull extras...
  12. Well the thing is that Wininstall for example just looks what the changes were you made since the last checkpoint... So it should also take note of the updates on programs... I think its possible to use such programs to make one huge .msi file to install everything you need... I myself just packed some programs into seperate msi files, I only did this with programs I couldnt find a switch for or programs of which I wanted to custumize the installation... I succesfully installed Dreamweaver, Mcafee personal firewall, Direct Connect ++, Kazaa lite, bittorent, Picture Toolbar, Winamp, Gordian Knot Codec pack, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack and messenger plus using some mixed msi files... It works great... Its also very usefull to register software with, even when you dont use the msi packed versions in the installation of the programs... For example I installed Nero on a vmware machine, I started the program up but didnt register yet, I then ran discovery of Wininstall so that it would capture all the regestry keys and files at that moment, then I entered the regestry key and then I let discovery make the msi file of the changes, all I needed was the regestry key so I took that to use it on my own in the batch file... I did the same with Dreamweaver, only in the case of dreamweaver I just recorder the complete installation...
  13. Ok its getting really old (the advice I am about to give that is)... WinInstall in combination with vmware... Vmware gives you the best simulation of a actual pc... WinInstall the records everything that is changed since its last check point (which you create before you install) up to the latest (which you create after you install) It then makes you a .msi installer which you can make silent using the following switch... /qb REBOOT=Suppress Example: ECHO. ECHO Installing K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, Gordian Knot Codec Pack, Winamp 2.9, Mozilla Firefox and Messenger Plus Extentions... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Application\media\media.msi /qb REBOOT=Suppress
  14. Wouldnt using vmware in combination with wininstall be faster? And it would also allow you to automatically include user profiles and settings aswell...
  15. It might get anoying to hear me moan about it, but I use WinINSTALL on a vmware machine to record installations of software... I think its the easiest way...
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