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  1. KB888111 - allows HD audio. it comes with the latest Realtek HD audio drivers in the MSHDQFE folder. There is one in it for win2003 and one fore xpsp1 and one for xpsp2. -RyanVM, please add this to your update pack. i just started using it and it is the best!
  2. Hypersonic EX7/Sager 9860/Voodoo 790 i have an EX7 on order and this is what i got: 17 inch WSXGA Ultra Bright Glossy screen 1680x1050 intel 915P+ICH6 chipset Pentium 4 650 (delaying my order cause they dont kave it yet) 2gb (2x1024) DDR2 533 PC4200 Dual Channel nVidia geforce go 6800 ultra 2x80gb SATA Raid0 8x Dual Layer DVDRW DVD/CDRW Combo drive Wireless G + Bluetooth No Dead Pixel Policy
  3. are they needed if you do not have them installed? In my winnt.sif i have messanger and outlook turned off. will windows update ask for those updates if i don't have them?
  4. GreenMachine - can you confirm that with OEMPreinstall=NO, cmdlines.txt located in $OEM$ still works? I have cmdlines in $OEM$ along with my registry tweaks and i use it to have my tweaks installed.
  5. RyanVM - would it work if i added your jre501.exe to svcpack from my xpsp2 cd?
  6. you have to have OEMPreinstall=No for unattended to work. this means that oempnpdriverspath will not work and nether will it copy anything from $OEM$ folder, but cmdlines.txt will still work.
  7. thanks, i decided to use that method, but there is 1 HUGE mistake in the guide. it says: In the Run box, type: expand C:\XPCD\SETUP.EX_ C:\XPCD\SETUPORG.EXE it should say: In the Run box, type: expand C:\XPCD\I386\SETUP.EX_ C:\XPCD\I386\SETUPORG.EXE
  8. i have read how to use setdevicepath, but yet i still do not understand the program. i don't want it to mess up and have my installation ruined. is there any easy way of explaining to me what to do with it. do i put it in the $OEM$\$1\Drivers folder next to all the other folders of drivers in there? right now it is on my xpcd is located on c:\.
  9. Yikes......now u r saying oempnpdriverspath doesnt work?!!! what next cmdlines doesnt work either? anyway....i got my drivers in $OEM$\$1\Drivers\(001_Chipset......etc) how do i get xp to install them? i have no idea how to use setdevicepath.....could ya guide me to get this done right? thanx!
  10. i couldnt find [Files] but instead i found [sourceDisksFiles] and it had bootvid.dll in it. in your txtsetup.sif is bootvid.dll the first think listed in sourcedisksfiles? i had a bunch of other stuff taht i determined to be installed from nlite (when i tried using it a long time ago. i spend a long time deleting those files from my I386, but i just want to make sure that bootvid.dll was indeed the first file listed there. thanks!
  11. sorry but i dont understand what you wrote. where should i put my $$.exe? that is the only file i need setup to run. do i leave it in $OEM$/$1 folder? im really not sure what i need to add to txtsetup.sif also will oempnpdriverspath still work with oempreinsall=no?
  12. if u don't have outlook express and messanger installed in xp, will windows update still list the updates for them?
  13. im not sure if this will work, but what i did : OEMPreinstall=No i have my files in $OEM$/$1/$$.exe DetachedProgram="%systemdrive%\$$.exe" will this not work? if it doesn't.....what do i need to do to get it to work?
  14. ok so i will put $DOCS.exe into $$.exe. in the coments tab of my $$.exe i have: Path=C:\Windows SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=2 what do i need to add to it to get it to run $DOCS.exe ?
  15. there are to sfx archives that i want to add to my installation because i have to have OemPreinstall=No to install my Raid drivers. I made an archive of everything that is going into the Windows folder called $$.exe and I made an archive of everthing that is going in the documents and settings folder called $DOCS.exe. Can I add them both to DetachedProgram like this: DetachedProgram="%systemdrive%\$$.exe;%systemdrive%\$DOCS.exe" or is there some way that i have to make it 1 file?
  16. so if i have oempreinstal=no but i still have oempnpdriverspath, my drivers will still install? also: what happens if i were to do: UnattendedInstall=no Oempreinstall=yes would oempreinstall then work along with F6?
  17. WMP10 has been updated dated as Feb 15, 2005. So all those current wmp10 updates won't be needed anymore. go ahead and slipstream the new wmp10 into xp.
  18. yes when .NET SP1 first came out, i made an admin install of .NET and slipstreamed SP1 into it. then I created a 7zip installer of it and dropped it into svcpack without any switches needed in svcpack.inf. to add the hotfix all i did was extract what i had in svcpack to a folder, integrate the update, and throw all the files back in the 7zip installer and into svcpack. if someone wants me to send it to them i will. the file is 12.8 mb.
  19. i quit on this wmp10 slipstreamed in i386 thing. it is driving me crazy. i just made a 7zip installer of it and dropped it in svcpack. it installs perfectly. i also did the same with .net 1.1 + the new update.
  20. i wasnt trying to offend u. im just saying that there is no harm done by makecabing and adding all the files. that way everything for the installation is there. frankly i have no idea how it works, but maybe some of those other files will install and drm will work?
  21. when i added the files, it overwrote all the wmp9 files and also had a ton of other files in there. i know for a fact that it works, though i havent tested it. the thing is, for some of those other features to work, i think you have to register the remainging files somehow like the drm feature. there might be something needed to be added into the installation like a line registering DRM.
  22. i was going to use your program, but i decided the hell with it. people keep complaing of probelms. i just downloaded wmp10 and extracted it. then i used jcarle's utility to makecab all 132 files and throw them into my I386.
  23. the search must be broken. i search for "makecab" and only find one thing! i am trying to find the registry tweak to get makecab and expandit in my right click. i was also looking for jcarles compression bin and the search wont find it. WHOOPS! DUMB POST! i forgot about the 30day thing!
  24. is this update included in xp sp2? i am also integrating realtek hd drivers and i need to know if i should integrate this hotfix into my xp sp2 slipstream. on microsofts site it doesn't say anything about this needing to be on sp2, but i am still uncertain. u rpost is jan15 and sp2 has been out for a while now. are u using xp sp2 or r u still on sp1?

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