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  1. perhaps its not your router but your ISP renewing your IP. Are the disconnection times the same everyday?
  2. (sniff sniff) I couldn't be happier for the both of you. Congrats and good luck to yous
  3. Just shoot me in the head if I should ever resort to watching the Simpsons w00t
  4. What's your point? The fact that some people don't know the difference from an internal address and an external one?
  5. ow! My eyes! I think I've gone blind!
  6. (shakes his head at the lunancy, wonders what the old programmers at AT&T are doing these days)
  7. Filer, A wise man once said (Clint Eastwood) "A man's got to know his limitations" So, in otherwords..."Give it up!"
  8. sedative...did you lie to yourself?
  9. Found this link over at one of your affiliates and wanted to share. OS Quiz This is me, always thought I'd turn out to be more...guess it wasn't meant to be My OS Alter Ego
  10. Tell you what...why don't we just do your assignment for you and when we're done we'll just cut&paste in this forum for you to use...How does that sound? w00t
  11. HashDump

    Help Needed,

    pilo7, Well pilo...those codes you've listed are memory addresses and normally the cause of the blue screens are a result of an application wanting to access a specific address that may be already occupied therefore causing the blue screen. The thing that strikes me as odd is the fact that it is happening on an XP system, which manages memory much more efficently, so it may very well be a bad address on the RAM. Let's see what others say before we make the assumption that you have a bad stick of RAM
  12. HashDump

    Help Needed,

    pilo7, do you get the same error message each time?
  13. gamehead, It was the weirdest thing but I tried www.google.com and typed in Canadian PC stores and up came a whole slew of links like this ONE
  14. I've got some swamp land I'd like to sell you w00t
  15. Crispy, Saddam is a ruthless tyrant who has no common sense. You ask why would he risk war with the US? because he's disillusioned in thinking that he can win. It's the same rhetoric that Saddam displayed the first time when the United States kicked his arse out of Kuwait. When a ruler doesn't hesitate to kill thousands of his own country men, in my opinion, qualifies one as a tyrant. However, I will ride the fence post as to if we should go to war with him. (Just not sure of Bush's true intentions yet)
  16. FthrJACK, You say it sooo eloquently w00t
  17. ways to use a .bat file to win friends and influence enemies net send * Click me net send * Click me net send * Click me net send * Click me net send * Click me net send * Click me net send * Click me net send * Click me net send * Click me net send * Click me and so on and so on
  18. MSNWAR alleviated the USB controller issue, haven't had the opportunity to try and resolve the PCI issue. I'll let cha know when I do
  19. Gives it a go! w00t Click Me Now! eh...I need to polish it up some more
  20. Hey Filer, What type of T1 circuit do you have? Frame Relay?, anyhoo you'd have have to terminate the T1 connection into a CSU/DSU (kinda like a modem) at which point you would run a patch cable from this DSU/CSU to a router. As for your WAN connection, who provides your Internet port and have they assigned you a static IP address or a dynamic IP address? Hope this gives you a bit of heads up
  21. HashDump


    My apologies Filer
  22. HashDump


    Tinker Very good observation. Flier Not everyone can overclock their CPU and expect troublefree operation, a lot of environmentals come into play
  23. hmmmm, I'd have to drop it on Japan again. Their market is killing our economy, they're just too damned efficent w00t

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