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  1. raptor


    I dont have outlok expres anymore is this program still avaiable?
  2. Recently a popup showed up virusprotection.I have AVG virus and adware protection .I ran all protection to no avail.I did a system restore it still showed up.Anybody have any experience with this problem?Is it a virus aware and how do i get rid of it .Thanks
  3. just lately on break .com it is restricting videos with the message scripts partially allowed 1/2(googlesyndication.com) dont know whats going on.
  4. raptor


    Downloaded files still says i need plugin.
  5. raptor


    Just got new laptop,when trying to view videos on Wimp.com i get a message saying i need a plugin application/x-mplayer2 cant seem to make it work.
  6. Why is it that when i do alt 321 i get a capitol A instead of the symbol you show?
  7. Thanks for your help,sorry about the wrong forum.
  8. Just bought McAee virus scan 2006,it kept locking up on install,after several times talking to McAfee support they said it was because i had installed ie7 beta.Question is how to uninstall the beta and go back to ie6?I am running XP home.
  9. Hope this is right forum.My wife tried to send me an email from her work computer, most of the time i can open and read with no problem. Sometimes i get a box with C:Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\Local settings\temporary internet, this is all at the top of the box. In the body of the box it says to create an association in the folders options in control panel. First. i dont know how to do that, second, why would i have to? Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  10. I run spydoctor and and ad aware and spybot regularly,ido not have the knowledge to look at processes and know what im looking at.
  11. I have a hp computer pent 4 3.2gigs 512 ram.Just redently while surfing my hard drive will start racing like crazy,it does this at different times and i am not doing anything in the background.The computer is less than a year old,and it just started doing this .There are no symptoms while the racing is going on.
  12. raptor

    Missing Firefox

    O.K. dont have third party firewall and ck'd proxy, none setup.I dont remember anything different.No downloads, i have tried deleting and reinstalling firefox several times nothing.I.E works and i downloaded mozilla and it works fine.
  13. raptor

    Missing Firefox

    Yes i can get out on IE.If it is my firewall what can i try?
  14. Hope this the right forum. I have been using Firefox for quite some time, then all of a sudden when i click on Firefox, i get a box telling me that it cannot locate my home page. If i try other wesites it tells me the same thng. Thinking firewall, i went there and made sure Firefox was listed and it was. I have added no new programs or downloaded anything i can think of. I am using Windows XP Home. Could use some help.
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