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  1. Jay_Stealth there are some sweet rides between those pics nice tuning
  2. Thanx tomcat but the problem is that the url's that i want to use are stored in a text file and a php script gets it out of the textfile
  3. hey im starting with a small linkdump for my friends so the links they add are stored in link.txt now i cant figure out how to let the link open in a new windows iframe to a new page wasnt such a big problem its all stored in the add.php and afterwards he shows the parsed txt content of add.php <?php include "style.php"; $filename = 'link.txt'; // edit this function addlink($link_name,$link_url,$by,$email) { global $filename; $html = "<a href='$link_url' target='_blank'>$link_name</a>, posted by <a href='mailto:$email'>$by\n"; $fp = fopen($filename, 'a+'); fputs($fp, $html) or die("Could not open file!"); echo 'The link was added successfully.<br><br>'; } function showlinks() { global $filename; $html = implode('<br/>',array_reverse(file($filename))); echo $html; } If (!$link_url){ print "You must enter a Link Address"; } elseif (!$link_name){ print "You must enter a Link Name"; } elseif (!$by){ print "You must enter your Name"; } elseif (!$email){ print "You must enter a Email Address"; } else { addlink($link_name,$link_url,$by,$email); print "<b>Existing Links</b>:<br>"; // adds new link showlinks(); // display's list of links } ?> how can i load the page that he gets out of a txt to load in a page with an iframe the content of the link.txt <a href='http://www.msfn.org' target='_blank'>Microsoft Software Forum Network </a>, posted by <a href='mailto:the_orangeman@hotmail.com'>orange maybe another solution is that i can add the nfo to the mysql db that i got but i dont know how to get data out of the db the script is located @ hxxp://orange.djhost.nl/linkdump if anyone can help me it would be nice it can be done i know i website that has it but the webmaster dont give out the script (i understand it) so im looking for my self how to get out of this problem that website that has this feature is hxxp://www.linkdump.be note im a newbie with making websites i get alot of help from my friends also one here from the board but i cant keep asking the same people over and over again but if anyone is willing to help me im gratefull
  4. 20 ok here is its the sedative's way go inside dressed up like santa clause and give all the childeren voodoo dolls ... hopefully my nasty mind will come up with some more ideas btw this topic rocks
  5. ill add some more 16. when the clerk scans the barcode from your products say it isnt yours till he count it manualy 17. talk the the clerk in morse code 18. spread around flyers in the shop from products with a discount from a nearby shop 19. take a job as pet-sitter and let them loose in the shop ....
  6. i just dont know it tyhe speeds are slower than over here in belgium i live aproxx 5Km from the netherlands and work there so i can compare there dl-speed stops on 350 Kb/s isp telenet belgium stops at 700 and belgacom stops at 450 so its a connection with less bandwith and i guess while many people are going to sign in the traffic on the most lines will increase dramaticly what is going to slow down even more oon the bandwith a few months back was the cable here also instalation for 0€ instead of 125 € it still is exept if u dll much they will check if u r running imesh of kazaa orso and then they inform the riaa sinds then internet is going a little more faster then usual even on the peak hours btw over here i pay 70 €/the month for 20gb download and 3gb upload
  7. lol @ FthrJACK is the bread included for free ????
  8. ok sorry than i did mis understood you probably .... i apologize for this misunderstanding :/
  9. some want to show of a little to much
  10. gosh ai wasnt replying at your but i was replying to Geckotek i dont understand why he wants to skip the demo button sorry if it seems that i did flame you
  11. i dont know why but why dont peeple use norton ghost more often or another backup program for 1 pc i got 3 different ghosts 1 clean install of windows xp 1 image of windows xp with lots of other tools and a image of windows 98 that way if i need a fresh install orso i use ghjost and i dont have any problems ...
  12. isnt it illigal to actualy bypass or crack a program check the rules see them here
  13. winbar seems to have a nice feature tracking websites. this would be handy for me for a few boards im on if the tracker can display the new topics and reply's are there any other programs that can do it with multiple websites ?
  14. guys dont start a storm in a glass of water i like the idea that u can custimise your avatar and i think it need to stay on the other hand mayby u van add the image under your sig IB forums are capable of using more then one image in a sig or change the color of member title maybe that will satifsy all but once u have spend a little time on the board you know the people u gotta know .... btw hello Ftr jack welcome back on mfsn ps Banned aka Vacation ROFL so when im going on a hollyday i get banned hmmmmmm that way mfsn won't need much knowlege

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