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    Help Needed,

    Yes I tried both sticks one at a time, and also I the motherboards is pants k7sem thats the model and I am gona get a new one, any suggetstion here would be really cool, one that supports 8xagp, i have seen a soltek with ddr ram for £65, and i think this is they way to go, I also said on one of the earlier posts that I am gona get new motherboard as my own investigations tell me that many of todays games are designed with ddr ram in mind, so thanx for your help guys and as i say any suggestions motherbords will be cool, thanx all of you for your help and time and effort, as all your advice is heeded, but yes the motherboard is total bab, and even when first bought it it was at time a little unstabble but i wasnt playingmany games back then it was for surfing and other less strenuos tasks. FTHRjack i will be calling you soon ok dude. thanx again guys.
  2. pilo7

    Help Needed,

    yes i tired that also, i have on board graphics card and that is the one i tried, but i will try and flash my bios, as xp might conflict with it somehow, thanx again for your help i will tell ya how i get on with the bios flashing, thanx again,
  3. pilo7

    Help Needed,

    well I had a look at the IRQ's in bios and there are set to auto, also today i tried running of one of the sticks of ram, I have 2 x 256 sdram, and also the same problem occoured but now it is giving me different codes when I get the blue screens, so i tried to reistall windows xp but just as it is about to start i get a blue screen, this problem is getting very serious indeed and i am now thinking about getting a new motherboard, my graphics card is a g force 4 using detonater drivers, version 40.72 my sound card is a c-media 8738 using drivers but now i am using my on board sound, i am gona still try and see if i can reinstall windows xp, as now i feel that what ever i do or try it will not be cured, and i think eventually i will have to update my mother board, thanx for your help guys and if you still might think you can help me or suggest something then please put your ideas forward to me, thanx guys
  4. pilo7

    Help Needed,

    Im running windows xp, and yes it was the same the message, as before, but since i posted the topic i have taken out my sound card and removed the drivers and this has made my gaming a lot smoother and most of the jerkiness has gone, and it didnt crash on the game that i was playing, that crashed in the same place twice, it didnt happen this time, but as yet i am not totally covinced this will cure the problem, also I had this problem before i changed my power supply but after putting in a 450 watt all seemed to be well for the last few weeks untill today, with the old ps, my comp would just restart when i was in the middle of a game, and though I think the ps did cure the restarting i dont think it has cured as yet the blue screens, I will be keen to see how taking out the sound card will change this matter as already i can see a definate change in the quality of performance in game, and has reduced jerkiness dramatically. Thanx again for your help and your time for helping me, as any suggestion would be greatly apreciated.
  5. pilo7

    Help Needed,

    Hello to all, I am new to the boards but fthrjack is my best mate and he told me to post my problem here, so here goes, after upgrading my recent power supply to hopefully bring and end to amount of in game crashes, my computer has now started doing the blue screens of death on me, this is the codes that were given and if any body can point me in the right direction i would be hugely gratefull, here are the codes, 0x0000000d1 (0xfa950f78, 0x000000002. 0x00000000 0xf81ae855) also this was the address code that was also given f81ae855-f815f000 If anyone could bring any light to this I would be ever grateful to all. Thanx.

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