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  1. this really clever i feel like im at mardi gras lol
  2. hmm i just had a look and i like it thanks for this
  3. i love these maps , maybe if we all gather in one central location and see if we can make it on it lol
  4. spyware/adware is a huge annoyance. initially used to log your data, now its expanded on generating revenue, flood you with popups and more spyware/adware installs on top of that forcing users to either put up with it or get it removed/repaired. there should be a law in place to ban these usages of it. Geniune non-invasive ad's should be the only thing let in, eg Google adsense. Spyware/adware target vulernable users with limited computer experence. Which means it equals easy revenue, thats why some programmers place it in there so called "freeware' programs. Its a joke one little program can generate so much wealth but i think its all dirty money, its not a legitimate way of making money, as your letting the 'ware to do it all for you. I think its great loads of removal utilities are coming out, i myself run Microsoft Antispyware and Adaware together to form a great removal team Also, websites such as download.com did a great thing by removing all software related to spyware/adware programs. ALL websites like it should take that stance, make the makers of it think twice about there way of making money
  5. lol well since an incident with a pay phone, i refuse to use anything to do with putting in coins into machines such as pay phones, food and drink machines, i unfortunately went to get my chance and found i placed my hand in some sort of vomit :\ its really nice to know the kids of today have moral oblegation to vomit in coin machines ugh
  6. yeah he has chosen to allow the ads, which is nice to be honest, he gets to flood your screen with them and ms couldnt but dont worry glowy, head to mess.be for one of the many patchers that remove the ad and thank you for signing
  7. crap another product i cant afford to buy
  8. thanks dude, pass it on to your family and friends a like and complain
  9. Doggie

    Getting Ram Speeds

    undeadsoldier: bad joke of the year
  10. i think you have too much time on your hands mike
  11. SiMoNsAyS: yeah they have joined forces, a console for all seasons
  12. hmm, it looks very clean, nice layout and easy to view. thats a good job
  13. much appreciated Martin keep it coming
  14. http://www.adriandoherty.info Thats my opinion of the whole situation so i decided to make a petition, to see if we can make Patchou remove the 'optional' adware bundler in favour of a less intrusive way of generating revenue. To sign, visit my site which is below my quoted statement and click in the navigation "Msgplus Petition" and voice your opinions. Just a note to anyone who attempts to spam the petition etc will be IP banned, and i may contact your ISP Company. Thank you to all the help
  15. lol@mike , umm something that incorperates those colours, black, blue and silver obviously
  16. the stars should be changed to a memory block i'd have adleast a stick or two
  17. Doggie


    first of all read the forum rules as you have posted in the incorrect area http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=18408 Insert > Picture > Wordart This what your looking for?
  18. the reason for having that enabled it to conserve bandwidth. Would you like it if someone was constantly downloading off you and eating your bandwidth? I think not, as MSNWar said, boohoo to you
  19. Need for speed underground 2 by far
  20. well, its 'finger food' ? or a really boney fish finger lol
  21. i agree with dman in a way, vb6 sucks if u wanna learn languages like delphi, C++ etc
  22. thats really gay, a great title destroyed by lazy developer. maybe they should try the xbox architure
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