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  1. I must be missing something - I use a Tiger OS-X theme in my unattended XP installation. The Lucida Grande fonts required by the theme are copied over and registered using the tool mentioned above, and nLite automatically sets the default theme to Tiger. My installation installs without a hitch and boots into the correct theme (and fonts) on first boot. Cheers, James x
  2. There is a tool called fontinst.exe that I use to integrate fonts used by my .msstyle. Take a look at http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...amp;hl=fontinst Cheers, James x
  3. Would it not be possible to define the fonts in an integrated .theme file? James x
  4. This is a lovely surprise - I'm delighted to see development of nLite continuing. vLite is all well and good, however I still feel there is some unfinished business remaining with XP! Merry Christmas, take care everyone! James x
  5. Yes, I know - I used to own (indeed, it is still sitting in a box in England...) a small Soldam system which utilised two quiet SilenX fans - one for the PSU and one for the heatpipe, which cooled everything everything else. The graphics card was fanless also, employing a heatpipe cooling system. Cheers, James x
  6. Fanless video card? Hmmm... I think you have just answered your own question... By the way, what kind of system/case are you using this graphics card in? Cheers, James x
  7. Yes, Resource Hacker is surely the wiser option. It would seem that the more you try to use Win2k files, you may as well just revert back to the older OS. Cheers, James x
  8. If you have an AGP graphics card in your system, do not remove AGP filters. In fact, even if you do not, leave them well alone - I experimented with an installation on my laptop and was unable to install the onboard ATI video card drivers. I believe I even attempted to re-integrate the drivers using a driver backup tool. The CPU driver is safe to install, provided you are not using an AMD CPU. Take care, James x
  9. Find shimgvw.dll on your XP CD, extract it to SYSTEM32 then register the file: eg: regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\shimgvw.dl Take care, James x
  10. Do not disable the DCOM Server Process Launcher service. James x
  11. Use a tool like double driver to backup your original Windows drivers, then re-integrate. nuhi, I too choose to remove drivers, then re-integrate the backups, as I gather this will save more space - e.g. a driver for one manufacturer of network card, rather than several drivers for various brands. Cheers, James x
  12. Yep, me again! I just tried running nLite on this cut-down installation, using the alternative .NET 2.0 runtimes. An error message appeared which FileMon revealed was related to a missing msvcp80.dll. I Googled the file and downloaded it to my SYSTEM32 folder and nLite appears to be working fine. The strange thing is, when searching for the msvcp80.dll on my harddrive initially, I was unable to locate it, so I am curious as to why this fresh installation should request the file. Cheers, James x
  13. Well, to reply to my previous post, this installation is working rather well - I can even use wireless networking without the overhead of EventLog/WZC services, thanks to WifiHopper - yay! Despite the DHCP service disappearing in the 'remove components' page, it is clearly still available (listed in services, plus I can post this message online). Similarly, the Windows Image viewer is still installed, even though I am quite sure it was previously ticked for removal. Perhaps this was simply because I loaded a preset from an older version of nLite, yet I am confident the relevant component removal boxes were ticked. Anyway, so I have a nice, slim, sub 100mb XP-SP2-RyanVM image, that still functions as I desire. Good job nuhi et al - I wonder when the remaining services on this list will eventually be removable? http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/4335/servicesnl12oy2.png Take care, James x EDIT1: Indeed the Shell Services file (shsvcs.dll) was left behind and can be re-registered manually to enable themes support. Is this deliberate to perhaps ensure theme integration is always successful? EDIT2: After running nLite again on the same folder, re-selecting Shell Services / Windows Image Viewer, the two components are correctly removed and will not appear again.
  14. Viva, yes, however integrated hotfixes/RyanVM updates are not displayed on the 'remove components' page as at this stage they have not yet been updated. nuhi, I have a similar query as Jeremy, in that some of the components I have removed seem to reappear upon a second nLite parse, whereas others do not show up. Please note the screenshot at: http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/5516/nlite12mt7.png I am unaware of the effects that removing AGP filters/CPU Intel/Intel PCI IDE Controller might have on this laptop, hence decided to leave these untouched. Keyboards/language support is always configured in this way for this Japanese laptop. Finally format drive support was left in case I need to reformat my MP3 player. However, note that 'Windows Picture and Fax Viewer' & 'Shell Services' have reappeared, despite my removing them in the previous nLite pass. Moreover, DHCP service is missing, even though I am always careful to leave this behind for cable access. Note that I always integrate RyanVM's latest pack using the standalone integrator before running nLite. Well, anyone else experiencing this? Cheers, James LAST_SESSION.INI
  15. Jeremy, I believe Ryan's update pack includes hotfixes that add extra languages under certain situations. Because the update pack is applied after the 'remove components' page, this may explain why other functions mysteriously return. Well, great job nuhi - I'm just about to give this final a test, splendid job! I wonder if my laptop will need the AGP drivers... Cheers, James x
  16. Am I correct in assuming you are posting from another computer then? command.com is a hang-over from the old Dos/Win9x - it should not be required for any NT-based OS to boot, nor function. Take care, James x
  17. Okay, so now I am a little confused - please confirm what is required in order to use PDFcreator. Cheers, James x
  18. mraeryceos, so to confirm, if one wishes to install a PDF printer such as the opensource PDFcreator, we need to keep system restore service only? Cheers, James x
  19. I believe creating the pagefile on a separate partition (i.e. the same physical drive) is not recommended. Cheers, James x
  20. You could try reshacking the files before installing Windows. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...amp;hl=flyakite Cheers, James x
  21. I do not believe removing components can prevent 3rd party FTP software (try Filezilla) from working. James x
  22. Wow, thank you for the WifiHopper tip! I have been searching for a lightweight Windows WIFI client for a while now, and this one fits the bill nicely. Moreover, it does not appear to require WZC nor EventLog services to be running/installed - allowing me to strip away two more things from my nLite'd XP installation! Cheers, James x
  23. Do you have the Tahoma typefaces installed? James x
  24. As well as drivers for your wifi card, you will also need to keep Event Log and Wireless Zero Configuration services. Which alternative WIFI client did you use, just out of interest? Cheers, James x
  25. Well, I'm not going to give you a lecture on how to use nLite, however as a fellow wireless + nLite user, I can confirm that two components you must keep are Event Log and Wireless Zero Config. Everything else can be stripped away (assuming you have the drivers to your wirless card). Good luck, James x
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