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  1. Whats this so called error what the MassStorage drivers?? Im using methord 2, only been using it 3 days and its GREAT, Brilliant work!! Not should what you mean by theres a problem with MS drivers though I never came across one and I am using base 5.02.8 All I will say is keep up the great work! If I have any problems with my Raid cards I will let you know
  2. I have done something simular there where 2 BIOS for the same motherboard the IO chip was diffrent on the later versions and I flashed it with the wrong one. I did a hot swop and flashed it in another motherboard and put it back and all way well. NOT for the fant hearted!! Nore recommended
  3. I recently started using SciTe I ran the syntax checker only to find that it had 5 errors, there are 3 that I know where present in version 1.1004, this may explain why some tweaks weren't applied I will release and quick release after updating the ini layout, there are ALOT more tweaks this time, nearly double! and increasing daily. Keep your eyes peels for the latest release
  4. I have mine working properly, only one problem when I install Windows XP SP2 the firewall isnt disable, i edited the answer file to disable it but its still active, any ideas?
  5. The design is maturing from IF statements to SELECT statements to enable more error catching, be it reading the .ini file or writing to the reg, to many other problems Example Old Func Universal_PnP($UPnP) If $UPnP = 0 Then TweakerRegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SSDPSRV","Start","REG_DWORD","4") TweakerRegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\upnphost","Start","REG_DWORD","4") EndIf If $UPnP = 1 Then TweakerRegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SSDPSRV","Start","REG_DWORD","2") TweakerRegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\upnphost","Start","REG_DWORD","2") EndIf EndFunc New Func Universal_PnP($UPnP) $TweakAddedBy = "Code Junkie" $TweakAddedDate = "N/A - B4 v1.1005" $TweakFirstImplomented = "N/A - B4 v1.1005" $TweakVer = "v1.00" $TweakName = "Services - Universal_PnP" $TweakSection = "services" $TweakKey = "universal_pnp" Select Case $UPnP = 0 TweakerRegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SSDPSRV","Start","REG_DWORD","4") TweakerRegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\upnphost","Start","REG_DWORD","4") Case $UPnP = 1 TweakerRegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SSDPSRV","Start","REG_DWORD","2") TweakerRegWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\upnphost","Start","REG_DWORD","2") Case $UPnP = -1 ;-------MUST UPDATE NotImplomented Logging------- ;-----Include TweakName & Version! New Func!----- $NotImplomented = $NotImplomented + 1 Case Else $NotImplomented = $NotImplomented + 1 EndSelect EndFunc The codes longer but will help me keep track of error much easier and development
  6. Answer to 'question' You edit the cust_winnt.inf to fit your needs, its basicly still a beta version! I have created this app so, you can choose for an ever-increasing database of system tweaks for Windows XP/2003 For someone that doesn’t know about the registry can just change the cust_winnt.inf to soot them. This project was never really meant to be shared but I thought I would share it anyway seeing I have been putting a lot of time into it It is based from the WINNT.SIF (Will be a tool to create the .inf file soon) File format for easy to use, your MEANT to edit it! there just isn't an upto date file format yet to go off, never saw any point as no one seemed to be intrested, plenty of downloads just no feed back, I have found most of the tweaks don't take affect until you've run it a few times which is a pain! I am going to be re-writing the tweakregwrite func in my program and re-writing the logging system to go with it If you don't like it that’s fare enough, I can live with that!
  7. the latest version of my WinNT Tweaker is on its way, currently adding a few more tweaks that I miss out from the last release as I wanted it out and thought I would have had time to create my compiler for it, but haven't had time This time I am going to update the new layout for cust_winnt.inf Back soon
  8. would it be possable to create a Class with the Form info in it and send it to the app via the plugin interface and it called a Sub in my main app to show a MDI Sub NewMdi(FormClass as New form) FormClass.MDIParrent = frmMain FormClass.Show End Sub This isn't C++ Code I know this is just off the top of my head as I don't have Visual Studio .NET 2003 to hand, its more like VB.NET as I know that to exstent Any ideas? Example code would be EXCLENT Stupid PC keeps becoming useless very time I open up My Computer
  9. Im going to redo the app in C++ for the main reason, I want to learn it and also because it looks like it will be the best option to make the program with, in my eyes Has anyone made a plugin that has its own forms in it and called them from events that also added by the plugin? say I click a menu item, would I be able to get it to bring up a form that resides in the DLL or not?? if so Please could you put example of how too Cheers
  10. Does anyone one know of any site that help with creating RIS Installation I have been trying to do use the RunEx but I cant get it to work is it not possable to have a RIS Section on the unattended sub site?
  11. Shouldnt this Topic be called best PC - FPS?? sorry but there are more to PC gaming then just FPS, Im a FPS Nut but I still prefure War Hammer 40,000 - Dawn of War, its ROCKS!
  12. Most intesting, yea thats just great, if only I could program in V++ or C# I found and intresting VB6 code that alows for plugins, but it will no bought take me quite a while getting my head around it Can forms be included in the plugins? I am looking into C++ as I have just bought £130 of books that hopefully will help me understand it a little better Will have to see when I release some othe source code for my main MDI Interface that I intend to use, then maybe I will be able to create DLL to access databases, files....Etc both Client side and Server Side controls
  13. How do you go about creating a program that supports the use of Plugins? Im still creating my Win Tweak Compiler and I want to create a plugin for a main interface that I have created and hopefully I will be able to use it for meny others too Please could you help PS Its in VB.NET
  14. I will make an Exe that will do the combining, at the mo I'd rather get my Win Tweaker Compiler built so I can release a new version and have a website to go with it run from the compiler so tweaks can be added easily I will also make a VS6 Shrinker too. this is very high up on my prioritys at the mo as my Unattended DVD is becoming a nightmere waiting for it to burn on to a DVD-RW disk and I now need 2 DVDs one for VS6-MSDN and VS71-MSDN I will have a play with AutoIt3 today and release a VS6 Shrinker
  15. At the moment I am trying out a tool called PowerDesigner 10, its very good, but I'm having to learn it the hard way, trial and error Im getting there now, I have found easier to use then MS Access, but I did the basic design in Access first and then imported it.
  16. Please could you Database/SQL Nuts please have a look at my database that will eventually hold the tweaks for my freely available tweak tool. Link to Database v1.00.00 Link to Database v1.00.01 - Added Quiries as there where missing from the exported file Please could you give me some pointers, as I am a novice when it comes to database design. I will be using VB.NET to interact with the database and also ASP.NET There is no website as I want to build it around my database and I want to make shour I have covered everything I will need later on. I have got my database design in PowerDesign to only 5 Warnings ONLY from 30 and 6 Errors
  17. Why do you thing my computer is telling me I need KB885884 installing?? I will tell you why coz Visual Studio 2003 has the MSO.DLL file in it but microsoft are such arse holes they havent released an update (MSI,MSP File) to make life easier for us Admin peeps They released MSP's for KB830348 KB841870 I supose I could just run the WindowsXP-KB885884-x86-en.exe after I have installed VS71 (Check My Signature for VS71 Shrinker!)
  18. Well I did it I made the script to keep everyone awake at night Corrected Error in first release, fully functional code Download Shrinker v1.10 Shrunk Mine from 1.20 GB (1,293,895,604 bytes) to 627 MB (657,888,959 bytes) Note bad B)
  19. Oh well I cant be arsed waiting around on bit_pusher to make a VS71 srinker so I'll make one and I need it TOO NIGHT!!
  20. It was my STUPID Laptops DVD Combo drive it had become miss calobrated, tried updating the firmware but I cant fine the one for my drive its MENT to have a Richo DVD-RW in it but it has a Lite-On DVD-Combo drive, nevermind it was a good laptop when i got it Anyway all sorted
  21. who can tell me what the best way of storing the main functions for my program Would it be in a database or a class saved to a file? I want to have the option to select which tweaks make it thought to the builds as when I have the web page on my system to add yuor own tweaks it may end up being mighty cluttered
  22. the first time I tried it I just used the @xcopy .\Extracted_SP6 .\CD1 /E/H/R/U /Yand it wouldnt stop asking for the Office 2000 SR1 disk so I had to fine the locations for the new files. its stopped doing that now I added the extra entrys that refure to the extra file now. I don't use VB6 very much now its more so for AutoRun files and quick apps, just coz I don't have to arse around with .NET's Framework
  23. I am creating the first beta since I did this about 6 months ago. Using a program called Araxis Merge to compare my slipstreamed files with the original file so I can create a SFX for everyone Its ALOT bigger than i had first hoped as there are a few files that aren't actually updated included due to changes in the time stamps, going though the files one by one to remove them Hum that's only 470 to go now Copy CD1 to a hard drive and extract the exe to the same folder and over write the old files Download BETA! MD5 - 6A682DC9DE3CEBAE7E76605B9F40DF3F Please not this is ONLY for Visual Studio NOT the individual components 7Zip has done a great job of compressing 237 MB (248,734,524 bytes) to 52.7 MB (55,326,436 bytes) (22% of original size)
  24. I keep having problems with my DVD-RW so I thought well my be I could do it this way instead What would I have to do to be able to do this?
  25. would it be postable to use a hard drive instead of a CD or DVD to install Windows from? I am just thinking it would be alot faster and USB2.0 isnt transfer rates arnt to shaby any Ideas?
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