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  1. Is it just me or when your create your unattended DVD with CDIMAGE.EXE you get errors with frame dll, I think. its that comes up with a warning anyway when you use the command killtask and if you use Nero, you end up with files missing or corrupt? Added:- Just trying out the same file and used CDIMAGE.exe to make the ISO and seems ok, no files corrupt on my ISO on M-VPC Must be Nero or my burner (LG GSA-4120B, Firmware A111) its on a USB2.0 adaptor but I dont see why that would make any diffrence
  2. You need to genurate some SQL code to add the data and CLEAR the dataset!!! VERY IMPORTENT! and then fill it again, I will have to look at the code I have that works, I dont exactly know whats working, the code for checking your login details is spot on
  3. I uses a Module to access my database, the code to add a user was Sub AnotherAddNewMemberAttempt(ByVal MembersName As String, ByVal UserName As String, ByVal Password As String, ByVal Position As String, ByVal Code As String, ByVal Access As String, ByVal Sport As String, ByVal Allowance As Integer) 'addEmp.Parameters.Add("@LastName", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 20).Value = lastName 'addEmp.Parameters.Add("@FirstName", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 10).Value = firstName Dim AddToMembers As Odbc.OdbcCommand = New Odbc.OdbcCommand("INSERT INTO ITP_MembersDetails (ITP_MemberDetails_Name,ITP_MemberDetails_UserName,ITP_MemberDetails_Password,ITP_MemberDetails_M axSpending,ITP_MemberDetails_FavSport,ITP_MemberDetails_UserAccessType,ITP_MemberDetails_Position,IT P_MemberDetails_Code)" & "Values(@MembersName, @UserName, @Password, @Position, @Code, @UserAccessType, @FavSport, @MaxSpending)", formMain.OdbcConnection) AddToMembers.Parameters.Add("@MembersName", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 20).Value = MembersName AddToMembers.Parameters.Add("@UserName", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 20).Value = UserName AddToMembers.Parameters.Add("@Password", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 10).Value = Password AddToMembers.Parameters.Add("@Position", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 50).Value = Position AddToMembers.Parameters.Add("@Code", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 2).Value = Code AddToMembers.Parameters.Add("@UserAccessType", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 15).Value = Access AddToMembers.Parameters.Add("@FavSport", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 20).Value = Sport AddToMembers.Parameters.Add("@MaxSpending", SqlDbType.Int).Value = Allowance formMain.OdbcConnection.Open() Debug.WriteLine("SQL Commannd:") Debug.WriteLine(AddToMembers.CommandText) Debug.WriteLine("") Debug.WriteLine("Command Parameters:") Dim n As Integer Do Until n = AddToMembers.Parameters.Count Debug.WriteLine(AddToMembers.Parameters.Item(n)) Debug.WriteLine(AddToMembers.Parameters.Item(n).Value) n += 1 Loop MsgBox(AddToMembers.ExecuteNonQuery()) formMain.OdbcConnection.Close() End Sub I cant remmember if that worked, I used the code over a year and a half ago and the app was NEVER finished as it was good enought to get me my Merit on my level 3 course B) My web design was a destinction, WALK OVER! I Hate web Dev as its too easy to code, the problem is getting it to like goof Ill have a look at your code and rewrite it Like I said I didnt know if that code worked and it doesnt errors on the executeNonQuery Heres some more code from MS website may help [Visual Basic] Public Sub CreateMyOdbcCommand(myExecuteQuery As String, _ myConnectionString As String) Dim myConnection As New OdbcConnection(myConnectionString) Dim myCommand As New OdbcCommand(myExecuteQuery, myConnection) myCommand.Connection.Open() myCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() MyConnection.Close() End Sub Anyway I am going to bed...I mean sleep, Im already in bed well it is 2:49am here in the UK
  4. Eww.. Button1....Button5...Form3, HELLO, try naming stuff so u know what they are for and also use code for what they are in the name too IE Button1 = btnAddRow Form3 = frmNewRecord It will make life a hole lot easier. I will let you know as soon as I find my Old College project, I need it soon for my Win Tweak Compiler anyway. PS don't worry your not the only one that strugges with added records in VB.NET the HOLE case did and that included the tutor he was use to VB6 like me and not VB.NET, Never have tried linking VB6 to a database yet any how I will let you know asap
  5. There seems to be alot of people looking at this but not alot actualy downloading it Whats the problem? At the moment Build 5 is not planned build 5 will be v2 and will not be hand coded, another program will do it all for me well thats the plan! I will be creating a website that will have access to the database that the files are compiled from, and I may sugest your own tweaks to be added to the program, but this could be sometime off need to start typing up the designs for it and see what I can make!
  6. Well there is a... well good enough reason for me, that being no one else has been posting the other post had just text that was no longer relevant, wanted to delete them, but can't I am going to start plans for v2.0 which will/should be compiled using a custom GUI that I may or may not have the capabilities to design and create I have quite a few ideas as to what I want it to look like and what I want each part to do, its just putting it into code, I only know VB6 well and a little VB.NET, and even still I just don’t have the free time to do it But I will try and fit it in, some how
  7. I would if there was anything to post, its ment for an unattended installation. ONLY thing that you can see is Icon on your Taskbar if windows has been loaded fully
  8. Here is the format of the cust_winnt.ini for Version v1.1005beta+ file it MUST be in the same location as the *.exe downloadable via the link in my first post [tweaker_debug] create_log = 0 or 1 datetime_log_file = 0 or 1 log_on_desktop = 0 or 1 end_summary = 0 error_messages = 0 current_user_only = 0 or 1 [device_manager] show_nonpressent_devices = 0 or 1 show_details = 0 or 1 [file_system] unknown_files_in_notepad = 0 or 1 dll_registration = 0 or 1 ocx_registration = 0 or 1 ntfs_last_access_update = 0 or 1 ntfs_8_3_name_creation = 0 or 1 recycle_bin = 0 or 1 [windows] notepad_status = 0 or 1 showmenudelay = Time in ms for startmenu delay shortcut_arrows = 0 or 1 tour_bubble = 0 or 1 picture_fax_viewer = 0 or 1 classic_control_panel = 0 or 1 logon_type = choose one of the following "clasic","welcome_only",welcome_fast_switch movie_previews = 0 or 1 bsod_autorestart = 0 or 1 error_reports = 0 or 1 ms_installer_rollback = 0 or 1 reverse_mouse = 0 or 1 x-mouse = 0 or 1 remote_desktop = 0 or 1 system_restore = 0 or 1 hide_inactive_icons = 0 or 1 - what this does I cant remmember num_lock = 0 or 1 - do you want num lock on when windows starts up? clean_page_file_on_reboot = 0 or 1 last_known_good = 0 or 1 quick_reboot = 0 or 1 shutdown_reason_ui = 0 or 1 no_internet_open_with = 0 or 1 disable_page_files = 0 or 1 system_cache = "desktop" auto_boot_optimize = 0 or 1 web_driver_search = 0 or 1 prefetcher = choose one of the following "boot_only", "disabled", "app_launch_only" or "both" report_boot_ok = 0 or 1 password_on_resume = 0 or 1 [networking] Logoff_Sync = "quick" or "full" force_guest = 0 or 1 net_thoughput = "max_net", "min_mem" OR "balance" default_hidden_shares = 0 or 1 must be 1, seems to course problems when viewing dir over networks otherwise, files that are on the server do not display on client yet itf you type in the full path to a file it will still open [my_computer] shared_docs = 0 or 1 statusbar = 1 or 1 hidedrive_local = 0 hidedrive_currentuser = 0 denydrive_local = 0 denydrive_currrentuser = 0 ;Close Optical drive tray requires CDR.exe from MSFN.org close_optical_drive_tray = 0 or 1 [my_computer_rightclick] services = 0 or 1 control_panel = 0 or 1 add_remove = 0 or 1 logoff = 0 or 1 restart = 0 or 1 shutdown = 0 or 1 device_man = 0 or 1 drive_clean = 0 or 1 [desktop] paintdesktopversion = 0 or 1 screensaveactive = 0 or 1 autoendtasks = 0 or 1 desktop_clean = 0 or 1 allow_remote_connection = 0 or 1 [ie] start_page = Your Homepage IE "about:blank" history_days = Number of day you want to keep history for statusbar = 0 or 1 connection_wiz = 0 or 1 auto_image_resize = 0 or 1 [services] win_time = 0 or 1 universal_pnp = 0 or 1 win_messanger = 0 or 1 indexing = 0 or 1 [security_center] {Please use disable all OR the other options but NOT both!} disable_all = 0 or 1 firewall_watch = 0 or 1 antivirus_watch = 0 or 1 win_update_watch = 0 or 1 first_run = 0 or 1 Attached is my cust_winnt.ini for v1.1005beta, I Will upload the WinNT Tweaker ASAP
  9. Its ment for use in Unattended CD/DVD's, but it can be used to just speed up your PC and add extra controls to your PC It doesnt have a GUI as it gets the options from a ini file called "cust_winnt.ini" the latest format of the *.ini file will be in my most recent update reply I will be creating a GUI interface to create the ini file when I have the time as I do have a full time job aswell. Like wise with my website, that tells you the latest updates and how-to's.....etc
  10. At the moment I am adding a larger selection of options, there has not been any more updates as yet due to the seeming lack of intrest PLEASE IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED IT, Can I hear what you have to say about this app?
  11. Tasks at hand, if I didnt keep updating my Unattended DVD and Intergrate VS6 & SP6 1. Add MORE common registry tweaks (Open to surgestions)[inprogress] 2. Add error-handling capabilities 3. Add more advanced undo capabilities 4. Make alterations to logging system, RegDelete in particular [inprogress] 5. Move log to temp [DONE] 6. Add option to create log on the desktop instead of temp folder[DONE] 7. Add summary display when the app has finished[inprogress - Just added option,still no summary msgbox yet] At present I have very little time other than weekend, I am deesigning a database and app to compile my program for me and will also enable tweak to be added via a web page
  12. If anyone wants to test it out, they are welcome, I will get as much as possible churned out tonight, and hopefully have a fully working version in the morning. Please post any ideas you would like me to implement into this programme that maybe useful. At the moment I am only supporting Windows XP SP2 Pro, I don’t know if it works on Home Edition, it should do, there may be just one or two of the tweaks that don't work.
  13. WinNT Tweaker v2.000.000(1.1) WinNT Tweaker Site Version Number system vTweakEngMajor.TweakEngMinor.TweakListVer(TweakEngBuild.TweakListBuild) Tasks At Hand 1. WinNT Tweaker Engine Coding ----Add ability to check windows version (To be added in next version of v2) ----Correct implomention error logging ----Add reg undo file creation inc. sub keys backup when deleting keys 2. WinNT Tweakers Web Site ----Keep upto date ----Add betas when done ----Download/hit counter ----New design?? ----Link page to database to enable tweaks to be added via the website 3. WinNT Tweaker Tweaks ----Create the tweak_v2.au3 compiler ----Create the tweak database 4. WinNT Tweaker Testing ----Correct Code ----Test Tweaks ----Correct Tweaks OK, now I have the logging system working maybe I will re-release v1.1005 the fixed with a few updates to the code to become v1.2005 Will start a new thread when I release v2 WinNT Tweaker Site
  14. What about the people that use WMP10? would it be possable to replace WMP9 with 10 on the CD/DVD? Im just using the RunOnceEx at the mo My intention for doing my update is to understand the way the updates are added to I can create a programme that will do it all with a little user input.
  15. RyanVM, where do you get the value %12% from, I cant find anything in your inf that its refuring to HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885894\Filelist\1","Location",0x00000000,"%10%\AppPatch" Could I use HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932\Filelist\0","Location",0x00000000,"%CommonProgramFiles%\microsoft shared\vgx" or is there a better variable I could use? {Added} ;# KBKB885932 - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 Crashes or Stops responding and receave an access violation in Vgx.dll ;# Date Version Size Filename ;# ------------------------------------------------------ ;# 24-Sep-2004 6.0.2900.2523 848,896 Vgx.dll ;# {Edited} AddReg =KB831240.AddReg,KB834707.AddReg,KB873374.AddReg,KB884020.AddReg,KB885523.AddReg,KB885626.AddRe g,KB885894.AddReg,KB885932.AddReg {Added} [KB885932.AddReg] HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932","Description",0x00000000,"Windows XP Hotfix - KB885932" HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932","InstalledBy",0x00000000,"%NAME%" HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932","InstalledDate",0x00000000,"%VERSION%" HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932","Type",0x00000000,"Update" HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932\Filelist\0","BuildCheckSum",0x00000000,"d3803" HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932\Filelist\0","BuildDate",0x00000000,"Wed Oct 27 04:14:48 2004" HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932\Filelist\0","FileName",0x00000000,"vgx.dll" HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932\Filelist\0","Location",0x00000000,"%CommonProgramFiles%\microsoft shared\vgx" HKLM,"%SP3UPDATES%\KB885932\Filelist\0","Version",0x00000000,"6.0.2900.2539" HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932","Backup Dir",0x00000000,"" HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932","Comments",0x00000000,"Windows XP Hotfix - KB885932" HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932","Fix Description",0x00000000,"Windows XP Hotfix - KB885932" HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932","Installed",0x00010001,1 HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932","Installed By",0x00000000,"%NAME%" HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932","Installed On",0x00000000,"%VERSION%" HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932","Service Pack",0x00010001,3 HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932","Valid",0x00010001,1 HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932\File 1","Flags",0x00000000,"" HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932\File 1","New File",0x00000000,"" HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932\File 1","New Link Date",0x00000000,"" HKLM,"%HFREGPATH%\KB885932\File 1","Old Link Date",0x00000000,"" {Edited} NAME="RyanVM Update Pack - Code Junkie MOD" VERSION="Version Unofficial Release" Hows that looking, Hope you dont mind I have also added the cat file to the [ProductCatalogsToInstall] section too, and compressed the file and put them into what I consider the correct locations -I386 VGX.DL_ RVMUPPCK.IN_ RVMUpPck.cabFiles from full pack DOSNET.INF (Edited as stated on your site) TXTSETUP.SIF (also edited as stated on your site) other Files from your full pack -I386\svcpack compressed cat files this patch is UNTESTED!!!!! Should will more then likely work. Download the Unofficial Patch Here
  16. Is there anyone that can post any old bios files for a PCI Addon card with the SI3112 chip on it, i have updated to the latest BIOS and its not compatable with my old PC (Asus P2B) Its a Silicon Image SiI 3x12 SATALink Controller made by InnoVISION it was marked up with 4134 on the back I am guessing it was the bios version I would be most greatfull if someone could post it
  17. I am trying to make an installer that will contain 1.77GB of data 300 files and 4 folders but it errors when the memory load gets to 1.2GB {Project Path} Could not find file '{File path}' 'Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.' I have 1GB RAM and 4GB as VMem how can i get around this problem?
  18. During the installation a window pops up looks like the runonceEX but its at T13 how can I add more to that list? I want to add my reg tweaks, Im hoping it will make it easier to fix problems with the tweaks It would be most apreciated RyanVM By the way GREAT JOB! Sorry this is a little off topic!
  19. Build v1.051 is going though my PC now, this is the first build that’s been written to DVD since these ideas where brought forward, I'm very interested to see what NonDriverSigningPolicy does, if anything Will edit this post to show results be they +/- It’s all working The new ATi drivers are much better than the old once, I read that they fixed a memory application problem with GPUs with 256MB RAM seeing my 9600 Pro and X800 both have 256MB I thought it might be a good idea to try them out, its made my X800 more stable in a Windows environment, but still the screen goes off and comes back on, but colours are no longer reduced to 4 afterwards and haven’t had it lock up YET! To be honest I think its to do with my PC only having a 200Watt power supply and being a MINI PC it gets hot in there! When I get my new power supply I will have to try it in my main PC (Specs below) Right thats it, i am going to try my ATi 9600 Pro in it as it doesn't seem to drain as much power, otherwise I am going to have to put it down to the drivers
  20. Where does this NonDriverSigningPolicy come from? I have not read about it anywhere before? Tried searching M$ website, Nothing!
  21. there added them all just to be safe [Version] Signature = "$Windows NT$" ClassGUID={00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} DriverVer=07/01/2001,5.1.2600.2180 [AddReg] ;Driver Signing HKCU,"SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Driver Signing","BehaviorOnFailedVerify",0x00010003,00000000 HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Driver Signing","Policy",0x00000001,00 HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Driver Signing",,0x00000010 ;End Driver Signing I will be producing a mod of RyanVM Windows XP SP2 Update Pack which includes the latest patches if he doesnt beat me
  22. I thought something was odd about your first idea HKCU??? I will try HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Driver Signing","Policy",0x00000001,00 and if that doesnt work then this one HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Driver Signing",,0x00000010 Thanks for your help so fare, and sorry if I sounded like a bit of a big head before, just I never had any problems, I read it somewhere on the forum that you arnt actualy ment to install the GART drivers anymore, hense why I dont have it in there Anyway I will keep trying this the ANNOYING Dilemma

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