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  1. Okay... New games don't work on Windows 2000 even though they should, as specified in the minimum system requirements section of the game. Starting with Doom 3: I get the following error: ******************** ERROR: The current video card / driver combination does not support the necessary features. ******************** Which I am almost certain that I am using the latest driver for my graphics (Intel 965GM). Nonetheless, it fails. Yes I know it's an integrated, but the same game, same files ran fine under Windows 7 (albeit at low quality). In addition it cites the errors as: Couldn't find proc address for: wglsomethingARB, among a long list of others. CounterStrike Source, which also cites minimum required as Windows 2000, fails to run completely with an HL2 exception error message about memory that could not be read. This game also works fine in Windows 7. Running the Intel Chipset ID Utility tells me it is an Integrated Graphics: Intel® 965GM Graphics And Memory Controller Hub(GMCH), which was strange considering I was using 945GM drivers before with the same results as with the supposedly correct drivers. If there's not much to be done, I'm going to try reinstalling 2000, hopefully with better results. Note the installation of the current 2000 was botched by my lack of USB CD-ROM install hotfix.
  2. You know slipstreaming USP5 enables 48-bit LBA thingie (>137 GiB) during Setup... Nonetheless, good to hear you got it working! Hope you enjoy your blazing new computer EDIT: according to http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;en-us;q305098
  3. You got it to work on the Intel board? Btw, setting explorer CPU affinity to CPU 0 makes it better, but when explorer does go down, it comes back on both cores.
  4. Shouldn't Windows Setup have automatically detected your processor? Unless the option in nLite was changed to Uniprocessor or Setup has a bit of trouble recognizing it.
  5. 0.9.8 works superbly on single-core mode. As for the HD audio: UAA from Microsoft, or UAA from Lenovo. The MS one needs a request. The Lenovo one worked for me. I had the same problem, and this fixed it. Intel has an OS compatibility list for their desktop boards here, with a list of legacy board drivers. You should get in contact with Blackwingcat, see if he has any words of advice. His blog is at http://w2k.livedoor.biz/ and he's doing some pretty crazy stuff with 2000. He also has it installed on three systems, which are listed on the left. One of the server editions of 2000 might work? No certainty on that claim.
  6. The STOP 9F error has a microcode update... but only for XP and 2003... However, I do remember seeing it on Blackwingcat's blog as a patched version. With 0.9.8, FastMM no longer freaks out, but explorer does crash and not come back. Setting explorer.exe's CPU affinity to CPU 0 doesn't work as it did in 0.9.7. Have not tried using it with NUMPROC=1 yet. And apparently aMSN doesn't like to co-operate; it causes some lag when use in conjunction with SmoothText EDIT: Oops. It remedies 7F, not 9F. But here's the link: http://w2k.livedoor.biz/archives/868694.html It's in Japanese, but you can find the download called: Windows2000-KB936357-v3-x86-ENU.zip Mine installed on the ThinkPad X61 fine (Intel Core 2 Duo, T8100, 2.10GHz), except the SATA option in the BIOS had to be set to compatibility, or it would give an INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. I don't remember installing drivers for it. Uh-oh: According to Intel's website, it doesn't provide 2000 drivers for that motherboard. Have you tried updating the BIOS and slipstreaming drivers?
  7. It's a bit old, but I did find a solution. And the forum rules don't discourage bumping old threads for a good reason so, here goes: Blackwingcat (i've been finding a lot of goodies on his blog) found a way to get 0 pagefile. But that involves hexediting files. Here it is: Japanese Google Translated English
  8. Oh yeah, there's also no activation on Windows 2000.
  9. Apparently these work: DivX 7 Safari 4 Windows PowerShell among others. Blackwingcat's blog at http://w2k.livedoor.biz/ has a bunch of things, but it's in Japanese. The pictures get the point across though. EDIT: I just realized I've posted three times in a row. Oo EDIT2: Microsoft's Virtual CD-ROM power tool which says XP works on 2000.
  10. I still use 2000, and find it nice to use. XP has the luna skin, and the aero skin looks cool, but in 2000, the controls are simple to recognize. In ,7 find the buttons are a bit blended into the background (the border isn't as sharp as before). Speed, dunno. It doesn't like dual-cores very much... But on single-core (or dual forced to single) it's fast. Booting not as fast as XP, because XP has parallel starting and makes use of SATA NCQ features for prefetch. 2000 is serialized and is a bit of a wait. Also, apparently 2000's hibernation is slower than XP, but your results may vary. Hibernation is my alternative to shutdown, as it resumes in less than 20 seconds. I find the whole 2000 interface more intuitive than XP. (I turn off the left panel on 2000 and XP everytime. I also turned off the nav pane on 7 because it takes up too much space.) Lack of support is starting to become a problem, although there are usually third-party remedies or KDW (the guy's website is full of recent stuff for 2000, like Safari 4 and DivX 7!). Just gotta like messing around with your system files.
  11. 0.9.7 works with /NUMCPU=1 switch. I haven't yet restarted into dual-core mode, which I will do now. EDIT: Okay, so 0.9.7 doesn't resolve the problem on dual-cores. But, I did get explorer to co-operate by setting explorer's affinity to CPU 0 in Task Manager before starting SmoothText. Now it works just as it does when using /NUMPROC=1 (I made a mistake: it's /NUMPROC not /NUMCPU and Microsoft documentation doesn't say the switch is available for 2000, but it works.)
  12. DivX 6 was the last version to work on Windows 2000. DivX 7 shows an error on install but can be remedied by using KDW to change OS to XP. But it doesn't work as the player needs an API from CRYPT32, which putting the KDW file in the same folder doesn't resolve for me.
  13. Mmm... That seems to be the root of the problems. I set my real install to use the /numcpu=1 switch in boot.ini and SmoothText works. Otherwise, FastMM throws all these errors, which explains why my errors are unreproducible on your P4 single-core. Nonetheless, Windows 2000 seems to be happier running on one core (no more heating up at boot), so no big loss there. I'm also trying to see if ObjectBar interferes with SmoothText in someway, as my ObjectBarred installs fail to use Override Standard Controls (hard crash), my clean install in VM works fine.
  14. As what seems to be the trend here, 0.9.5 is great on my desktop, but not so much on my laptop or it's VM. A quick question: When it works, is it on a single-core or dual-core? My desktop is single-core, no problems there. OK. My laptop is dual-core, so is the VMware VM. Not OK. I am going to see what happens when I fiddle with the processor count on VMware. EDIT: Setting VMWare to use only one processor fixes it! 0.9.5 is now working in VM with single processor. Now I just gotta figure out how to make an actual OS use only one core. Override Standard Controls is working as well. Translucent taskbar does not still. @CaptainStacks: I just noticed that too! Never did before, Oo. EDIT2: Minor glitch:
  15. It's RECYCLER on my computer . It might be because it's Windows 2000, because I have seen RECYCLED sometimes.
  16. The command line stuff to do that is: ATTRIB %systemdrive%\RECYCLER\* -R -S -H /S /D RD %systemdrive%\RECYCLER /S /Q Put it in a batch file and you're good to go. EDIT: Sometimes RD won't do it's job, so to be safe: ATTRIB %systemdrive%\RECYCLER\* -R -S -H /S /D DEL %systemdrive%\RECYCLER\* /F /S /Q RD %systemdrive%\RECYCLER /S /Q
  17. 0.9.4 continues to function excellently on my desktop. However, it throws some errors when used on my VM USP5 and fully updated laptop 2000. Which is very strange. Nonetheless, I will pull some nLiting to find some pattern. Here are the logs from my laptop:
  18. I think what you mean is: Write your own Task Manager program. Make Windows 98 show your Task Manager instead of default. Writing your own Task Manager is probably the harder part, you must make sure it is stable enough to get you out of any nasty situation you might encounter with renegade tasks. If you want to edit someone elses Task Manager (Microsoft's or Tihiy's) you'd need to have the source code from which it was compiled, which means you need to request it from the creator.
  19. I joined the club recently too, although I still have my gripes about it. The new taskbar I agree with you there, I like it. Except you can't ungroup without showing labels. For me, jump lists = Bigger bulkier right click menu (with apparently smaller text Oo). I sympathsize with your opinions about the lack of Classic Start Menu, and that's one major thing I want back. Faster? Seems so. The Aero UI has bigger window control buttons, easier to hit now, and the glass effect is still awesome. But... did you ever notice that compared to XP and 2000 (not sure about Vista), pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del takes about 3-5 seconds to reach the screen compared to near instantaneous for XP and 2000? And the flickering screens every time UAC asks, that gets annoying quick. Disabling that and running as admin made things better .
  20. Woohoo! :lol: That seems to have done the trick! SmoothText 0.9.3 now works on my main P3 800MHz install, no exceptions or memory leaks or any FastMM errors thrown so far. It's looking good and feels stable. Gonna try the Override Standard Controls and see how it goes. EDIT: Okay, so Overriding is still a bit problematic; all hooked windows lock up. Evidenced by the continued functioning of CSRSS (Alt+Tab still works) and the Windows Security (CTRL+ALT+DEL) which are processes that are not hookable by SmoothText due to insufficient privileges. Nonetheless, SmoothText in Firefox back! Really appreciate the effort you put into it! (Especially to iron out the bugs that my computer seems to keep throwing. ) BTW, is it coded in Delphi 6? Oop, one memory leak error. But it didn't go into a crash cycle as it did sometimes before. Log attached.
  21. Apparently Kaspersky 6 supports Windows 98... Not sure about any recent antiviruses.
  22. Ahh... Apparently Windows 2000 needs a minimum amount of pagefile, which is specified on the dialog with the settings. Maybe just allocate a little partition for it and dump it there?
  23. By setting the initial and maximum to zero and clicking Set for every drive, you are doing the same thing as disabling the pagefile completely. XP has it consolidated into one step, but it practically does the same thing. I'm pretty sure you only do so if you have enough RAM to keep everything running.
  24. Hey WildBill! I redownloaded 0.9.2 and this time around it worked on my main install. No options were set, (default, deleted the SmoothText registry folder beforehand), except for smoothing factor = 3. There are absolutely problems with any other programs, except explorer which continually crashes. FastMM throws memory leaks and the large error messages when I try to start explorer from task manager. There is a humongous memory manager log, which is attached below. I did notice some absolute paths which does not exist on my system, but only in referring to source files. (Smoothing back in Firefox! ) Maybe an option to exclude explorer from being hooked as a stop-gap measure? EDIT: Font Substitutions work. Override Standard Control causes hard lock needing power button reset.
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