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  1. No, the project has not been abandoned, just a website problem. The website and download links are back on-line again. Thanks, I just downloaded the program last night. Thanks for the help !
  2. Hey guys I have been trying to setup a stable win98se system to play old games and run some older apps on. I had great luck with autopatcher 98, but I guess that's gone now. I have also used gapes packs as well. At this point in time, what updates, packs, or other utilities would help me create the most stable win98se system possible, for the end user ? I am not a file modder so I am looking for "one click" type applications I can use. This forum has been a wealth of info in the past for me (even though I don't post much ) Maybe there could be a sticky concerning the basic setup of windows 98 se using the best of the member contributed projects ? Thanks as always, and keep up the good work !
  3. No more Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se ? The download link seems to be broken. I hope the project isn't abandoned !
  4. Ok thanks. I will look for a disc !
  5. Is there still a place to download the cab files, or do I need to buy an ME disc ? I remember getting them from rapid share a while back......
  6. Hey guys. What free anti virus still supports 98se ? . It seems avira doesnt (I tried it). Avg says it works with xp on up. I heard that clamwin works. Any suggestions ?
  7. I did copy the disc years ago, but its not bootable. Anyways, right now I am a stay at home Dad !lol So I have alot of time on my hands. Tonight I tried reinstalling with my original w2k disc and many files could not be copied. So what I did was to tape down the Esc key so it would just bypass files that could not be read. When i tried to boot 2000 for the first time it said I was missing part of the Dll library. So I did a repair install several times (with the taped down Esc key) and appariently it re copied enough files to complete the install. I just installed sp4 with no problems. Wish me luck ! (oh and I am on the web now)
  8. Well...no dice yet. I wonder if Microsoft would send me another disc if I mail them the old one with the original sleeve with the code ? It really bugs me to have to pay for something more than once. I kinda don't they will do it, but I can try right ?
  9. Its already up to $60 bucks lol I think windows 2000 is gaining in popularity these days !
  10. Hello jaclaz. Yes I do still have that disc. If I put in my drive while another version of windows is running it will start the setup procedure. (it will still fail) Yet if I try to boot off it no dice. Thanks for the links, looks like I have a lot to learn ! Here is what isopuzzle did for me : I dont know if it recovered enough data, What do you guys think ?
  11. Thanks for the quick replys guys. Is windows 2000 server the same as windows 2000 except with more features ? Also Grofluigi, I have tried about 3 different drives and several programs that were supposed to read the dammaged disk, but they still came back with errors. I will try the programms you mentioned though. At one time In the past I tried to make a backup copy of my win 2000 pro disc, but for whatever reason its not bootable (apparently). I am not too great at making copies I guess, but I will give it a try !
  12. Hello folks. I have had my windows 2000 disk for years. I use it for a couple of older personal systems I have. Recently I tried to do a fresh install and certain files could not be read. I tried all the home remedies such as the tooth paste, the car polish and I even bought a disc "resurfacing" machine for $20. None worked. Now I see that there are companies that will professionaly resurface the disc. Has anyone used this type of service ? Did it work ?
  13. Hey guys. I am getting so tired of my cable company charging me every month for my dvr and the service that goes with it. Although it works very well, I need to cut some bills. My wife is the only one that uses or wants the dvr. SO today I thought to myself, why not build my own dvr/htpc ? I would have used windows 2000 as the os, but my disc is scratched beyond use. So I am currently installing win98. And I am using Soporific's Win98 Autopatcher which has made windows 98se run much better and way more stable on my other machines. Whats really cool about this project is that I will be using hardware that would otherwise just be collecting dust. Here's the hardware : ECS nforce3a Motherboard A64 3200 Venice Ati 9800 pro Kworld tv/capture card 512mb or 1gig geil ddr400 80gig WD hard drive (maybe two of them) 500w psu Are my specs too low ? Or just about right. This is my first time building a pc for this purpose. I need to make the system fairly easy to use for my wife. I have heard of using Linux for a htpc, but I am unfamiliar with it. The tv card has its own software and a remote, but if there is better dvr software please let me know ! (either free or low cost) Thanks guys !
  14. Hey, thanks for the tips dbrunton ! I have been using Gurglemeyer's SP 5 pack since it came out. To bad MS dropped support for Win2k Oh well, if there's a will there's a way !
  15. He guys . I just installed w2k on a comp I am building for my 11 year old son. Specs : Biostar 6100-m9 A64 3500+ (2.2ghz) evga 7600gt wd 80 gig 8mb buffer 1 gig Geil pc3200+ ram I am looking for an update pack similar to the "hotstream project" (USP 5). Or autopatcher. I read that autopatcher got shut down by MS. I have a valid cd rom and code (orginal disc), so I am not trying to do anything fishy here. I just want the latest updates for win 2k. I already have xp on another comp, and so I dont want people to tell me to upgrade to it Any thoughts ?
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