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  1. I'd say having a good firewall or active scanner which has keylogger definitions is good. Some security suites will have Virtual Keyboards, which are supposed to provide some degree of protection against keyloggers. I may be completely wrong, but running a VM will expose the VM to memory hooks from malware in the host, even if the same memory hooks may not have enough privileges in the guest VM. Then again, I could be way off.
  2. I wonder if a voteban method would work? A voteban can be initiated by anyone with minimum post count and if a certain number of votes are accumulated the person is banned. It seems to work on CounterStrike:Source; every player has some moderation powers.
  3. Really? Got screenshots? I also am trying to figure out why my taskbar background will not appear. I do believe TGA and BMP both support alpha channels.
  4. Oo I get a focus border when I click on mine... KDW is Blackwingcat/Win2000's Known DLLs Wrapper, which is a 2000 kernel extender. Font substitutions is a bit weird on mine... It could be the extra Asian languages I install on it?
  5. Hey Wildbill! I'm impressed with the stability of the 1.0.0, Love that configurator! I was wondering a few things: 1) Do you get a border around the taskbar that is unskinned? a) Also do you use KDW? 2) Do font substitutions work properly for you? a) Font Substitution On, and is smoothed: http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/7070/jumbled.png B) Font Substitution Off, but is not smoothed: http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/8568/nonsmoothed.png
  6. I changed the icons in shell32.dll myself with Resource Hacker I can't figure out how to use EzInstall mode; the button is disabled. I'm not sure which folder to refer in the top part.
  7. I reshacked my own shell32.dll, and use it whenever version numbers match. I also didn't have KDllInst replace anything where my existing file was newer than the one to replace it. Shell32.dll was not replaced. I'll upload you shell32.dll if necessary.
  8. Alright, I'm using KDW 0.78f now, and have applied the icon label transparency fix. However, the icons have become 24-bit like before, and the start menu icons are still random. Does it mean there is a new MP10 installer, or do I just tell the existing one to use the new KDW Binary folder from 0.78f?
  9. Text caret bug confirmed, although I remember reporting the same effect except while typing. I noticed that the toolbar background includes the start menu (and for some reason, only the Favorites menu in Explorer.) It looks awesome, except the image only draws after being hovered over (so to draw the whole menu, one would have to hover over every entry in the menu). And for some reason, the start button will not draw in it's entirety; there is always a few pixels of border on each side. For another strange reason, this problem goes away when KDW's registry entries are in place.
  10. Hey win2000/blackwingcat, Just letting you know; letting KDW set the ExcludeFromKnownDlls value breaks Daedalus. It also breaks ICONDESK's transparent desktop icon labels (continuous flickering). However, without it Windows Media Player 10 will not work. It also messes up the Start Menu's icons, but no other icons that I found were affected. Btw, you should update the first post to 078e. As well as the KDWINST file, it says 074.
  11. Perhaps this one will work? Welcome to the forum Broadcom BCM-943xx/BCM43XX Driver for 2000/XP http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/NETWORK-C...r-2000-XP.shtml EDIT: If that version won't run on it, try this earlier version: http://www.opendrivers.com/driver/235753/b...e-download.html
  12. Umm... Capitalize much? Have you tried uninstalling Vistapack? It's worked properly for me before... Military (24 hour) time should be able to be switched off from Control Panel > Regional Options
  13. Hey WildBill, I discovered a 'bug' in Paint. http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/1379/7leaf.png Look at the rainbow inactive/active text; it occurs if transparent is on in paint, and a bunch of foreground colours are chosen sequentially without somehow causing an update (which returns the text to normal). Commiting the text does not leave the artifact, although it can (and was) captured with a screenshot. Feature?
  14. There should be a key in HKU\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop called Wallpaper, set that to the wallpaper you want to show in the login screen. (Assuming Classic login style.) It applies to 2000, XP and almost definitely 2003.
  15. D'oh! I'll check that. EDIT: That did the trick! I misunderstood the text label ><. EDIT2: Err... I'm seeing some strange behavior with Hot states; the hot state it uses is always the last hot state defined in the list. It also messes up Pressed states on the checkbox in the same fashion; it only uses the last defined pressed state image. Something in your incrementing code?
  16. Woot! It ran on my existing physical install of 2000 with overriding controls, but I saw no hover... EDIT: Hover only works on elements that already come with a hover response (quick launch button icons will changed to their skinned state when hovered). Rest of taskbar does not. EDIT2: Clicking a submenu will cause the menu to freeze. Exiting SmoothText (sometimes takes explorer with it) will unfreeze the menus. No problems by simply hovering over the menu. EDIT4: TrueTransparency-specific so far. EDIT3: Disabling Daedalus, TT, and IconDesk and restarting SmoothText doesn't fix the lack of hover.
  17. I like Cleartype, most of the time. Not on CRT's, granted as they are fuzzy to begin with. However, I like them on LCD's, to an extent. Properly configured, it's great. Nonetheless, I prefer Cleartype more on some LCD monitors than other LCD monitors. The effect probably depends on the DPI of your LCD screen too.
  18. Woohoo! Fully working in VM now, dual and single core modes! Gonna test it on a real system tonight. I notice you've included a new skin ini with a 1.0.0 version tag, I assume it has some cool new feature? A worthy 1.0.0 build indeed!
  19. I can confirm #3 on 0.9.9, especially when turning SmoothText off or shutting down while SmoothText is running I thought progress bars were already skinned?
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